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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




? I’m sure boss, it just happened.

? I knew I could trust you, don’t let your guards down still.

? Yes boss

I jumped in excitement as I stared at the gown layed carefully on the bed.

I know y’all are confused.

Let me gist you about it a little before going to have a bath.

Jared asked me to accompany him to see his parents today..

Surprised right?


We were eating this morning after hr came back when he bought up the topic.

He said he needed a favour from me.

Go on sweet, I said sweetly hoping its what I’m thinking.

Well..I…. was… uhm… thinking…. he stuttered nervously.

I stared at him, urging him to continue.

I was thinking….. if you would accept to accompany me, its my dads birthday today and…

J. J! The other guy called with his hands balled in fist.

I snared at him then faced J.J.

Is that why you are nervous? Come on don’t be, I would love to meet your parents too, I said with a warm smile.

Really? his eyes widened

I nodded.

I can’t believe this, thank you so much, he said happily hugging me.

Thats why I’m here anyways, I thought with a smirk.

The guy at the dinning glared at me and I glared back then he stood up and left angrily.

Let’s get you a sweet dinner gown, he said pulling me along…

I tried picking up my phone but he pulled me to him and kissed me.

Mm……You taste so good, he moaned in between the kiss.

I must confess I didn’t want him to stop.

He just knows how to do these well.

He kept kissing me as he carried me bridal style then carried me out to his car, my phone forgotten.

We got to the shopping mall and I was treated like a queen.

He bought me several clothes always using everything opportunity he gets to send me a wink or even kiss me then run off.

I knew he was going to fall for my charms.

Whoever told Williams that J.J was a hard nut to crack is really mistaken.

He carried me all the way from the car trailing kisses all over my body till we got in..

He had to put me down when his phone rang then I went to pick my phone which was exactly the way I left it.


Humming i walked into the bathroom to have a sweet bath.

I quickky got dressed with the witphelp of his maids assigned to me.

Looking at myself in the mirror, i look super hot.

I dont know why J.J kept insisting on getting me a nice but decent dress for this.

No slit at all.

Decent dresses isn’t my thing but I will have to go with it since it doesn’t look bad

Its just not crazy enough.

I sent the maids away then I put a quick call across to Williams informing him that we would be stepping out soon.


The drive to the Jackson’s residenve was a quiet one for Asher buy definitely not for Jared, especially Hazel who kept talking all through.

Asher heaved a sign of relief when they drove into the magnificent mansion.

Hazel had her mouth open in amazement.

They were ushered in by the maids who stood at the door to welcome them.

Jared held Hazels hands as they walked in with a smile.

A smile because Hazel was the only one smiling.

They sat in the living room waiting for the celebrant and his wife.


Ellioy sat beside his mom at the hospital.

She still hasn’t regained consciousness including Alondria.

He had tears in his eyes, confused and in misery.

Thinking about the only two peoole that matters the most to him lying on the bed,motionless,he felt like strangling himself.

But Alondria will beat him up even in the grave for doing that.

What was he going to do?

Scarlet was already at the hospital, with Alomdria while he watched over his mom.

You know you need to stop crying, Ma’am Ruby is a very strong woman, she will pull through, Scarlett said from the door as she walked in.

He cleaned off the tears but they kept falling.

I’m so scared Scar, i haven’t seen Alondria give up before, she isn’t even waking up.

She took him into her arms, hugging and comforting him.

Don’t worry, Londria is a fighter,she will be up in no time.

I hope so Scar, i don’t want them to leave me

They won’t leave you, you need to eat something, come let’s go get you something to eat,Scarlet said trying to pull him up.

I can’t eat Scared,I can’t.

Elliot you….

You don’t understand Scar…

Ofcourse i do,you just don’t have to kill yourself before help comes.

She finally persuaded him to eat but he refused following her,so she left to go buy it herself.


Mrs Sarah was quiet as they ate together but her gaze was on Hazel the whole time.

Her husband was the one talking to Jared amd Asher about business and their companies.

Hazel tried in keeping the demeanor of a good decent girl as she ate quietly while smiling once in a while.

You should eat more Hazel, you are so skinny, Mrs Sarah said all of a sudden in a tone that can’t be told if it was mockery or just concern.

Huh? Hazel asked, looking at her bonny shoulders.

She smiled, controlling her anger as Mrs Sarah passed her more food.

Jared watched them quietly hoping his mom will accept this one.

Uhm, Hazel, why not tell your “Fiancees” parents how you both met, Asher blurted out with a smile that would pass as genuine.

Asher!! Jared hushed but it was as if Mrs Sarah was brought to live.

Aww, thanks Asher,I almost forgot that part, she said with a wide smile clapping her two hands inaudibly as placed her elbow on the table.

Yes Hazel, tell us how you met my lovely son.

Hazel shifted uncomfortable in her seat as she smiled hiding her nervously.

Oh J.J? We met at….

J.J? Mrs Sarah and Mr Justin asked with wide eyes as they stared at each other then back at her.

Jared frowned glaring at Asher who smirked and looked away.

This is exactly what he wanted, to make her repeat the same mistake before his parents and she foolishly did.

Yes,his name is J.J, why is everyone acting weird? Hazel asked innocently.

Weird? No, we are just so happy to meet you Hazel, you are so beautiful and smart, Mrs Sarah complimented with a smile.

Thanks Mommy, Hazel said hoping to impress her soon to be mother inlaw.

Sarah glared at her and she shut her mouth.

Mr Justin simply foldes his hands watching his wife interrogate the poor girl.

So you were saying?

Oh yes, I was saying I met…

Jared pinched her her laps and she turned to him stylishly.

Jared, he whispered


You dont like J.J?

I like J.J more, it sounds romantic, Jared is boring, she blabbered.

Mr Justin just started at her.

He took had the same expression as Asher but Mrs Sarah was busy smiling

Yeah,she wanted to laugh her ass out but it really isn’t funny.

We will come to that later.

I met J.J at the the mall, three months ago, i went grocery shopping amd i think he came for the same thing too.

We ended up picking the same thing and he actually refused to let go even when I held it first.

You know, as annoying as it was, it was funny too as we argued in public, haha

In between the arguementJ.J looked into my eyes and told me the most shocking thing, she cooed blushing so hard.

Jared forced a smile as she spoke.

What did he say? Mrs Sarah asked showing so much interest

He said, You are beautiful, aww, I had butterflies in my tommy instantly.

I gazed up to his face to see the most charming man I have ever seen, it was love at first sight, she replied blushing so hard.

Nice try,Asher muttered with a smirk as he faced Mrs Sarah.

I see you met my son at a grocery store,shopping for groceries and not condom? Mrs Sarah asked with a scornful look as Asher burst out laughing.

Mom! Jared called

I guess fate wanted us to meet on that day,right J.J, Hazel asked already feeling uncomfortable

Jared!! Jared muttered through gritted teeth.

Yes her story was nice but not for people like his parents.

And she keeps repeating the same J.J despite telling her to use Jared.

Jared didn’t bother answering her question, he knew his parents so well, he knew the expression on his fathers face and what it meant.

No one said a word as they finished their dinner like they didn’t just have a tension filed discussion.

Jared presented his gift to his dad who was all smiles.

Asher too presented his and Hazel….

She gave him a very beautiful amd expensive wristwatch.

Mr Justin smiled as he collected it from her.

Let me put it on for you,Hazel offered but Mr Justin stopped her with a smile.

My wife will do that later, thanks a lot, he said.

Mom? You didn’t buy dad a gift? Jared asked.

Ofcourse I did,he will get it later in the bedroom, she said with a wild wink and they all chuckled.

Mr Justin smiled knowingly.

You all should leave then, he said waving his hands in dismissal with a smug lookin his face.

What? Jared half yelled in between laughter.

I have to go get my gift inside, honey, let’s go on, I can’t wait for your gift, he said sweetly and Asked burst out laughing, including Sarah and Hazel.

Jared stared at his dad in disbelief, then he burst out laughing too.

Dad!!! Jared called admist laughter.

You are chasing us away because of…..

Arent you all suppsed to leave? Its past 9 already,Mr Justin said holding his wife on the waist then kissed her lips slightly making them look away in amusement

You see, you are interrupting something, he said playfully.

You are the true son of your father Jared, Asher commented and they all laughed.

J.J is actually Justin Pro max, Mrs Sarah said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes at Hazel who didn’t see her.

They all burst out laughing including Jared.

Mrs Sarah watched Hazel who was laughing too,and an idea popped into her head.

OMG, Hazel it seems your zip is spoilt, she exclaimed going over to Hazel who tried to turn her zip to see what’s wrong.

Let me help you with that, she offered.

But instead of closing the zip, she opened it more till it came down to the middle of her back.

They all watched as she did that.

Is it that bad? Hazel asked shift uncomfortably.
Very bad sweetie, it seems your zip just broke, Sarah said as she shifted her clothes to the right….

There in the middle of her back, was a tattoo of a snake.

Mrs Sarah smiled as she moved aside for the other occupants of the room to see too.

Every one saw it , including Jared.

Just Then hazel dragged her clothes from Mrs Sarah’s hands then turned around.

It’s taking too long, can you please show me the rest room, I think I have to take it off and fix it, she said nervously.

Her eyes studying their faces but they weren’t even looking at her….

Maybe they didn’t see it, I’m sure J.J’s mom won’t recognize that, she thought

Are you alright, I was almost done, Mrs Sarah said giving her suspicious a look.


I’m so sorry, I just didn’t want to stress you much, she lied smoothly.

Mrs Sarah zipped her dress back for her then they all walked to the living room to go sit and discuss.

Hazel kept shifting uncomfortable as they discussed and laughed.

She didn’t know why she was suddenly nervous.

They aren’t acting like they fished her out but she is really nervous.

Jared? Mrs Sarah called and Jared looked up to look at his mom.

Why didn’t you come with the bride i asked you to bring? She asked

Hazel looked up at her, confused.

Mom, I already brought one, Jaredsaid in surprise.


Where is she? Mrs Sarah asked looking around the room.


Hazel was confused, can she not see me? she thought.

You are joking mom, aren’t you, Hazel asked and burst out laughing.

Well she laughed alone.

Come on mom, are you kidding me right now?

I already bought Hazel, which other bride are you talking about mom?


Bride? Mrs Sarah asked looking confused.


I see Hazel but I see no bride here.

Is this a joke mom?

You asked me to bring my bride and i brought one for you, what do you…

I asked you to bring a marryabke bride not one of your lying bimbo.

Mom, I’m not a liar, I…

Mrs Sarah turner to look at Hazel who swallowedher words back.

How come she didn’t see this intimidating look before now.

You claim you met my son at the grocery store amd not at the pharmacy buying condom?

Its true mom, that’s where we met, Hazel defended.

I see.

Now let me tell you a secret you should have known by now.

Jared hates grocery shopping, he hates the stress if walking around the mall, the only thing he would patiently walk to anywhere to buy his condom, not a freaking grocery.

And my sons name is Jared, not J.J.

Nice try Hazel but you would have done better if you were smart enough but you weren’t.

Mom I…

I ain’t your mom Hazel, call me Sarah,she cautioned.

Mom! Don’t do this.

She glared at her son angrily.

Is he stupid?

Has the love of women made him so blind?

Not one word from you, I’m not done with her.

She turned to Hazel who was already embarrassed and fuming.

Did Jared tell you he likes skinny girls with black hair and eyes so plain?


Because I know my son loves them big.

Big boobs

Big butt


With captivating eyes

Jared closed his face in embarrassment.

He obviously can’t talk when his mom talking.

He isn’t J.J in this house when the original JJ is in here.

I want a smart lady for my son.

A beautiful girl with all the qualities of a woman, having the right things in the right places.

A last who isn’t trying to impress but works hard instead.

A lady who is both sassy ad humble, that kind of woman can handle my son,not some bimbo, she spoke her mimd solely on her SAS.

You dont qualify young lady, you can leave now, she said dismissively as she pressed few buttons on her phone.

? Come take someone out of here, she spoke into the phone amd hung up then she dialed another number amd began moved away a little.

Hazel looked towards Jared but he didn’t say a word.

He was speechless and angry.

Joel came in.

Yes Joel take her to where she came from.

Yes ma’am, Joel said as he signalled Hazel respectfully to follow him.

She got up with a frown.
Her face looking very scary and dangerous.

She screwed things up already, Williams won’t spare her.

Take her to Lyta 247 club, that’s where she came from,Asher told Joel as Hazel glared at him.

She knew he started this and she would make sure to punish him and Mrs Sarah for this embarrassment today.

She walked away with Joel without looking back.

Mr Justin looked at Jared with an expressionless face.

Do you mind explaining to us why…..

He paused.

Then stared at the wristwatch Hazel presented.

Get me that watch Asher.

Asher got it and handed it to him.

Mr Justin stared at the wristwatch for a while then started opening it.

A dangerous smile crept on his face, then pulled out something like a small device from it.

Joddie, he called am a dude ran in.

Get rid of these, he said giving him the wrist watch and the device too.

Joddie too it akd keft then he faced his son.

Mrs Sarah who was done with her call, walked back in with a very different look on her faced.

She wasn’t the sweet Mrs Sarah anymore.

They all knew that look.

Do you mind explaining why you brought Williams spy in here???? Mr Justin asked Jared’s who was looking really guilty.

Mrs Sarah na savage Mama??

Hazel, you were not informed??? ? ?

What do you think about Mrs Sarah?

So Hazel added a bug to the wristwatch?

How did Mr Justin know she’s Williams spy?

Why did Mrs Sarah check Hazels back?

A family of hot and cold people?


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