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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




Number 26, I heard Kurt call from downstairs.

To say I am bored is an understatement.

Asher had a bored and tired look on his face too.

All the 25 girl were all senseless.

Yes they had the boobs and butts that I like but mom won’t accept a girl who is looking like a house painted with three different colours…

Or a girl with irritating piercings and rings all over their faces.

Or a girl with silly tattoos on their bodies.

Mom won’t accept any if this shit.

I hear another annoying clicking sound of heels and sighed.

Another bimbo was standing at the door twisting her stupid body in the name of looking sexy.

She was covered with tattoos all over her body.

Her stupid fallen breast was totally obvious since her gown left more than half of her unattractive boobs on full display.

Get out, I said and she froze.

But I haven’t even…

You don’t qualify,now leave, I yelled angrily and she stormed out murmuring words I didn’t care to listen to.

Go talk to your grandfather bitch, I muttered as I heard Kurt yell out the next number.

I kept chasing them away till I was told there was no one else left.

I sighed and stormed into my room with Asher laughing behind me.

Don’t come in, I warned

But who am I talking to?

Asher was already lying on my bed with his two legs lifted up.

Get your stupid legs down, I growled st him but he just kept laughing.

This isn’t funny dude, I muttered


I have an idea, he said and i sat up quickly, he too sat up and we were staring at each other.

Call me a genius man, come on, he hailed himself and I scoffed.

I guess you really don’t want to hear it, he said lying down back.

Wtf man! OK here you go, Genius, I said with a bored tone.

He rolled his eyes, let’s go with that, I really don’t want to stress my friend, he said sounding genuine and I almost believed him.


I actually believed him.

How about you….. he tapped his hands on his lips like he was trying to figure out something.

I was growing impatient.

I what? I asked impatiently.

Calm down Jay, let me strategize.

I gritted my teeth to surpress the anger building up and also the excitement of finally having a solution.

Today wasn’t wasted after all.

Okay, here it is, why not call her, you know you tell her to…

Who? I asked impatiently

You should let me finish dude, he spoke with a smile.

I calmed down since it seems he has an idea that I don’t have.

Well, you tell her to take a proper bath and brush her teeth well then make sure to shower deodorant and perfume on her body, your mom will definitely approve of her, he said and I couldn’t believe my ears.

Asher!!! I growled

Do you have a death with?

Well you can’t kill me for giving you the best advice of the century, Natalia is the only one that can do this job well like you…

Shut up Asher, I should present that dirty pig to my mom?

As what?

Burnt offering

Asher burst out Laughing.

But you would gladly get your……he cleared his throat inside her….

Well she asked for it, besides I used four CDs, I said trying to justify my actions.

And she’s asking for this too,your mom is asking for this, I too, I’m asking for…..

Get out of my room now!!!

He burst out laughing again, and I glared at him.

Leaving the chair I slipped on the bed beside him.

I need a whore, I growled.

Mothetfucking addict, you arent getting a whore today, he said and I rolled my eyes at him.

Watch me, I said

He got up amd began to leave the room.

Where are you going?

Not your business, with that he walked away.

I dialed Kurt’s number, it kept on ringing but he didn’t pick.

Kurt doesn’t keep his phone away from him because he knows I can call him at anytime.

I dialed it for the fifth time and he still did not pick.

Is he dead? I thought loud with a frown.

Are you wishing him death? Came Asher’s voice.

Where is Kurt? I asked ignoring his question

I sent him on an errand, he said casually with a shrug.

On an errand?

Which f**king errand?

I was already frustrated

I need a whore or I might end up…….

No, let’s not think about that.

Why isnt he picking my calls then?

Oh, here, I collected his phone from him, Asher said producing Kurt’s phone from his pocket, in case you need anything,so you won’t disturb his activity.

What the hell Asher!

Where did you send him?

How long will he take to me back? i asked as calmly as I could.

3 to 4hrs, I sent him to go fix your May Bach, since you will be needing it tomorrow, you know

Fuck you Asher, i growled not being able to control myself anymore I ran into the bathroom.

Maybe a cold bath will help.

I could hear Asher’s laughter from the room as I gritted my teeth in annoyance.

I stood under the shower as cold water poured on me but I was still as hard as a rock.

I have no choice, i have to help myself.

I will deal with you Asher I growled panting vigorously from the hard labour.


Speak, i growled at the second spy I sent to J. J since the first one didn’t come back.

I heard he will be getting married soon, his mom gave him an ultimatum to get her his bride tomorrow, he said with his head bowed.

I’m guessing he doesn’t have a bride yet right? I asked

Yes boss, he conducted an interview today but didn’t select any.

A smirk appeared on my lips, you can go, I said and he bowed before walking away

Hazel, i called and she stepped forward.

You know what to do, I said and she nodded.

Make sure you do your job well or your siblings will pay, I threatened and she nodded bravely.

Hazel is one of my most trusted female here.

She knows how to do a clean job.

Let’s see if you can escape this J. J, i thought victoriously.

Your mom just offered you on a platter to me, I will make your death very slow and painful.

Watch me.


Jared came out of the bathroom still not satisfied.

Asher alreasy escaped by the time he came out so he quickly dressed up and grabbed his car keys.

He needs to find a slut himself or he won’t sleep a wink this night.

He drove out of the compound on a rush.

The spy quickly put a call across to Williams and informed him.

As Jared drove to the club, another car followed him behind without his notice

One word for Asher?

Jared should better go with Natalia or he will have to go with Hazel, choose wisely Jared.

Do you think Williams will succeed?


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.