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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




I couldn’t complete my statement because I bumped into someone as the substance which looks like flour she was carrying poured all over our bodies.

She turned around to look at me with blood shut eyes and I flinched

I’m so sorry, I….. I tried saying when she cut me off.

I swallowed my spit when our eyes met.

She had a fierce look on her face which made her look very pretty.

No I should be apologizing, I wasn’t looking well, her eyes were looking normal and ahe was calm.

How can she change from hot to cold immediately.

Its okay, I will just have to get us cleaned, I said amd ahe shook her head.

She helped me pick up the two bags that fell on the floor and handed them to me politely.

I will be careful next time, I’m so sorry, she apologized again.

Its fine, I too was careless.

I started down at my dirty clothes and back at hers.

Like in sync we both burst out laughing.

We look like a mess, my God, I exclaimed.

Lilly watched us like we have gone mad.

My driver just quietly took the bags from me and put them in the car.

I dont really flow with strangers but this girl gives me good vibes, and she’s very pretty too.

I almost forgot I have a handkerchief,she said and put her hands in her pocket then produced a flower handkerchief.

She began helping me clean my soiled clothes as I watched her in amazement, she didn’t even clean hers first.

She finished amd my clothes was looking manageable.

Here you go ma’am, I’m ready sorry.

Its okay, I’m Sarah.
Sarah Jackson, I introduced my self with a smile stretching my hands for a shake.

Ajw quickly cleaned her stained hands with the handkerchief, before shaking me.

I’m SAS.


Yes Sweet Alondria Summer, that’s my full name.

Wow, that’s nice, its nice meeting you.

Tom get me my card, I called on my driver who quickly presented the card to me.

I handed it to SAS, here, you can call me anytime, I told her with a smile.

Thanks a lot ma’am, she thanked me and began walking away.

Wait, I called and she turned around.

Ride with me.


I almost laughed at the expression on her face with the flour all over her body.

Did she plan walking on the streets with her clothes like that?

You should ride with me SAS.

No you aren’t going my way ma’am. and besides…


Call me Sarah, I told her and she nodded shyly.

Just when she was about saying something a man in his middle thirties that was passing by accidentally hit his bag on me while passing me without apologizing.

That fierce expression was back again, her eyes turned red as her nose twisted in anger.

SAS, I called but she was already off.

She dragged the bag off the man who was confused at first.

Apologize, she growled at him and the man stared at me scornfully before laughing out loud.


I said apologize, she yelled punching his stomach with her left her as she held his collar with her right hand.

People began gathering but she difnt bother looking at them.

Why will I apologize, she should apologize for standing in a wrong position, the guy fumed.

Oh I see, at first I was not interested in making him pay but after hearing the idiot talk, I will make sure he knows what trouble is.

I will have to allow SAS deal with him first, hopefully she doesn’t get beaten up…

What did you just say? SAS yelled loking realkt pissed.

Okay, I was busy updating you guys that I didn’t hear what he said.

Let do of me fool, he yelled trying to use his right hand to punch SAS but his hands was caught in the air.

Just what I love watching, Lily squealed beside me.

I know right, i replied proudly enjoying the show.

You have tje audacity to call my mom a slut?

Apologize, now, she yelled.

Did She just call you her mom? Lily whispered

I didn’t reply because I was on shock, she called me mom?

And the fool even called me a slut.

Apologize, paah

Apologize, paah.

She kept on hitting him as he tried to hit her back but failed woefully

I have never encountered a girl like this my whole life.

Sweet but fierce.

With all shades of beauty.

I love this girl already.

I’m sorry, the fool finally spoke spitting out blood.

Thats enough, I’m sorry, he Pleaded.

Go on your knees and repeat that,she spoke fiercely making me smile like a proud mother.

He fell on his knees immediately, begging

Its okay SAS, I’m sure he must have learn his lesson, I spoke making sure to capture his face in my memory.

I will make sure I deal with him, my own way.

You a so lucky, you mistake of a boy.

You should go check yourself in the closest bathroom, you might be a girl after all, SAS mocked as she lifted her eyes to smile ate.

A smile that melted my heart.

I hugged her despite the flour on her body ams despite her protest.

I finally coerced her into riding with me, my intention was to know her house and I finally did.

It wasn’t what I expected.

Her house was almost the same with a mud house, very small and old.

I stared sadly as she introduced me to her mom who looked so sick amd kept on coughing at intervals.

Her health seemed seriously down.

I dropped the little money I had with me for them, i wisj i had come out woth enough.

They thanked me profusely.

On our way home, i didn’t realize i was smiling until Lily spoke up.

You have been smiling since,a penny for your thought? she asked giving me suspicious looks.

I smiled again, this time widely.

I think i just got my son a wife, I spoke shocking her but I didn’t care…

Jared will have to marry her or bury me, I thought enjoying the plans I already napped out in my head.

Natalia has been waiting for her supposed fiancee who hasn’t shown up since she woke up.

She was limping but she still managed to stay in the living room waiting for him to get in.

It was already noon amd her parents has been calling her but she lied to them that Jared won’t let her leave.

Keep deceiving yourself Ms Fiance, I go follow laugh you?

She sat watching movies while ordering the innocent maids up and down.

Yelling at them at any little mistake or dissatisfaction.

When she almost slept off on the couch, she heard Asheville voice, followed by Jared’s.

She sprang up on her feet as she winced in pain.

She ignored the pain and ran to him.

Jared’s nose twitched in disgust when he saw her.

He thought she already left.

Jared baby, where have you been, she spoke trying to kiss him but stepped back with a frown which he made no effort to hide.

Asher tried to control his laughter as he moved away from them and went upstairs to Jared’s mini office.

What wrong?

Didnt you miss me?

I have been waiting patiently for you, you know after last night you….

Thats enough Natalia, I thought I ordered the maids to keep a brush and a toothpaste for you, didn’t you use them, Jared spoke and she stepped back a bit as she placed her hands on her mouth and blew air into it, sniffing it.

My breathe is not bad,come on Jared, she hugged him tight.

I still want you, you know, she tried to be sexy but Jared pulled her away.

And the perfume, why didn’t you use it.

We’ll I didn’t come with it.
But it doesn’t matter, we can still…

I can’t touch you until you use the perfume, he said walking away


You should leave Natalie.

But i thought we will be seeing yiur parents tomorrow, sje asked and he stopped on his tracks.

How did you know That?

Well dad said you will be presenting your bride to be to your parents tomorrow, that’s why I’m here, so we can go together from here.

Speechlessness was an understatement.

Jared was frozen, dumb for a while.

Is she mentally deranged?

Here they are boss, came Kurt’s voice as several ladies began trooping in.

Natalia was gobsmacked.

What are they doing here, she asked Kurt knowing Jared won’t answer her…

Interview ma’am, Kurt replied curtly.

Hope its not what I’m thinking Jared, she yelled.

Its exactly what you are thinking Natalia Stevens, Jared replied with an eye roll.

You know what to do Kurt, he said then finally left to his mini office where the interview will be taking place.

Natalia stood on the spot in shame and embarrassment as girls looked at her scornfully.

Number 1, Kurt called and a brunette girl dressed like a night worker stood up proudly.

Her name up like a painted house.

She called out of their midst, stepping on some intentionally as they glared at her.

She swayed her hips from side to side as she followed Kurt upstairs for her own interview.


SAS ??

I think i just got my son a wife, who else smiled when reading this?

So Mrs Sarah likes them Hot akd Cold

Natalia are you still there?

Jared, you are too blunt nii

Your mouth too sharp ?

Someone should tell Natalia to join the interview??


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.