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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




Dad how was it? I asked the moment dad got in.

Is that how to welcome your dad? mom asked and I sighed rolling my eyes.

Dad? I whined.

Come here daughter, dad called and I ran to meet him.

How did it go dad?

Did Mr Justin agree to collaborate? I asked hoping I get a yes.

Mr Justin Jackson happens to be Jared’s dad.

Dad promised to help me form an alliance with the Jacksons so he can get me married to Jared.

Dad didn’t look happy neither did he look angry or pissed.

Won’t you let your dad rest first? mom queried

Leave me alone mom, I yelled at her and she clamped her mouth shut.

Dad talk to me, how did it go?

Well, he said he can’t impose marriage on his son but they have given him an ultimatum to bring his wife home in two days or they pick a wife for him.

Really dad? I asked and he nodded.

That’s good news then, I’m sure he’s going to pick me, i said with so much confidence.

Get me a glass of water, dad said but I wasn’t listening anymore.

Tell the maids dad, I said and ran off to my room.

I couldn’t figure out which cloth to wear.

I need to dress sexy tonight.

After much search I finally settled for a short yellow gown which stopped right under my butt then covered with yellow net which still didn’t reach my knee.

I put on heavy made up as I sprayed my best perfume.

Jared got it for me after we had sex for the first time.

He told me to always spray it whenever I’m coming to visit him.

I guess it turns him on.

I’m going toake sure I make him crab for more today, so much that would take me to his friends.

Two days… that’s on Wednesday, I can’t wait to meet his parents, I thought happily.

I checked myself out first before finally cat walking out of the room singing here comes the bride in my head.

No one was in the living room when I came out.

Tell dad I’m off to see Jared, I told the maid and walked out.


Asher my buddy was alreasy there waiting for me.

Without saying any word to each other we just shook hands before letting my boys lead us into the dungeon.

There he was, the spy.

His two hands where clamped amd tied with a strong rope as he hung up.

He was looking rough like he was beaten and he was unconscious

I signalled one of the boys and he handed a bucket of hot water to me.

It wasn’t so hot but it was hot enough to have him screaming when I poured in on his body.

He was immediately conscious, looking like a scardy cat as he screamed

This is just the beginning.

After screaming for a while, he finally opened his eyes with so much effort.

When his eyes landed on me it was like they were going to pop out of their sockets.

J.J, he half yelled visiting shaken.

The outside world knows me as Jared Jackson, thats my gentleman name.

But in here in the mafia world, I am called J.J.

He should be shaken, no one sees J.J and still remain the same.

What were you doing at my hood? I asked and he kept mute.

I let out a small laugh stepping back a bit.

You should start speaking dude if you don’t want to loose your balls, Asher said and I smirked.

It seems he doesn’t know who he just offended.

I won’t tell you a thing you animal, he growled.

I see the cat borrowed some guts, I said coming closer.

I’m not afraid you, he growled

But your face tells a different story, I knocked and he frowned.

Trying to act tough huh? I asked with a sly smile as I dipped my hands in my pocket walking towards him.

You won’t get anything from me, arrogant jerk.

Sure I’m a jerk while you are a scardy cat, I said bringing out the small knife from my pocket as he shook in fear.

Move away from me, he yelled.

Not after playing to my hearts fill, now let’s play together, I said as I used the knife to draw a line on his laps.

Blood oozed out of it and I smiled enjoying his scream.

Thats enough, he yelled

Enough? I just started d*ck head i replied staring at the blood that kept pouring nonstop.

Noooo, he yelled when i drew another line on his left thigh.

This feels so good, don’t you think, I asked as he kept yelling.

I won’t be the one to beg him to say who sent him, he will spill it himself

I think I have an idea, let’s draw my name on your body, I love tattoos, I said laughing like a maniac.

No no no, please.

Nah, I’m just starting.

He tried wiggling his legs but my boys held him still.

Only his scream was heard as I drew the first J.

He is lucky Jared is my gentleman name.

I would have boldly drawn Jared Jackson on his disgusting thighs

I need a dot, I thought aloud

And you know what that means.

No please, stop, I will tell you, he yelled and I smiled.

Then start talking, I replied my eyes glued on the blood oozing out of his stupid thighs.

I placed the knife on his legs dipping it into his thigh slowly trying to get my dot before inscribing the remaining J.

Its Williams, he blurted out and I paused but my knife was still on his thigh.

I turned to look at Asher who was staring at me too.

I smiled at the dude who was already looking very weak.

Williams, I muttered facing him.

What else do you know? i asked and he shook his head.

I know nothing else, please spare me, he begged

Ofcourse, i replied then used the knife to forcefully draw another J on his thigh.

His painful scream filled my ears and I began laughing.

I handed the knife to my biy who used a white handkerchief to clean it properly before handing it back to me.

I put it back into my hip pocket after folding it back

You know what to do, I told my right hand man amd he nodded.

Please, dont kill me, i wony saw a word about this, please for the sake of my mom and kids, he begged but I was long gone.

No one remains the same after meeting J.J.

You seem realky pissed, is somethinh wrong? Ashwr asked as well got outside.

I smiled as I heard the dudes scream from inside.

Its mom again, I told him as I lightheaded a cigarette and began smoking.

I offered him and he took one as we sat on my car smoking together.

What does she want? he asked.

She wants me to get her my wife in two days, can you believe that? I growled

What the hell man, he replied with laughter.

Get her a wide then, he said amd I eyed him.

You know how much i hate commitment, I don’t want any silly woman expecting me to behave like a husband.

You should really get married, how old are you again?

I should really tattoo my name on your thighs too, I threatened bringing out my knife.

Easy man, he yelled still laughing.

You are a moron, get out of my way, i said getting down.

Where are you going man? he asked.

I need a whore, I replied dialing Kurt’s number.

? Get me a whore, I spoke into the phone.

? Natalia is here, he said and I friended.

? Don’t let her enter my room, keep her in the guest room, i replied and hung up.

What’s up man, Asher asked as I dropped the call.

The smelling bitch is at my house

He didn’t let me finish before bursting into laughter.

At least she’s using a perfume now, he mocked

Just shut uo Asher.

We both got into my car and I drove off.


We were done for the day.

Get the back door Scar, i told Scarlet who was in the kitchen

She locked in and came out as we both exited the bakery.

You aren’t saying anything about that dude, she said.

What dude?

The dude you creased his laps with your ass this afternoon, she replied with a wink.

Eww Scar, music you always be this vulgar huh.

You wanted to deny it girlfriend

There is nothing to say about him Scar.

But you admit he is cute right?

I can’t see it.

He’s a gentleman, she said

Then marry him, i said with a hiss as we walked into the pharmacy to buy moms drug.

The nurse was getting the drugs when someone ended and placed wards of cash on the counter.

Ten packs of condom, he said shamelessly.

Scarlet nudged my arm and I looked at her.

He’s so cute Londria, she whispered and I rolled my eyes.

And shameless too, I said rolling my eyes.

The nurse left my drugs and began bringing out the packs of condom.

What are you doing? I asked her

She ignored me and kept pulling out each pack with a smile on her face.

What the hell are you doing?

I was here befre this man, I half yeledas i tried to keep my temper in check

You should wait miss, she said

I should wait?

I need drugs to save someones life and you are getting condoms for someone’s stupid uncontrollable libido instead? I yelled this time.

Hey miss, keep your voice down, the stupid shameless sude said beside me as he held my hand.

I quickly grabbed his arm amd squeezed it as he winced in pain.

I threw his hamds off me without even taking a look at his face

You shouldn’t do that, this is a pharmacy, the nurse yelled.

Are you okay? I hearda male voice ask the guy who was fuming.

I looked at both of them with disgust before facing the nurse.

Get me those drugs if you don’t want your crappy shop upside down, I threatened.

She gave the guy a pleading look before quickly getting my drugs and packaging them

I played her amd rurned to leave only to be blocked by the guy.

What do you want? I asked

I’m sorry about her outburst, she is not mentally okay, Scarlett spoke behind me as she tries puling me with her.

Who isnt mentally okay Scarlet? I asked gkaring ay her.

We should go Londria.

She tried pulling me but the guy pulled me back.

Get your filthy hands off me, I ordered bit he didn’t move.

Who do you think you are young lady, he asked looking down at me.

If I was thinking before that I am talking, this dude just proved me wrong.

How tall is he?

How can a person be this tall and still not look weird?

Are you done checking me out? he asked and I missed at his stupid words.

Why will I check out shamelessness?

What did you say?

I said you are shamelessness spelt in capital letter, I replied brushing past him while he stared at me.

Do you want to get yourself in trouble? Scarlet scolded when we got outside.

He should be scared of getting into trouble with me Scar.

Let’s go, I told her as we walked out.

Something caught my attention and I paused.

What is it Londria?

I pulled out my phone and checked the plate number again, its the same car that solashed water on ke this morning parked carelessly in front of the pharmacy

There was a crack at the back, I smirked when I realized it was my doing.

I picked up a stone walking towards it.

What are you doing Londria?

Dealing with the car for splashing water on me, I replied.

But the car did nothing, you should deal with the owner, she said but I wasn’t listening

I went to the drivers door, I used the small stone to draw few words.


Londria, Scarlet called fearfully

What is it?

I turned to see the guy from before storming like a lightening towards me.

Its his car Londria, we are so dead, she cried shaking like a fowl.

Says who? I smirked as he got closer.

When I say run, you know what to do, I told Scarlet and she nodded like a lizard.


What the hell are you doing? his voice growled

He was almost getting to us.


He’s coming Londria, Scarlet cried


I threw the big stone I was holding at the front glass

RUN, i yelled amd we both took to our heels

He chased after us as we kept running

Thankfully this is our hood, we know this place like the back of our palms.

We kept running into different neighborhoid till we could no longer see him.

Now I have my revenge, I said panting

“You are shamelessness spelt backwards” ?

What is doing Natalia ??

Why do you think Jared bought her perfume?
Isn’t Jared heartless? ??

Do you think Alondria’s revenge was too much?

Thanks everyone for giving me a chance to entertain you with my thoughts.


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