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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




This would have been the best evening of my life but it got ruined.

When Sassy got down from that car.

Am I still calling her Sassy?

She already told me her full name, and since everyone calls her Alondria, I chose to call her Summer.

She said she likes the way it sounds on my lips.

When Summer got down from that car, I began wondering who the guy is to her but I needed to ask her first.

Then she introduced him as her uber driver.

She truly is Sassy and that’s another of my biggest turn on.

We had fun even though she insisted on desert since she already ate before now.

We talked about random things and I couldn’t stop smiling.

Neither could I control the electrifying feeling of her gaze.

I haven’t seen her dressed in such a decent but provocative manner.

She looks so beautiful.

Right now, I’m droving her home in silence.

It broke my heart when she told me she would be getting married next week.

Like how?

We just met!

I just fell in love for the first time after my first heartbreak and now she is taken?

I didn’t know how to feel and she didn’t say a word either.

I drove into her street, I was close to her house yet she hasn’t spaced me a glance.

Why is she awfully quiet?

Summer? I called and she turned

Can I ask you? I asled jopinh my question won’t sound stupid to her

Sure but pull over here.


I don’t want mom to see you, she….

I understand.

I parked at a corner then turned to face her.

I cleared my throat.

Do you love him? I asked nervously

She shifted uncomfortably on her seat avoiding my eyes

Please tell me the truth, I begged

I know my voice already changed but I didnt care.

She shook her head in the negative .

You don’t?

Why are you getting married then? I asked in a slightly raised voice.

I can’t tell you, she said taking her lips in.


Are you being forced to marry him? I asked


Are you being blackmailed?


Then why?

I cant tell you.

I don’t know how to feel anymore, should I be happy that she doesn’t love him?

If she can agree to marry him when she doesn’t love him them I’m not sure she would want to leave the marriage just like that.

Should i confess my feelings to her?

Summer? I called


I… I

She stared at me waiting for me to say it but can I?

Does she feel the same way?

Will she want to get married to me instead?

I… I just want to say… say thanks

Thanks for coming with me.

Damn, what was that?

Oh, it’s nothing, she Said flashing me a heart melting smile.

I Should get going now, she said an put her hand on the door handle.

Before she could step back I pulled her back, hugging her to myself.

Now more than ever I feel my love for her is true.

Its just a hug but it feels like heaven.

How would kissing her feel then?

She returned the hug and I was grateful she did.

What if she feels something for me?

See you River, she said and stepped out before I could say another word.

I stared at her till she walked into her house then i began staring at the seat she got up from.

I suddenly started to feel empty.

I have to do something, I can’t let her get married.

Not to someone else.


Jared drove into his mansion angrily.

How can mom pair me with someone like this? he thought as he made his way inside

Uber driver?

Welcome boss, Curt greeted but he got snobbed.

They are in the guest room, he added despite not getting a reply

Jareds phone rang and he stopped to pick it.

? Hey man, came Asher’s voice.

? Dude, Jared muttered, he wasn’t in the mood for a chit chat but he can’t hang up on his friend just like that.

? What’s up with the voice dude? I was expecting you to be happy right now.

? Seriously dude?
I should be happy mom got me a random girl as a wife?

? She is not a random girl, your mom knows her, I’m sure you both will make a wonderful couple.

? Just get off my phone dude, Jared growled then hung up.

He turned to look at Curt who was looking at him, then walked upstairs straight to the guest room.

He opened the door and for the first time since he met his worst night mare, a smile escaped his lips.

On the big bed lay four girls, naked and expectant.

The moment they saw him they positioned themselves sexily.

He got to the bed and stopped folding his hands on his chest as he stared at their bodies

You know what to do, he said and they started making out with themselves in front of him as he watched while warming himself up for the fun ahead.


My goods are yet to be found.

How useless can my men be?

How could they allow Jared’s men mess with them to those extent.

Even my spies has no information about it.

I feel like spilling some blood but I already killed close to half of my men.

My phone rang and I glanced at the caller ID before picking.

? Speak.

? He is getting marroed soon, the voice said.

? He fell in love? I asked with a smirk.

? No, his mom found him a girl, I think he doesn’t like the idea.

? Keep an eye on them, I said and hung up.

I played with the cigarette on my finger as I thought about the information I just heard.

Jared is finally getting married, i said slowly smirking.

But he isn’t in love with his to be wife….. that means he still doesnt have a fragile weakness.

His only weakness are his parents but who messes with them?

I don’t have a death wish.

I dialed the number again and he picked.

? Find out everything about her, I ordered then hung up.

Even if it means waiting for them to fall in love then I will.

I can’t wait to see you have a weakness J.J


What’s River up to?

Jared you don get wife oo

Who do you think told Williams about the wedding?


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.