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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




Jared was done bathing as he came out out the bathroom feeling super fresh.

His phone which was on the table rang and he went to pick it up.

Dad, he hummed picking the call

? Hello dad

? Son, how is business? his dad asked.

? Everything is moving well dad, You know business isn’t the reason why you called dad, tell me why you called old man.

? Its good you know that song, your mom wants to speak with you.

? Dad noo, be tried protecting but the phone was already transferred to his mom whose Steven but jovial voice rang in his ear.

? I see you don’t want to talk to me son, she spoke.

? Of course not mom, I have been dying to take to you, he lied.

He already knew why they were calling and he wasn’t ready

? Well I’m expecting you to bring your bride to the family house in two days son, failure to do so then we will have to find you one and you will have to marry her, got it?

? Mom come on, you can’t do this, I have told you not ready for commitment.

? I have given you enough time time son, don’t play with me, she said sternly.

His mom is like a battle that he can never win

? Mom you can’t do this, I need to talk to dad.

? I’m not letting you off the hook this time Jared Jackson, get me your bride or I will find one for you.

? Okay mom, I’m getting you my bride in two days mom, happy now?

? If you get me one of those your whores, its the same thing as not getting any, she replied smartly.

She already knew about her sons lifestyle as it was pretty obvious.

He made no effort to hide his promiscuous lifestyle .

? Don’t do this mom, I’m not even ready for any shitty marriage, he groaned in frustration.

? Get me a decent girl Jared, or you will have to marry my choice, she spoke in finality

? I have heard you mom.

? Good, I love you son, Mrs Sarah squealed.

? Love you too mom, he murmured and ended the call before she could say a word more.

Argh, he groaned throwing his phone across the room

He stood at the spot not knowing what to do or think.

His other phone which strictly for business rang and he walked to the table to pick it up.

His towel still hanging on his slender waist.

? Speak, he growled

? Boss, we just caught a spy at the…

He didn’t let him finish before cutting him off.

? Take him to my play room, he said with a smirk

? Yes boss.

He sropped the phoje on the table then walked tontlhis bog wardrobe.

He picked up a pair of black leather jacket and black trouser.

Then a black body hug top which he wore inside.

He wore his black big boot.

Combed his hair and styled it.

Then he went to pick up his phone which didn’t leave any scratch.

He picked up his gun from the drawer then walked to the mirror to have one last look at himself.

Frowning, he put on his dark shade and exited the room.

Should I drive you boss? Curt asked when he saw his boss walking out.

No, his voice was enough to make Curt flinch.

He moved out of the way as Jared walked out to his car.

His eyes adrkemed as his brown creased on furry the moment he saw his damaged glass.

Joel!! he called out to his driver who came rushing in

Boss, he called fearfully.

He knew this look.

He knew this dressing.

He knew this tone.

He just hoped amd prayed he doesnt receive a bullet on his head.

Why hasn’t you faxed this mess? Jared asked.

I… you didn’t…. I’m sorry please don’t kill me, he begged fearfully.

He didn’t know if he should say he wasn’t instructed to.

He didn’t know which time do, so he just apologized on his knees.

The keys, Jared growled.

Here boss, he said and handed the keys still in his kneeling position.

Jared collected the key from him and walked to the car and got in.

There are still seven other cars in there but prefers using his new Maybach.

Maybe driving the car with the damaged glass was going to get him more angry so he can fully pour out his whole anger on the poor spy.


Alondria and Scrlet were busy serving customers who were pretty much since it was monday.

Alondria was serving customers but a particular customer was busy staring at her.

She didn’t notice since she was enrolled in running her business well without petty mistakes.

He watched as she called to each table and how she spoke softly to them.

He too was enjoying enjoying the cupcakes in front of him.

She is not just beautiful but good with her hands too.

She was putting on a blue jean which put her full hips on full display.

Then a pink top matching her pink lips.

River was sitting and enjoying his cup came but he was enjoying the view before him more.

He’s been coming to her shop for the past two weeks but has not been opportuned to have her serve him.

It has always been Scarlett serving him

He was running out of patience.

He has to talk to her today.

The lady sitting opposite him called Alondria.

River saw it as a golden opportunity.

He adjusted in his seat as Alondria drew close.

Alondria who wasnt aware if his schedule walked down towards them.

Just as she got to him, she tripped on his well positioned legs and almost fell.
.Then River as her knight in shining amor, caught her Swiftly.

She ended up falling on just not his arms but his laps.

Such level of bravery, River?

Knocking off his half eaten cup cake.

Oh my, I’m so sorry, Alondria apologized trying to get up but he held her back staring into her brown but shiny eyes.

The posirion was awkward fir Alondria but not for River.

Even if it was just for few seconds but he felt fulfilled.

He didn’t just get to touch her but he held her and not just that.

That thick ass of hers was sitting on his laps sexily.

He was so engrossed in staring at her that he didn’t notice or hear her talk to him till she had to tap him.

Huh? he asked not knowing what to say since he didn’t hear her.

She used that as an opportunity to get up from his laps.

All eyes were on them.

She felt so embarrassed.

Scarlet was busy laughing at her friend.

She could see through River and she knew it was intentional.

But Alondria didn’t notice that.

I ruined yourmeal, im so sorry, I will get you another one, she apologized to River.

Its okay, o will just buy another one, he replied like a gentleman man with a charming smile.

No, I have to get you a replacement, I caused this, without waiting she ran off awkwardly to get him two more cupcakes.

Scarlet had to attend to the lady.

Here, she said dropping the cupcakes in front of him.

I’m really sorry sir, she apologized again.

I’m River, he said extending his hands for a shake and she took it.

SAS, she replied

SAS? he asked not getting it.

SAS like sassy, she replied with a wink which made his heart flutter.

I see, nice name you got there, he replied with a smile.

So can we be friends? he asked.

Sure River.

Nice, nice, he pulled out some Ranks from his wallet and handed it to her.

Its my treat River, and apology treat, you don’t have to pay me, she refused his money.

I want to pay you sassy, keep it, he said and began eating.

Alondria was so happy, she thanked him profusely before rushing back to Scarlet who was in the kitchen.

I’m using this for moms drugs. I’m so happy, she kept saying with smiles all over her face.

He’s cute Londria, Scarlet said with a sly smile.

I didn’t ask you that, loud mouth, Alondria replied and ran off before she would taunt her more.

Come back here bitch, Scarlet yelled from inside but Alondria was long gone.

River kept stealing glances at her.

He would act like a gentle man today then ask for her number the next time he comes.

He hated to go but he had work waiting for him at the office.

He stood up reluctantly and began walking out hoping Alondria who was busy would spare him a glance at least.

Luckily, she did.

He waved at and she smiled back in return.

One who saw Alondria at that point would think she’s a very quiet shy girl.

I guess we know better right?



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.