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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?



Alondria who was still shaken didn’t say a word as she sat like a lost puppy watching Asher and Sarah cheerfully and willingly plan her wedding.

Jared would occasionally send her a glare but she wasn’t in the mood anymore.

She just wanted to go home, she wished none of this happened.

Her mom falling ill and Sarah helping.

She wished even more that she had accepted when Sarah said No Deal.

But she wanted to be a hero now she might end up being tied to this shameless dude in front of her who has a scary father for the rest of her life.

This cake is beautiful… Perry said

No I like this one more… Sarah argued

What about this? Perry said showing Sarah another design

Wow.. this is perfect.

What flavor do you like SAS? Sarah asked turning towards Alondria who was lost in thought.


You know, Jared likes Vanilla flavored the most, do you like strawberry?

Before Alondria could answer she continued.

You know that feeling when your favorite flavour is the colour of your husbands lips.

Red and tempting, she said with a wink.

Won’t you like to kiss those lips SAS? She asked acting like a 14yr old who just fell inlove for the first time.

Alondria began coughing.

Go get your wife water Jared, Sarah urged Jared who has been trying so hard to ignore them.

He rolled his eyes and sat still.

Alondria was still coughing.

Now!! she ordered

Left with no other option, he got up to go get it.

Don’t try anything funny in there Jared, Sarah yelled after him.

Who knows, he might pour all the salt in the kitchen into it.

He got back and made to give the cop of water to his mom but she refused.

Alondria who already stopped coughing saw him and continued.

Go feed her the water, do you want her to choke to death, Sarah yells sending him a harsh glare.

He walked towards her reluctantly.

Ah, my daughter in law.

He tried handing her the cup but two hands were on her neck like her throat were going to fall.

Feed her Jared!

Grudgingly, he put the cup in her mouth trying to force all the content in it all at once but who was he kidding??

Alondria used her teeth to hold the cup making sure to sip it slowly.

Drink up bitch! Jared growled through gritted teeth but Alondria only winked at him and continued sipping till she was tired.

He took the cup back to the kitchen and came to sit down.

You were saying something, Asher reminded Sarah.

Yeah, that’s true.

As i was saying SAS, I will make sure to tell your make up artist to use a red lipstick, you know, so it can match with Jared’s red lips.

Jared actually likes his women on red lipstick, Asher added earning a glare from Jared.

It seems The shameless dude is actually scared of his parents, this sure is getting interesting, Alondria thought with a smirk.

I will make sure to use this to my advantage.

Her phone rang revealing an unknown number, she picked after few contemplations.

? Hey cupcake, came a voice she tried so hard to recognize

? Who is this? asked asked

? I see already forgot about me, I’m heartbroken, came the voice, but Alondria wasn’t in the mood for play as she already had so much

? Who the hell are you bruh? she asked rudely

Only if the caller knew what she was passing through.

? Calm down miss, its River, he finally introduced himself.

? River? Oh River how are you! she half yelled happily.

Without looking at the other occupants of the room who were staring at her including her loving to be husband, she walked out of the living room.

River? Sarah muttered to herself.

The elation in her voice when she mentioned the name, including the smile on her face was quite suspicious.


I watched her get up with those annoying smiles on her face.

She walked out without saying a word to anyone.

Like who the hell does she think she is.

My eyes caught her backside as she was about shutting the door.

The way it stood firmly at her back.

Thats one hell of an ass, I almost whistled

Who exactly is this River to her to make her so happy, I thought

She isn’t married yet she is already cheating?

Why am i bothered anyways?

I stared at mom who was busy lost in her marriage preparation.

How long will I have to sit here?

What do you think about these flowers? mom asked.

Must she involve me?

They are fine, I replied.

Just fine?

Mom I…

Its alright, you know nothing about weddings anyways,sit still and watch us plan for you.

Since when did Asher become a wedding planner huh?.

They carried on like I wasn’t there.

Not like I care anyways.

I looked towards the door but she wasnt in yet.

Is she still talking to the River dude?

Why do I care anyways?

I took my eyes off the door concentrating on chatting the girls on my DM.

It seems I’m having a threesome tonight, I thought smiling as their messages kept trooping in.

Desperate girls!

Uhm Sarah, i heard the wench’s voice call out to mom.

I ignored them and kept texting.

I have to go, she said and I smiled in relief.

At least I won’t have to see her face anymore.

Alright, Come here, I heard mom say and she walked past me brushing my hands with her leg as she passed.

I glared at her but since she already walked past me I could only glare at her butt.

I mean her back.

Why did she have to have a huge behind?

I hissed loudly and concentrated back on my phone.

A girl just sent me her nudes, I need to fix a meeting with her tonight.

I was about typing when mom called.

Jared go drop her off, she said.

The witch was smirking and I wished i could smash her stupid head on the wall.

She walked towards me and handed me her small purse then flashed me a pretentious smile.

Aww, love birds, mom cooed.

Is she blind?

Can’t she see through this witch?

Bye Sarah.

Bye Handsome, she said to Asher blowing him a kiss.

I looked at mom but she was smiling at her.

How can she flirt with my friend right before me?

Is she that shameless.

Asher sent her a wink and I glared at him.

Asher being Asher burst out laughing.

Lets go bunny, The witch said and began walking out swaying her hips provocatively.

Mom gave me “My eyes are on you sign” and I gulped hard.

Without a word, i followed her out.

She was standing in front of my car when I got out, the moment she saw me she burst into laughter.

Memories of how she smashed my car and even inscribed her silly name on it came rushing in.

I hissed trying to suppress the anger surging through me.

How is she not scared of me?

I see you got it fixed, she mocked.

I ignored her and got into the car throwing her stupid purse at the backseat.

She opened the door and got into the backseat

What are you doing there? i asked angrily.

Aren’t you my uber driver for the day? she asked nonchalantly as she relaxed licking her full pink lips.

Have you lost your mind? I’m sure my eyes are red in anger right now.

I got down from the car and went over to drag her out but before I could open the door, I sighted dad from his room staring at me.

What the hell is all these?

Can today get any worse?

I grudgingly walked back to my seat and ignited car driving out carefully since dad was still up there

How did she get my parents to fall for her scheme?

The moment I drove out of dads compound i sped off into the road hoping to scare her but the witch began giggling.

She was enjoying the ride.

What the hell?

TheFork restaurant, she ordered from behind and I growled lowly as I drove towards that direction.

In less then fifteen minutes we were there, i parked amd waited for her to come down.

A guy who was leaning on his car started walking towards us.

The witch at the back on seeing him opened the door and got out of the car without a word.

Not even a thank you.

She got out and jumped on his body pressing herself on him like a second skin.

What a whore!

I glared at the both of them waiting for her to come get her stinking purse.

They finally broke the hug after hugging for like eternity.

The guy stared at me then back at her.

Oh, she said as she opened the door and picked up her purse then turned to him.

He’s just my uber driver, she said and I froze.

What the… before I could complete my statement, she already walked away with him.

Turning around, she winked then stuck her tongue at me.

What the hell just happened????


What the hell just happened?? ?
Mr Justin no get joy oo
Sarah and Asher are something else

Jared the Uber driver???


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.