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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?



Who is that Psychopath?

What is she doing here mom? They both asked at the same time.

Mom?? Alondria repeated on shock.

What is this insane girl doing here mom? Jared asked again.

The “mom” kept responding in Alondria’s ears.

Mr Justin who they didn’t notice when he came out spoke up.

It seems the love birds already met, he said with his two hands at his back.

Love birds? Jared half yelled, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

Alondria was speechless.

Is he one of their sons?

She stared at Asher who was staring back at her.

Maybe it might be the guy behind right? she asked herself.

Who would want to fall in love with this stupid and arrogant girl in front of me, what the hell is she doing here In the first place? Jared asked already loosing it.

Alondria who has been quiet all the while heard his statement and faced him.

Who would want to fall inlove with me? she asked walking closer to him.

At that point she was grateful her mom forced her to put on the gown.

She did a small catwalk swaying her hips as she walked.

They all stared at her wondering what’s wrong with her.

Her next movement shocked them all.

She stopped in front of Jared, gave him a seductive smile, slowly traced her hands on her jawline then she turned and bent like she’s picking something.

Making sure to give him a better view of her ass.

Sarah and her husband were busy smiling at her boldness.

Jared was stunned at first but was stunned the more when they all busted out laughing including Asher.

Alondria who felt she hasn’t made her point yet turned to see why they were laughing.

Behold Jared Jackson, son of Justin Jackson was having a hard on.

Wtf dude, Asher yelled pointing at his little man.

Jared look at himself confused then his eyes landed on his hard little bro which was so visible.

He has never been this embarrassed all his life.

Getting a careless hard on in front of his parents?

Alondria had her mouth on her palm as she stared at him.

She only wanted to show him how endowed she is not this?

It seems she just proved that she is worth falling in love with, Sarah said with a tone of mockery.

Not knowing what to say,Jared ran into the house leaving them behind.

That was awesome SAS, Sarah squealed baffling Alondria.

Is this woman normal at all?

How is he your son? Alondria couldn’t help but ask.

Let’s go on first, Sarah said and dragged Alondria with her.

You should let me talk to my daughter inlaw too, Justin said trying to get close to Alondria but Sarah don’t let him.

You can talk to her later,its girls time, she replied dragging poor Alondria into the house giggling like a child.

Mr Justin shook his head following them behind.

They got into the house and Jared was sitting on the couch with a frown on his face.

Let’s eat guys, Sarah said pretending like she didn’t see him.

They all got to the dining and sat waiting for the maid to dish out their meals.

No one said a word.

Well, apart from Sarah and SAS who kept whispering and giggling.

You seem to have forgotten your table manners because of this lousy girl mom, Jared complained.

You seem to know the lousy girl too well, this is work made easy,don’t you think my love, Justin said carressimg his wife’s palm.

Ofcourse, now more than ever I think i made the right choice, Sarah said confusing them all including Alondria who still felt Asher was the groom.

What do you mean mom? Jared asked.

Now you seem to have forgotten your table manners, Alondria fired with an eye roll.

I never asked you to interfere, get lost!

Alondria ignored him and continued munching on her food.

These type of meals only comes to people like her once in a while,she can’t miss it for a shameless pig like the one in front of her.

They ate quietly for sometime but Jared was incomfortable.

What’s wrong son? Sarah asked.

Its… he stuttered scratching his head.

Its… you said you… you…

I what? Sarah asked.

Damn mom, I don’t see the beautiful bride you talked about, we are almost done eating and she isn’t here,he said.

Oh, Sarah said simply but didn’t speak further.

Jared smiled inwardly, his prayers finally worked.

He’s going home today as single as ever, he thought letting out a sweet smile.

What’s with the smile? Kill joy Asher asked

Get lost! he growled.

He still hasn’t forgotten what he did last night

Asher chuckled.

He already put the whole event together , its already obvious his worst nightmare is his bride to be.

They finished eating and Sarah wiped her mouth carefully, drank her glass of milk then requested for another one.

While their maid went to get it she cleared her throat.

Its true I called you today to come see your bride and I really wanted to make it a surprise but….. she wore sad look making Jared’s joy fill to the brim.

She didn’t show up?
But why?
I really wanted to settle down,he blabbered without thinking.

The great J.J don fall my hands oo ?

He seemed to forget his mom has a court of law where every word you say is used against you.

You really wanted to settle down? Sarah asked placing her elbow on the table then clapping her hands together as usual.

Ofcourse mom I…

Next week it is then, Sarah said with a smile.

What do you think honey? she asked her husband.

Ofcourse, i would have preferred it in two days.

What do you mean! Jared growled under his breath.

What I mean is you didnt let me finish before jumping in.

Here is your bride to be,she said pulling Alondria to her,isnt she beautiful?



They both yelled at the same time.

He’s the one? Alondria asked pointing at Jared

Ofcourse my child, its a good thing you both already met,it will make the marriage easier and sweeter, right honey?

What marriage!

I am not getting married to this disrespectful bitch,that’s not happening mom,Jared yelled on top of his voice.

And you think i want to marry a scum bag like you? Alondria yelled back.

I mean why will Sarah want me to marry this Shamelessness spelt backwards, in one week time?

Sarah amd her husband ignored their fight as they already got all lovey dovey with each other.

Come check out this suit Asher, don’t you think it would suit the groom? Sarah asked in a loud voice, loud enough to piss Jared off.

What groom?

I’m not getting married, he spoke rudely and his mom glared at him.

I haven’t accepted yet at least, he said trying to sound a little polite but his whole body was shaking in annoyance.

Sarah,I can’t marry this shameless dude, how did you give birth to someone like him anyways? Alondria asked eyeing Jared

But you accepted to help me, didnt you? Sarah said in a voice that almost cracked with emotions,she looked like she was going to cry.

Sarah i…. i didnt know its this dog you wanted me to marry…

Who did you refer to as a dog? Jared fired.

Aren’t you a shameless dog?

Its only shameless dogs that walks onto a pharmacy to buy packs of condom boldly.

I’m sure you must have finished using the condom by now, Alondria fired back at him.

Sarah smiled at her husband and Asher secretly.

Sarah you can’t do this to me, isn’t this fine young man sitted beside you your son?

I don’t mind getting married to him instead, she begged referring to Asher.

Asher almost choked on his saliva.

What? is this how cheap you are? You are willing to marry just anyone? Jared asked in a mocking tone.

I would rather marry a bull dog than marry someone like you!! Alondria yelled pointing her fingers at him

This is insane mom, i cant do this, dad you aren’t even saying anything,I’m out of here, he said and turned to leave.

Leave this house today amd forget you have a family! Mr Justins low voice growled at him.

It sent shivered down everyone’s spine.

Alondria had to crawl towards Sarah who didn’t seem affected or maybe, she was good at covering up.

What’s this dad? Jared asked with a frown.

I’m giving you two options.

Marry Ms Sweet and keep the company, you would still have your family or walk out of here and go submit your resignation at the office tomorrow.
You would no longer be A Jackson neither will you be J.J.


And If I see you anywhere around Asher, I am ruining your both, you know what that means.

Jared almost fell out of shock.

Has it gotten to this?

Loosing his family and the company is like stripping him of everything including his clothes leaving him naked forever

Even Asher isn’t allowed close to him?

Who the hell is this girl?

You have ten seconds to decide, Mr Justin’s scary voice came again responding in their ears.

Five seconds

Two seconds

I will do it! Jared replied hastily.

Let the wedding plans begin then,Sarah cooed like there was no tension just now.

Mr Justine got up and left the room,he had no business with the plans.

Jared walked back to the sitting room grudgingly

As far as he knows, from today on words, he has another enemy, that is His New Bride.



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