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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




Jared has been fuming since his mom called to inform him that he will be meeting his bride to be tomorrow.

He was sitting close to the wine cellar sipping from his tequila quietly with his eyes glued to a spot.

What’s up man, I asked like I didn’t know.

He let out a low groan shaking his head.

Moms just being so impossible.

How can i get married at 31?

There is nothing wrong with getting married Jared, it will help cut down some habits, you know, I added fuel

Shut up Asher, he groaned pouring more drink into his glass.

Jared isn’t light headed.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him drunk before.

At least the likes of Natasha and Hazel with all those bimbos will stay away from you.

Who said I won’t be doing all those? he asked with a smirk

What do you mean?

She’s just going to be my wife on paper, nothing more.

Come on Jay, you won’t do that to the poor girl.

She is not a poor girl, why did she accept to marry me in the first place?

I’m sure she is one of those gold diggers, she must have agreed because of money, he ranted as I watched him.

It won’t change the fact tha you would be a married man in few months.

Just shut up!

But you keep talking, why should I be the one to shut up, I whined like a child twisting my body like those his bimbos.

I know he hates it when I do this.

What this? he asked trying to do what i did but failed woefully.

What is what?

The meaning of what you just did?

I’m trying to show you how your to be wife will be doing, you should take your time to rehearse, I teased laughing at him as he frowned.

His face darkened as he lifted the bottle amd began drinking from it directly

Easy honey, don’t choke on that, I said using a female voice.

I think that Infuriated him more as he smashed the bottle on the wall, got up and began walking out.

Where are you going honey?
Can I come with you? I yelled chasing after him

Get away from me Asher!

I’m tryna help you rehearse dude.

He got to his room amd banged the door on my face as I burst out laughing, loud enough for him to hear me from inside.

I succeeded on riling him up.

The maids were already clearing the broken bottle when I got out.

I need to go shop for new outfit.

I hope they turn tomorrows dinner to engagement party, that dude needs to be tamed.


? I just got in, where are you?

? I’m almost there sir.

? I’m waiting, I said and hung up

I’m so tired, I really can’t wait to get home..

My driver drove in and I got in immediately sighing in relief.

How was your trip sir? he asked

It was tiring, mehn, i’m exhausted, I said breathing heavily.

I got an emergency call at my other company in California, I had to rush off immediately.

I couldn’t even tell Alondria about it, sometimes I wonder if she missed me as much as I missed her though out the days I spent there.

But why will she miss me?

She must have forgotten she ever had a customer like me.

Did you keep an eye on her like i told you to? I asked Greg.

I went to her shop but she wasnt there the whole time.

What do you mean? I was already freaking out
Most times the shop was locked, but today i saw a different girl there, he said looking at me from the mirror.

Is she alright?

To think i didn’t even get her contact.

Argh.. i groaned in frustration clenching my fist.

I don’t like how my heart feels about her absence.

Its already past 10pm, I’m sure she won’t even be at the shop now

You didn’t ask the girl you saw?

I did but she refused disclosing any information to me, i didn’t want to scare her.

I understand, I said reluctantly.

I have to go over to her shop first thing in the morning.

I stared at the cute teddy bear i bought for her, I hope she accepts this.


Ruby was discharged around 1pm.

She was so happy to finally be back home.

Its 3:56pm Dria, you haven’t found a dress yet? Ruby asked when Alondria walked into her room.

Sarahs driver will be coming to pick her by 5pm but the to be bride Alondria was still trying to pick out a dress for the dinner.

I’m tired mom, I don’t know what to choose.

I already told her to wear the blue gown, she’s still insisting on putting on crop top and jeans, Elliot reported.

Shut up Elli.

Is that true? Ruby asked stirring a little on the bed.

Mom he’s just lying, you know how Elliot is.

Elliot is… Ruby tried asking but Elliott wasn’t there anymore

Where did he go to? Ruby asked

You see, he escaped, I told you he was ly… her words hung on her throat when Elliot ran in with the yellow crop top and blue jeans she selected.

Here’s the evidence mom, I told you, he yelled panting heavily like someone who just ran a marathon.

Mom that’s not…

Thats not what? mom asked.

Look mom,He’s just trying to frame me,I didn’t choose that, Alondria tried to defend herself.

Here’s another evidence, Elliot said walking towards his mom with his phone.

Summer! Ruby yelled making Alondria flinch.

Come here. she ordered as Alondria swallowed hard, walking towards her mom fearfully.

Show her Tue picture Elli, Ruby said to the grinning Elliot as he showed Alondria the picture

It was the clothes she prepared with the sneakers beside it, lying on the bed nearly.

Her mouth hung open.

Elliot had snaped the dress first before bringing it because he knew she would deny it.

She glared st Elliott wordlessly.

Her cover has been blown by this little rabbit.

You really want to go on a dinner date with your to be husband and inlaws on pants and crop top? her mom fired in disbelief.

Mom i…

Go get all Your dresses in here.


Go get all the clothes on your hanger in here, I will pick a dress for you, Ruby said with a note of finality.

Having no option letting, Alondria stomped her foot angrily as she walked to her room muttering words that only her could hear.

Elliot burst out laughing after she left

Mrs Ruby glared at him and he clamped his mouth shut.


Aren’t you done yet Summer?

Your ride is here already, Mrs Ruby called out to Alondria who was coming out of her room fully dressed.

I’m here mom, she grunted adjusting her tight dress.

She was clad in a long gold colour gown.

It hung on her body like a second skin.

She catwalked out of her room to meet with Elliot who was waiting for her.

Elliot gulped dramatically as he stared at her.

You look breath taking my love, he said as his eyes shone.

Alondria stared at him like he had gone mad.

May I? he asked stretching his hands to her.

Alondria rolled her eyes and walked past him.

Come on Dria, I’m trying to help you practice, Elliott yelled after her.

They got to Mrs Ruby’s room with Elliot blabbering after her.

I’m set mom, Alondria said standing in front of her mom.

That’s my girl, see you look pretty, Ruby said eyeing her.

Alondria gkared at her.

This was her moms idea.

Only if this big head Elliot didnt expose her.

I’m not comfortabke mom, she complained.

Look at how it put all your curves on display, you look pretty Dria, her mom complimented ignoring her plight.

Can I take it off, I can wear another loose gown.

The gown is not complaining, your ride is outside, Ruby said then shut her eyes .

Alondria knew she was done talking to her so she left with Elliot still following her.

Go away Elliott,she half yelled.

Nah, i have to see that driver of yours amd be sure that you are safe, he said with a serious look on his face.

They got out and the driver came out of the black Lamborghini to open the door for her.

She was suddenly feeling nervous.

Happy married life sweet sis, Elliott teased hugging her without permission.

I’m not even married yet.

But you are on the process, go ahead Dria, he said sniffing.

Aww, He’s going to miss me

Why will I miss you, I’m happy you are leaving, now I will have mom all to myself.

Alondria smiled at his sily denial.

She pulled him in amd hugged him tighter this time.

Don’t cry little Bro, big sis will be back soon, she said with a chuckle.

Elliot watched her walk in and the driver closed the door.

Take care of my sister,he told the driver with a note of warning in his voice.

Sure,he said with a bow then drove off leaving Elliott who almost burst into tears.

It felt like she was already out of his life.

He walked in on his mom quickly wiping her own tears.

She turned around making him chuckle.

He is not the only one feeling this way.

Like she already took her troubles with her to her new home.



Alondria got down from the car as her eyes scanned the building.

The driver stood waiting to lead her in.

This is beautiful, wow, she continued to exclaim as she took in her surrounding.

As she was busy doing that a car drove into the compound too.

Asher got out and his eyes landed on the beautiful girl looking around with a cute smile on her face.

Why does she look so familiar? he thought still admiring her cute features.

Jared got out too.

His eyes landed on the lady smiling at his fathers house and he recognized her instantly.

How will he forget that lady who ruined his new MayBach.

Asher too recognized her as he turmed to look at Jared but he was no longer with him.

Trouble, he muttered chasing after his friend who was walking towards Alondria.

Alondria heard the sound of footstep coming towards her.

She turned but her eyes met with Asher who was running.

She wondered what’s wrong with him.

Then her eyes landed on the plate number of the car parked at the edge of the garage.

How would she ever forget that plate number.

What is that car doing here?

Before she could put together her thoughts, James grabbed her tightly.

Who are….

She blinded rapidly at the creature before her.

His nose flirted up in anger as his lips curved

His green eyes bored into hers making her feel hot as she shifted uncomfortably.

Then her crime came settling on her brain as she remembered what she did.

What’s going on here Jared? Came Sarah’s voice.

Jared look up at his mother and his blazing eyes softened.

Alondria took that as an opportunity to run off.

She ran to hug Mrs Sarah.

Who is that Psychopath?

What is she doing here mom? They both asked at the same time.

Mom?? Alondria repeated on shock.


Gbas Gbos!!! ?

River the late comer ?

Elliot and Asher ??


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