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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




What’s do you mean Hazel? I asked totally pissed.

It isn’t my fault boss, his mom sent me away, Hazel said as I clenched my fist.


We got to the house and after the dinner, she asked me to leave, that she didn’t want me for her son.

And J.J?

He didn’t say a word, he was calm about it.

That’s because you didnt get him head over heels in love with you, I yelled.

Just one job Hazel and you messed it up.

I’m sorry boss, I could still..

Shut up!!

She clamped her mouth shut.

Get out! I yelled again again and she rolled her eyes before walking off.

She’s lucky she’s my favourite female here, I would have put a bullet on her freaking head.

I paced around the room thinking of which other means to use.

All the means I have tried has always backfired or won’t even work.

Now this one….

Come in, I said to the person on the door and he came in.

What is it?

He was shaking instead of talking.

Speak!! I growled at him

The goods… they…

What happened to the good??

They were taken away.

I drew him by the collar the moment that word left his mouth.


Ple… please… he pleaded but I was way too angry to listen to him as I lifted him still holding his collar tightly.


Who took it away?? I yelled but no response came from him as he kept struggling.

I released him as he began coughing but I had no time to wait for him.

Who took my damn goods??

J.Js me…

I didn’t let him finish as I pointed my gun at him and without second thoughts I shot him twice in the head.

I stormed out of the room immediately with my gun in hand.

Boss you… one of my men was about saying when he saw me leaving and I shot him too.

The rest had to run as I walked out fully.

Even the gate man was shaking like a leave when he was opening the gate.

After opening it, he ran to hide at the back of the gate.

I ignored them and drove off in speed.

If this is no joke then heads will row.


I drove in to the warehouse and saw my men outside.

Some injured were lying on the floor.

Boss, they bowed fearfully.

The warehouse was looking almost empty, my eyes widened.

What the f**k happened here? I yelled

We.. we.. one of them tried saying


We were attacked on our way back, another said

What the hell!!!

Are you all useless?

You couldn’t recover my good?

We tried to… i shot him on the head and he fell lying lifeless as others shook in fear.

I kicked the firat guy lying on the floor on his ribs and he yelped in pain.

I kept kicking all of them over and over again screaming angrily.

You all get up from here and go recover my goods,I don’t care how you do it,I’m giving you 48hrs, I ordered.

Yes boss.

The injured guys on the floor scurried on their feet groaning in pain.

The guy on the right couldn’t get up as he kept struggling ..

Weakling, fucking weakling, I yelled.

He kept struggling as the guy close to him tried to help him and I shot both of them.

Now get out!! I yelled and they all jumped into the cars and drove out of the warehouse.

I smirked watching the dead bodies.

Seeing them lying in the pool of their bloods just made my day.

I walked to my car and got in too.


What are you going to do now? I asked Alondria as we walked back into the hospital.

I don’t know, I’m confused, she replied.

I was walking ahead until we got to the door, I moved to the back.

Whats wrong? Londria asked staring at me like I have gone nuts.

Ofcourse I’m nuts, that woman in there drove me nuts a while ago.

Ladies first, I spoke mindlessly gesturing for her to go in.

What are you? A boy?

I’m a girl, I half yelled.

The nurse passing beside us eyed me and I shut my mouth.

Get in already Londria, i pouted and she shook her head before walking in fearfully too.

Whoever isn’t scared of Mrs Ruby hasn’t met her yet.

We walked into the ward and Mrs Ruby was sleeping buy who is she kidding?


I stood close to the door.

Why are you there Scar, come have a seat,Londria called but I shook my head.

I’m come here Londria, you know how much I like to stand.

Alondria chuckled, since when did you start enjoying standing?

Since today Londria, allow me to enjoy my new hubby.

She chuckled again as she took her moms arms sitting beside her.

I was expecting the lion to open her mouth and devour my friend but she didn’t.

Don’t troll me, I don’t wish my friend bad but it would be better if her mom is the one to devour her daughter right?.

Not me, I tight shaking my head watching them.

I watched Londria raise her moms hand and kissed it.

I stepped back ready to run out in case she isn’t really sleeping like before but no reaction.

I noticed how her chest rose and fell.

She was sleeping for real.


My legs were already aching as I began changing position.

Don’t you think you need to sit? Londria asked again.

Ignore me, I’m fine, I replied.

But your face is saying otherwise, she noticed.

What do you expect from the daughter of a detective, i scoffed.

I watched her say words thay i couldn’t hear to Mrs Ruby.

Even in her sleep she looks scary.

I shifted again leaning on my left leg with my hands crossed.

Scar? She called again.

I’m fine Londria, see, I said smiling cheerfully.

Alright then, she replied amd layed down beside her mom.

I was scared on her behalf as I expected the lion to strike now but nothing.

Is she sleeping for real? i asked but got no response

Her eyes were shut as she still held her moms hands.

I don’t know how long I stood but I began hearing Alondria’s almost inaudible snores.

She slept off???

What am I supposed to do now?

Its already dark outside and I can’t go home.

I was f**king tired that even my legs could no longer carry me.

What kind of punishment is this?

Aren’t you the one punishing yourself? my subconscious mocked.

Have you ever been in support of your, little devil, I replied.

Not being able to take it anymore, I began taking slow steps to the bed beside Mrs Ruby.

Why isn’t this bed on the other side,i thought as I took off my footwear ready to climb.

You finally decided to sleep, I heard Mrs Ruby say as I lost balance and almost fell on my butt.

I looked at her but her eyes were closed.

Didnt I just hear her voice?

Or maybe I’m just hallucinating.

Yes, I’m just hallucinating, I thought aloud and made to lie and layed down still watching her.

No movement came from her so I shut my eyes hoping to sleep off immediately.

You should sleep well clumsy, tomorrow is going to be a big day, I heard that voice again

I threw my eyes open as I came face to face with Mrs Ruby’s eyes staring at me.

OMG!!! I yelled on top of my voice folding my self on the bed in fright and Londria burst out laughing with her mom.

Standing is no longer your hobby? Londria mocked.

I stared at the two of them feeling embarrassed.

Cats got her tongue now, Mrs Ruby teased.


I can’t believe these two pranked me.

Londria was still laughing when Mrs Ruby squeezed her ears.

Ouch mom, she yelled and I burst out laughing.

Shut up, you are lucky you are far from me, she said and I shut my mouth in fear.

She finally left Alondria’s ears as they turned red, including her face.

I couldn’t hold myself any longer as I burst out laughing, Mrs Ruby joined me holding her belly.

Mom!! Londria pouted as she too burst out laughing disturbing the whole hospital.



How many men did Williams kill in just one day?

Scarlet is a whole mood ??

Mrs Ruby is something else.

Me sef don join the laugh ???????????


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.