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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




Mom I’m leaving, I yelled from my room door.

Elliot come let’s go, I called out to my little brother who is 14yrs.

He hung his back pack on his back rushing after me.

Mom was already outside waiting for us.

The moment she saw us she began smiling.

I knew you would put that on today, come honey, she called Elliot who went to meet her.

She ruffled his hair slowly with a satisfactory smile on her face.

Then she lifted her eyes to look at me.

I guessed you would be putting on that dress, she repeated smiling.

I was putting on the pink gown mom bought for me two years ago.

It usually hugs my body so well, putting my hair glass shape on display.

I always put on this gown anyway I wake up really happy.

You know me so well mom, I giggled like a child.

You look beautiful Dria, when are you getting a boyfriend? she questioned with a serious look on her face.

When I become successful mom, I don’t need men now.

Come on, you also need to be happy, she said and I frowned slightly.

Thats enough mom, I’m done with you, I muttered as she smiled.

Bye mom, Elliot said as I dragged him away from her playfully.

You should think about what i said Dria, mum yelled after me..

This woman, I muttered giggling.

You should think about what mom said, Dria, Elliot said with a chuckle

I hit his head playfully and he giggled.

I took his hand as we crossed the road leading to his school.

You know you don’t have to always take me to school, he whined when we got to his gate.

I was about replying him when a car which was passing with full speed splashed water on me because I was the one on the road side.

My God, I screamed jumping out but it was already all over my body.

The car didn’t bother stopping so I picked up a stone and threw it at the car hoping it shatters the glass.

Are you okay? Elliot asked.

I am but I can’t say the same for the car glass, I replied with a smirk.

You should go in now, I said looking at the directions of a girl who was waving at him, then back at him.

What’s with the look Dria, he asked confused.

I narrowed my eyes at the pretty girl who was now smiling shyly and Elliot followed my eyes.

I could see the blush on his cheek which he tried to hide but couldn’t.

Look at that blush, i teased.

Stop it Dria, she’s just my friend, he replied

I can see that all over your face, lover boy.

Go away Dria, you should go change your clothes,he said and ran off.

I smiled watching him run to the girl, then they both walked away.

My smile vanished the moment they were out of sight.

I frowned at my dirty dress then pulled out my phone from my pocket and typed in the cars plate number which I copied.

If whoever owns that car thinks he has escaped then he is joking.

How can he splash water on me and still drive off without a word?

He should thank God I didn’t see his or her crappy face.

He should pray this stain goes off, if not he and his car will pay for ruining my best gown.

Since our house isn’t far from the school, I had to walk back hurriedly to go get a change of clothes before going back to the shop.

The owner of the car will surely pay for ruining my dress and making me go late, I thought with a smirk.

I have been waiting for you SAS, Scarlet my friend said when I got to the shop.

I ignored her a walked straight to the door and began opening it.

Did someone make you angry? She asked sounding really worried, I couldn’t help but smile.

Scarlet and I have been friends from diaper.

We share everything and do everything together.

She knows me in and out and I know her in and out too.

I’m fine Scar but i can’t say the same for that arrogant goat.

Arrogant goat? who are you talking about SAS? she asked dropping her bag on the chair as she picked up a broom.

I told her about how the stupid dude splash water on me and drove off.

As expected she burst out laughing.

Why are you laughing Scar?
Is this funny? I asked with a hiss as I picked up a broom to help her.

Come on don’t get angry, I’m just trying to picture your face you know, that moment when the water touched you and you couldn’t do anything about it, she replied still laughing.

I couldn’t help but laugh too, Scarlet knows me so well.

I was actually boiling in anger but for the sake of Elliot I had to keep mute.

She paused and faced me.

I know you have his plate number stuck in your head like you did with that lousy girl two weeks ago.

Do I look like a joke, i will make your i bash his filthy car anytime i see him.

If its not the most sassy girl in the universe, she jeered as well shared a laugh.

Every since dad died and mom became ill, i had to quit my job as a delivery girl and began managing our family bakery.

Its a small shop but we produce the beat pastries and snacks here that’s why we have lots of customers.

Were you able to buy the flavors yesterday? She asked and I nodded since she was facing me.

I was kneeding the dough while she was beating eggs for cake.

Scarlet couldn’t get a job after we finished school so I thought her how to bake too and she learned pretty well.

We began working together while I pay her at the end of the month

We have been able to maintain a nice friendship despite me being her boss.

Soon we were done with the process as we waited for them to bake while setting up the shop.


What do you mean? I yelled at Joel my driver.

He just came to tell me that the glass of my newly acquired car got shattered.

I just saw it like that sir, he said with a bow.

Get out! I yelled and he walked off.

I was pissed.

Just how?

I drove they car myself this morning, there was no scratch on it, so what the hell happened?

Then it occurred to me.

I remembered mistakenly splashing water on a girl that I didn’t bother looking at.

I mean why will I apologize to her for splashing clean water on her dirty body.

Then I heard a noise…..


She threw something at my car?


Who the hell does she think she is?

To think i drove the car down here without checking where the noise came from.

Thank your stars, thank your stars, I kept repeating with a growl.

She’s is just so lucky I didn’t see her face.

I picked you my phone and dialed my P.As (Kurt) number and he picked immediately.

Get me a whore, now, I spoke into the phone and hung up immediately.

I need to channel my anger to something or someone.

Within few minutes a knock landed in the door.

Come in, I said and Kurt came in with a blonde girl.

She sure looks bitchy.

I watched him walk out before fully taking my eyes to the slut before me.

She was on a crop top which showed the down part of her boobs and a crazy bum short that didnt cover her butt.

And she is blonde.

Just how i like it.

She walked towards me touching her body seductively.

I blew the cigarette I was smoking on her face as she smiled at me.

She was about touching me when I stopped her .

Strip, I commanded and she became taking of her clothes slowly and seductively.

She took off the crop top as she used it to raise her boobs which bounced out.

Then her bum short followed.

Bend over, I instructedand she obeyed.

Placing her hands on the table giving me the perfect view.

I smirked getting up from the seat, my eyes not leaving her boobs.

Without warning I slammed into her aggressively as she let out a loud main.

By the time I’m done with you, those pretty legs of yours won’t be able to carry you home, I whispered to her as I went harder on her ignoring her pleas to take it slowly.

I’m not paying for your pleasure but mine, now scream my name, I said with a growl as her moaning turned to screams of pain which sounded like music to my ears.


Get out, I growled spanking her ass which didn’t seem appealing for me anymore.

Please, I need to take a shower and rest for a while, she begged tiredly.

Get out of my presence you whore, I yelled pointing my gun at her as she quickly picked up her clothes and scurried out of the room with a frightened look on her face.

Slut, I muttered before walking to the bathroom to have a cool refreshing bath.


So Jared was the one that splashed water on Alondria.?

Jared your plate number has been marked, you are in deep trouble ???


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.