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MARRIED TO A SOLDIER … (18+) … Part 16




Jumica’s pov cont
Am such an idiot… Why didn’t I see it coming??
“You just helped my brother kidnap my wife.. “Angelo said angrily
I shook my head
“Here’s a text from Gino, he’s also looking for her “I said showing him my phone
“That’s absurd.. Where should we start looking for her now?! “He asked
I looked down
What a mess..

Gino’s pov
I sent the Text and looked up at Tessy who was wide awake staring at me with so much anger 😠

I smiled and kept the phone
“Let me go u son of a bitch “she growled
“If am a son of a bitch, same applies to Ur sweet Angelo.. ”
She scoffed
“I should have blown up ur brains “she said
“Yea, too bad you didn’t… ”
I signaled the doctor who stood at a corner
He approached Tessy and injected the tonic
She laid back on the bed shaking a bit as her eyeball disappeared
It came back and she moaned softly
I signaled the men in my room to leave and they left
I locked the door and went for Tessy
I unbuckled my belt and went in between her legs
She was so weak, she couldn’t even raise a finger
I smiled

Tessy’s pov
He went inbetween my legs
I panicked but still couldn’t push him off
I was awake, wide awake but felt dead
He Pressed my breast and I freaked out, what’s he about to do
He made me moan and I hated it one bit
Without a warning, he plunged in and began riding on me
Oh God, why can’t I just be unconscious while this is happening…
I began crying but no tears were coming
… So this it
Angelo will never forgive me
My heart sank

Angelo’s pov
I was very pissed off with what was happening
Right now, we are on our way to where the GPS we are using to track Gino’s phone is leading us
Its quite a distance… I miss Tessy and I wonder what s up with her

Gino’s pov
After I was done giving her a rough ride, I didn’t release inside her cause I don’t want a child from her
She was whimpering
😐was I that hard on her??

I called the doctor And she was injected with a tonic to stop the paralytic state

Time for the next stage of the revenge…

I sat her down on a seat and she was tied to the seat
There is this song that spins people’s brains and hurt them alot, up to the point of madness
We wore protective ear plugs and the song was turned on
She screamed like crazy ruffling her hair
It went on for two minutes before it stopped
She was already scared and panting hard
We kept her hand on the table while the doctor set a knife 🔪 on a gas
“My dear Tessy, you are about to experience a whole new dimension of pain and nothing even Angelo can save u ”
She began sobbing
“Haven’t u done enough… Pls… Just let me go “she pleaded
I roughly placed her fingers on the table
She struggled, “the knife is ready”the doctor said
I nodded and gave him a signal to prceed
“We are starting with the finger that she wore her wedding ring on “I smirked
Immediately, the door burst open and we were surrounded by cops 🚓 👮

Angelo’s pov
I couldn’t get a glimpse of Tessy, the nurse cops have already taken her away saying she needed medical attention… What ever that means..
It was already dark but I still headed to the hospital…
I need to see her

🎤🎶pills n potion
Been overdosing
Am angry but I still love you

🎤🎶i still love, I still love
I still love, i still love, I still looove

💔 finally, she came down to meet me at the hospital garden
She wore the patient dress
Was it that serious??
“Tessy.. How are u feeling now? “I asked
She took a long time before answering in a teary voice
“I don’t know how I feel “she mumbled
“The doctor said u wanted to tell me what was wrong with u by urself “I said
She nodded
“Angelo… I want a divorce ” she said as tears found its way down her cheek
“A divorce..? “I couldn’t help but ask
She nodded
“Why, Tessy… Gino’s been arrested and…
“He raped me.! “She yelled as she began crying
“Let’s just end this marriage… “She said standing up
She looked down at me and dropped something in my hand,
Her wedding ring 💍
She ran away crying
I felt pained, but I don’t want to loose her, only if she’ll listen to me
I couldn’t even react, he raped her kept banging in my head
After a while, my phone rang waking the creeps out of me
It was a text
Hope you enjoyed the revenge…
I squashed my phone
A divorce??

🎤🎶i still love, I still love, I still love, I still love, I still looove 💔


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