MARRIED TO A SOLDIER … (18+) … Part 1


👠Prologue 👠

Tessy is married to a young millitary man, Angelo.. After the wedding, Angelo goes to the battle field leaving Tessy for four months without communicating in anyway. Angelo really doesn’t have a heart of love and commitment, in fact ge hates being married {just a burden} but he had no choice cause his salary would be tripled if he was married 💒 so he followed he’s stepmother’s advice and naggings

Tessy is a sex addict, though she’s still virgin, she craves easily and always turned on… But she sometimes ‘masturbates’ shh! {Its our little secret}

but luckily, hard hearted Angelo is back from war and is expecting he’s wife. Tessy not to be a virgin
“I’m still a virgin Angelo.. ” Tessy said not believing her husband thought bad of her

“Good… “He said and Tessy nodded, she was really turned on, she slowly began unbuttoning her shirt

“You’re going to remain a virgin till am ready to break it ” he said

“What?! “Tessy yelled
Oh, poor tessy
Can she bear this

And why is Angelo so cold and always wanna be left alone??

Will Tessy be able to for once turn him on…


Tessy’s pov
Angelo has been in his room for like an hour now since he returned from the airport.

Gosh! He’s so cold and quiet well, unlike before.. Before we got married he was better but now living with him is like so fucking boring and quite like torture

I watched a boring movie till I slept off…

I noticed a hand removing my flip 👡 flops from my feet, I flinched a little and slowly woke up

I sat up to see Angelo standing before me

He held a facial expression.

“Hi “I muttered adjusting my dress

He turned off the TV with a remote and turned to me

“Next time, don’t leave the TV on while u sleep … And don’t sleep on the couch, its gonna leave ugly marks on it” he said with a hoarse voice

” and even worser marks cause you are very slim and have an ugly shape ” he said

I felt offended
Am not that slim… And also what’s he looking for, a fat wife??

I held in the anger cause I don’t want him to deny seeing me tonight…
He’s quite a sadist tho.

“Okay, sorry if I made u mad.. “I apologized but deep inside, I feel like hitting his head with a big spoon 😤

“Don’t disturb me till its morning.. “He said before going upstairs

Till morning?? What about…

I went to my room and had my bath cause it was almost bed time..

Angelo has been in his room for like, a long time

Noo, can’t hold it anymore

I walked to his room and opened it slowly

I saw him standing by the bathroom door with his towel around his waiste

He glared at me and it sent chills down my body

“s… Sorry to barge in without knocking.. “I said with a shaky voice

He was still staring at me
Geez! Am I gonna be the only one to do all the talking???

He walked into the room fully

Come on Tessy, he’s just ur husband right, what’s the worst that could happen??

“I.. I ”

“What do u want? “He asked

“I want us TO MAKE LOVE” I blurted out

He bade he’s eyelashes with i shock Written all over his face

Then he scoffed

“I don’t do second hand fuck.. “He said rudely

“Am still a virgin Angelo” I said not believing my husband thought bad of me..

“Good… You’ll remain that way till am ready to break it ” he said

“What?! ” I yelled

“Fine, I’ll repeat myself , I’ll decide when I feel like it” he said

“But… “I was saying, he lifted me on hes shoulder and I found myself outside his room,

“Till tomorrow “,he said and slammed the door

Oh my… Am so getting a divorce if he can’t give me what has been eating me alive


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