MARRIED TO A MANWHORE (18+) – Episode 1

New story!!


Subtitle:- He married me but loves me not 😈

Genres:- Romance, Action.

Tags:- Mafia, love, s£x, deaths, betrayals, lies!!

Rated:- 🔞🔞🔞 (strictly Adults only)


EVA SAMUEL:- A 20years old University student. She’s got round blue eyes and an oval shape face, she’s got all the curves in the right place.

She promised to keep herself for her future husband only, but unexpectedly she falls in love with a final student.

Falling in love is not a bad thing, but what will she do when she finds out she fell for the wrong person?

Can her little heart bear all the hurt he’ll cause her?

FREDERICK RUSSELL:- A final year student at a university and also the only son of Richard Russell, he’s the heir to THE RUSSELL EMPIRE.

Frederick is a guy with the bad boy vibes, he’s 6ft3, has gray eyes and tan skin, he’s got strong muscles and Abs.

All his life he’s being a player, a heartbreaker, he never settles for one.

He’s forced to get married just to inherit his father’s company and vowed to torture his wife.

But what will he do when he later discovered that he’s in love with the woman he hurt the most?

Will she be able to forgive him?



(He married me
But love me not💔💔)

Written by:- Racheal Dennis 💖✍️✍️✍️

Chapter 1🌟

🤭Love at first sight 🤗


“Earth to Eva!” A bang on the table brought me back to reality.

I looked at my best friend (Aubrey) and pass her a shy smile, I look around, luckily no one is looking our way.

“Did you heard a word of what I just said?” She asked.

I shake my head. She sighed and glared at me, I know why she’s glaring at me.

Aubrey hates to repeat her words, and the surprising part of it is that she loves talking a lot. I mean A LOT!.

“I know you didn’t hear me, how many times will I tell you to stay out of your lala land in daytime?”

I didn’t say anything, I just blink my eyes as she speaks.

“Will you say something?” She asked feeling frustrated.

“Ok, fine. I’m sorry, you were saying?”

She shake her head and take a sip from her milkshake.

“I said professor John asked you to come see him tomorrow morning, before class” she said.

I nod.

“Ok” I replied.

I take a bite from my hamburger and begin to chew.

“Why does he want you to see him? Did you skip his class today?” Aubrey asked me.

“No. I guess he just wants to remind me of his textbook, he’s been bugging me to buy it”

“Hmm” she hummed.

My eyes move to the other side of the restaurant, and I lock gaze with a handsome guy.

Two other guys sits next to him, the two guys are chatting but he’s just sitting quiet, furiously typing on his phone.

I don’t know why….but I find his angry demeanor hot!.

He wore black jacket and black pants, his hair stylishly gel, which makes me wanna reach out and run my fingers through them.

His jaw clenched and eyes coated in anger. He’s got the bad boy vibes, and I find myself loving it.

A finger snap in front of my eyes and I wake up from my wonder Land.

“Eva, why do you keep spacing out on me today?” Aubrey asked, she placed her hands on her hips and an angry scorn on her face.

“I didn’t space out” I defended myself.

She rolled her eyeballs.

“Yeah, right!”

My eyes move to the hot guy again.

This time he’s already drop his phone on the table and he’s looking at our direction.

When his gaze meets mine, he sends me a wink.

I blush. I use my hair to cover up the blush, but Aubrey caught.

“Why are you blushing?” She asked.

“Nothing” I said, but my eyes move again.

Aubrey follow my gaze and see that I’m staring at the hot guy.

She quickly move my face from there, and puts her chair in front of me, blocking my view of the hot guy.

“Don’t tell he is the reason you’re blushing” she said.

I just blush more.

“Eva, you can like any guy but him”

I frown a little.

“Why?” I ask her.

“Because he is bad news” she answered.

“Bad news? How did you know that?”

She sighs.

“Trust me, I know he is bad. He is not the type of guy you’d fall in love with, he’s a heartbreaker” she told me.

I chuckled.

“Aubrey, you’ve only been in this school for what, two weeks and you already know about him?” I asked.

“Yeah, I need to know the right circle of people to get tangled with. So please and please, promise me you’d stay away from that guy”

I roll my eyes.

” Fine. I promise you”

She lifts her pinky finger.

” Pinky swear?”

“What are you? Like five?”

“Do it, Eva” she said.

“Ok, ok. Pinky swear!” I cross my pinky with hers.

Just then her phone starts to ring. She glanced at the screen and stands up abruptly from her chair.

“Shoot! I’m late for work, Peter is so gonna kill me” she said.

I smack my forehead. Aubrey always like to exaggerate things, she’s not late at all, she just wanna put out some drama.

Just listen to this.

“Oh no! How many minutes late, Aubrey?” I asked.

She checks her phone time.

“I only have 35minutes left” she replied.

See what I told you? She exaggerate things.

The walk from this restaurant to her work place is just ten minutes, so get still have 25minutes extra.

I take her hand in mine.

“Don’t worry, sweet Aubrey. You’ll be the first person to enter heaven” I told her.

We both laughed. She picked up her purse from the table, I too did the same.

Then we stand up and head out, though not before placing our bill on the table.

Almost out of the restaurant, I unconsciously looked the hot guy’s way, but he and his friends are no longer there.

I guess they’re gone.

“So, I’ll be going to work from here. You head home and rest, I’ll tell Peter that you can’t come in today, that you’re…..sick?”

“Yes, please” I said.

I don’t feel like going to work today, I’m on my period and I swear to God.

Me seeing my period is worse than a pregnant woman in labor, it hurts like hell.

“Okay, take care of yourself” she said.

“You too” she gives me a brief hug and walked off.

Just when I’m about to board a taxi, I heard the voice I dreaded most.

“Hey, Eva!”

Oh boy!

To be continued.



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