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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 217



Fade Chen looked at the disciples inside and said lightly: “Now, I can ask for it!”

Fade Chen left his hand just now. The injuries of the four disciples were only traumatic injuries. All of them climbed up at the moment, and there was no problem. They played with Fade Chen, so they could feel the huge gap in strength, so they knew Fade Chen was just staying power, otherwise, it would be a breeze to shoot them with an internal injury.

So, at the moment four very respectful attitude toward Fade Chen, half bent over the bow, respectful tone, said: “? Certainly, Mr. Chen please say”

waiting at the door of seeing people seeking drugs, could not help but envy is excited , All eyes fell on Fade Chen.

Some people even shouted with excitement, “Mr. Chen, I am willing to give a million, can you help me fulfill my wish? I hope Ling Yunzong can”

was interrupted by another rich man, “One million, so a little money to pit father! I’m out of five million, Mr. Chen, please help me!”

“Mr. Chen, my wish is to ask for a medicine for my sick mother, please help me , I’m out of six million. ”

” I’m out of ten million, I just want to pay my respects to Ling Yunzong. “The

scene turned into an auction site, and many of these drug seekers who went up the mountain were rich and famous. Faced with this good opportunity at this moment, naturally, he began to smash money without hesitation and wanted to buy Fade Chen’s right to make a wish.

Seeing this, Ling Yunzong’s disciples were dissatisfied, but there was no rule that they could not do this, so they could only watch it silently.

At this time, the bidding of the richest people has become more and more fierce, and the price has opened to a jaw-dropping 40 million.

At this price, the average rich are struggling, and only a few top rich are still bidding.

One of them, a fat man who had offered a quotation from the beginning, gritted his teeth fiercely and said, “50 million, I will give 50 million.”

Immediately, a middle-aged man with glasses bidding with him shook his head and did not continue to quote.

The fat rich suddenly looked at Fade Chen, and then looked at Fade Chen, said: “Mr. Chen, I”

But at this moment, a crisp female voice sounded, “60 million, I give 60 million.”

Everyone was shocked, Shun Looking at the sound in the past, I saw a young and fashionable woman with short hair, followed by an old man in a Tang suit, and came slowly with a smile at the moment. Obviously, they should be drug seekers who have just gone up the mountain.

The fat man who had been photographed just now suddenly killed Cheng Bingjin halfway down the road. He suddenly had a bitter itch and looked at the quotation of the young woman, saying, “65 million, I will make 65 million. Baby girl, do you want to bid with me, but I am the boss of

Hengyuan Real Estate in the provincial capital . ” Hengyuan Real Estate, a real estate company with tens of billions of assets, is also a famous rich man in the provincial capital. At the moment of reporting his identity, he could not help but let everyone look sideways and secretly say, even if he continues to bid, he will certainly not be his opponent.

But at the moment, the woman with short hair heard her disdain and waved her hand: “What Hengyuan Real Estate, I haven’t heard of it.”

“You” the fat boss is angry and his fat face is flushed.

“One billion!” Short hair female but continue to offer direct and sarcastic look at the fat man boss, “I’m out of a million, you have to continue bidding forever?”

Fat man hated boss, his lips trembling, eyes staring The short-haired woman squeezed a few words out of her mouth and said, “I’ll give out 100 million”

. The short-haired woman gently flicked her ears and smiled at the corner of her mouth. “Yes, fat.” , I forgot to tell you. My name is Li Xiaoxiao, from Xiangjiang. ”

” Li Xiaoxiao, Xiangjiang “The fat man and the rich chewed each other’s words, thinking about each other’s identity.

Suddenly, he thought of something, his face shocked to see the woman with short hair, voice trembling, “surnamed Li from Hong Kong. You, you are Chinese richest man, Li of Hong Kong people?”

Short hair female mouth micro Yang, lightly : “You still have a little insight.”

This undoubtedly admitted her identity. Suddenly, all the rich people looked at the short-haired woman in shock and envy.

The Xiangjiang Li family, headed by Li Fuhua, started from scratch and created his own huge business empire. He then dominated the Chinese rich list for more than 20 years. The family industry spreads all over the world and is truly a world-class rich man. Compared with the Li family, the tens of billions of assets of fat and rich people are not enough.

For a time, everyone looked at Li Xiaoxiao’s eyes with a little more awe and fear, and his body retreated involuntarily.

Even Dai Zijun, who was so arrogant just now, bowed his head at the moment, stepped back and forth again and again, and didn’t even dare to take a look at Li Xiaoxiao.

Li Xiaoxiao seemed to enjoy this respectful gaze, with a faint smile in the corner of his mouth, walked confidently in front of Fade Chen, a tone of command, “My wish is to invite Ling Yunzong Zhuo Dongquan Zhuo to Xiangjiang Let’s go to the Li family. You can ask them! ”

After that, Li Xiaoxiao threw out a check and reached in front of Fade Chen, his face confident.

Fade Chen looked up and looked at Li Xiaoxiao. The woman looks good, with a look of seven or eight points, plus the dress and dress are top luxury goods, the effect is also natural, and looks like a seductive goddess.

It’s just that the dominance in her eyes was so high, she looked at everything, as if everything was under her control, Fade Chen felt very unhappy.

People can be arrogant, but not arrogant, especially when it comes to asking for people.

So, instead of picking up the check in Li Xiaoxiao’s hand, Fade Chen said lightly: “I never seem to say that I want to betray my wish. So, I’m sorry.”

Li Xiaoxiao frowned, looked at Fade Chen coldly, frowned and said: “The money is too little? You make a price.”

Fade Chen said coldly: “Miss Li didn’t seem to understand what I meant, I said, I desire, do not sell! ” ”

Do not sell? “Li Xiaoxiao Lengheng soon disdain,” Li Xiaoxiao in my eyes, this world can afford and can not afford to buy only things that have never do not sell things. Say, how much do you want? ”

” Is it? “Fade Chendao said,” Since Miss Li thinks so, then why should I buy my wish. Would you just pay the price to buy your wish from Ling Yunzong? ”

” You “Li Xiaoxiao was blocked and came back, but she couldn’t help but rolled her eyes and was angry.

She did not try to use money to contact Ling Yunzong leader Zhuo Dongquan, but the other party did not buy it. So she came to Ling Yunzong in person, just to find a way for the head of Zhuo to go to the Li family in Xiangjiang to treat her grandfather. The result happened to meet Fade Chen’s drumming assessment successfully and got an opportunity to ask for the request.


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