MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 209



“Son, what’s wrong with you?” Hu Dongsheng puzzled.

Hu Lei on the other end of the phone was anxious and quickly said: “Dad, you must not mess with him. This Fade Chen, you can’t afford it, I can’t afford it. No matter what you do, quickly apologize to Chen Mr. mercy. ” ”

What? “Hu Dongsheng very surprised, totally did not expect his son would say,” son, it was just a feather boy ah. Agilisaurus not you deal with these weapons do? how do you ”

Hu Lei anxious, Quickly said: “Dad, don’t ask so much. Hurry up and apologize, Mr. Chen will do what you want, don’t hesitate.”

“This” Hu Dongsheng still did not turn around, how did his son suddenly change.

But Hu Lei was so anxious that he could not follow the radio wave and hurriedly said: “Dad, Mr. Chen’s identity is still beyond your imagination. Last time, Mr. Chen made a phone call, and our head of Linglong in Beijing personally called. , I was almost fired. Do you understand now, apologize! ”

Hu Dongsheng was completely stupid when he heard this. The proud card of his own, the son of the Linglong troops, is simply not enough for the other party to see.

Suddenly, Hu Dongsheng was trembling with fright, and there was no luck or scruples anymore. He knelt and climbed in front of Fade Chen, kowtowing, asking for mercy. Offended you. I really knew it was wrong. As long as you speak, I will do anything. “On the

phone, Hu Lei also heard the voice of begging for mercy.” Mr. Chen, my father is not intentional. Please, give He had a chance, and our Hu family would only obey Mr. Chen’s orders. ”

The sound of begging from both sides came, and the rich and young ladies around were completely silly at this time, and they couldn’t believe it.

The big man in Hanjiang city they remembered, the head of the Hu family, and Hu Lei, the owner of the house, were kneeling in front of Fade Chen and begging for mercy, so shocked that their brains were still unable to turn around, and they could only be silly. Stunned, looking at all this, dumbfounded.

Fade Chen groaned for a while, then suddenly looked sharply at Hu Dongsheng and said: “Looking at the face of the Linglong organization, I will spare you a life. However, there is no next time.”

“Sure, sure No next time. Thank you Mr. Chen for your life. “Hu Dongsheng quickly kowtowed and thanked.

Hu Lei at the other end of the phone also quickly said: “Thank you Mr. Chen, I am very grateful.” Lei

Chen hummed, a reddish breath on his fingertips, and gently touched Hu Dongsheng’s brow . Suddenly, a hot breath penetrated into Hu Dongsheng.

Hu Dongsheng froze for a moment, then felt a burning pain in his head, his face was extremely painful, and he lay on the ground and cried.

Fade Chen then snapped his fingers, Hu Dongsheng brain pain suddenly returned to normal, then Fade Chen cold opening:. “Just now it is just a little warning, yet is disrespectful things, it is not that warned”

“not , I will not dare in the future. “The pain that almost burned his head made Hu Dongsheng feel terrified at this moment, he couldn’t even feel a bit of revenge, and quickly apologized to Fade Chen.

Fade Chen did not speak, just glanced at the people in the house, and then left the cabin with his hands on his back.

Inside the house, Hu Dongsheng was lying on the ground, daring not to act at all. The other young and rich girls were also scared stiffly one by one, not even dare to breathe.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that the next person came in to remind them that Fade Chen had left, and the group of people stood up trembling from the ground, rubbing their sore legs.

After they returned home, they quickly spread a message in Hanjiang City with a message.

Fade Chen, Chen Maniac, do n’t mess with him, no matter what the reason is, do n’t oppose him, otherwise, there will be only one consequence.

Qian Hao, who learned the news there, paid more respect to Fade Chen. As a result, Huang Wei took over the Guo family’s entertainment business and no longer encountered any resistance in Hanjiang City. There was a green light along the way, and various forces even took the initiative to cooperate.

Even Fade Chen’s other related businesses did not mention it at all. Everyone in Hanjiang City found Bay City and took the initiative to seek cooperation.

The business is developing well, but Huang Wei’s mood at this time has not improved. Because Wei Qingqing, who fell in love with him these days, suddenly offered to break up with him. Huang Wei didn’t want to break up, wanted to ask why, and even rarely wanted to change himself for Wei Qingqing.

But after seeing Fade Chen’s methods and hearing the Hu family’s things, Wei Qingqing was terrified of Fade Chen. How dare he think about it, and finally found an excuse to leave Huang Wei.

Huang Wei, who was hurt, didn’t care about business and went back to Bay City.

Fade Chen had to go back with Huang Wei, but before leaving, the Hu family sent a booklet, which was extremely respectfully handed over to Fade Chen.

Upon questioning, Fade Chen realized that the booklet was found in a secret small box when the Hu family packed up Gu Lingfei’s residence. After looking at it, this booklet is called Lingyun Jue. It is a valuable exercise by Ling Yunzong. It was stolen from Zongmen after Gu Lingfei killed Master and Brother.

If Hu Dongsheng before, as a descendant of the martial arts family, encounter this kind of cherished practice, I am afraid that it will be hidden and practiced in secret.

But this time the situation was different. He did not dare to have the slightest thought. I didn’t even dare to take a look at this exercise, I just wanted to send it out earlier.

Because this is Gu Lingfei’s practice, now Gu Lingfei is killed. Sooner or later, the news will reach Ling Yunzong and those who chased Gu Lingfei. If those people know that the exercises are in their own homes, when the time comes, then the Hus have absolutely no ability to resist, and in the end they can only perish.

The best way to solve this dilemma is to openly return the practice method to Ling Yunzong, let everyone know the news, and completely cut off the relationship between the practice method and yourself.

But Hu Dongsheng didn’t even know where Ling Yunzong was, and he was worried about being intercepted on the road. In addition to Han Fei, a master like Fade Chen, he hadn’t spoken yet. So in the end, Hu Dongsheng decided to hand over the exercises to Fade Chen.

If Fade Chen took a fancy to practice and practiced by himself, then those who belonged to Ling Yunzong and those who chased after him would go to Fade Chen. If Fade Chen is not willing to ask for it, then he can also ask Fade Chen to return the exercises to Ling Yunzong.

After all, sending such important exercises back, Ling Yunzong will definitely be very grateful. This can be regarded as Hu Dongsheng giving this credit to Fade Chen.

Fade Chen turned on the exercises and it was indeed Ling Yunzong’s exercises. But for Fade Chen, who practiced Jiuyang’s burning tactics, it was nothing. Therefore, Fade Chen did not intend to practice by himself, so he returned to Ling Yunzong by the way.


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