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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 208

magic doctor



Gu Lingfei saw this, ignoring the blood at the corner of his mouth, and he laughed, “Boy, you have a good strength. At a young age, you have reached the level of Xuan level, and the talent is really good. But unfortunately, you are still a little bit tender. I’m twenty years old fei being chased, did not have the means to protect themselves point to force me out of this trick with gray snake venom, you are also considered not die injustice. Haha! ”

venom has the distance Fade Chen’s neck Less than two centimeters, such a distance, such a speed, even Fade Chen’s skill seems to be difficult to resist, seeing death is coming.

But at the moment Fade Chen’s face was slightly startled, but he immediately recovered indifferently, without any trace of discoloration. Without any obstruction, the black venom was allowed to hit his neck.

Upon seeing this, Gu Lingfei was overjoyed, shook his teeth, shattered Fade Chen’s gas, and then laughed, “Haha, kid, knowing that there is no way to live, nor resisting. All corpses! ”

Fade Chen twisted his neck at this moment, looking at Gu Lingfei, said lightly:” Really? I don’t want to leave you a whole corpse. ”

” Boy, what do you say! ” With a somber tone, “Lying to the end, you still”

said this, Gu Lingfei suddenly saw Fade Chen’s neck. After the black venom was injected, Fade Chen’s neck skin was still white and smooth, as if not affected at all, and the whole person showed no signs of poisoning.

Suddenly, Gu Lingfei was startled, his eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to drink, “How is this possible? My gray snake venom, it takes only three seconds to function, how can you possibly have nothing? This is impossible.”

” Nothing is impossible! “Fade Chen said lightly, and then flicked his right hand lightly, with a pride of air like a crescent moon, condensed and flying out.

This condensed air is much faster than just now. Before Gu Lingfei reacted, a crescent moon had slipped past Gu Lingfei’s neck. Seems to be easily cut without any obstruction.

Then Gu Lingfei’s face changed, his eyes were round, his face was unbelievable, “How could it be possible that my Gu Lingfei survived for more than twenty years, and how could he die in the hands of a furry kid “I’m not willing” ”

Gu Lingfei’s head was crooked, a blood stain appeared on his neck, and then blood spewed out. Gu Lingfei’s head fell to the ground with a click, and his body slammed with a loud noise.

At the scene, Miss Fu Shao, when she saw such a bloody scene, she screamed out in shock.

Hu Dongsheng was still shocked by Gu Lingfei’s identity and strength. Unexpectedly, within a few minutes of effort, Gu Lingfei died, and was still beheaded by a young man in his early twenties like Fade Chen.

You know, Gu Lingfei is a master of mid-level metaphysics, and has been hiding for more than 20 years, he has already practiced his powerful combat skills. Such a master, eventually died in the hands of Fade Chen.

Hu Dongsheng was shocked. Looking at Fade Chen at this moment, his eyes were full of doubts, puzzles and fears. “What is this man Chen Chen? How could he be so strong?”

The doubts in Hu Dongsheng’s heart have not yet been solved. Opening, Fade Chen carrying his hands and pacing gently, walked in front of Hu Dongsheng, said coldly: “Now, it’s your turn.”

Wen Yan, Hu Dongsheng was shocked in an instant, full of panic, trembling with fear: ” No, don’t kill me. ”

Fade Chen didn’t speak, stretched out his right hand, put his fingers together, and his energy began to pour out.

Hu Dongsheng’s legs suddenly became soft, and he fell to the ground, looking at Fade Chen in horror, shaking his head continuously.

Fade Chen continued to approach, the energy of his fingertips burst out a few inches away, with a strong breath.

Hu Dongsheng’s complexion turned pale, and his face was desperate. Seeing Fade Chen’s fingertips start to wave, Hu Dongsheng’s eyes shrank suddenly, and he suddenly thought of something, hurriedly shouted: “You can’t kill me, no. Otherwise, my son will not let you go.”

“Your son?” Fade Chen looked at Hu Dongsheng with a slight pause.

Hu Dongsheng hurriedly said: “My son Hu Lei is a soldier. He joined a special force. You moved me, and my son will not let you go.”

“Troop?” Fade Chen thought about it, it seemed Thought of something.

During the talk, Hu Dongsheng got out his cell phone and started calling. At the same time, he warned Fade Chen: “Don’t believe it, my son’s army is called Linglong, and they are dedicated to dealing with you, the warriors. If you dare to kill me, , Linglong will not let you go. ”

Hearing this name, Fade Chen suddenly laughed,” Linglong troops, Hu Lei. ”

This is not the time to find yourself in trouble when in Bay City, and finally they were Did the chief give the guy who scolded back?

At this time, Hu Dongsheng called his son’s phone and hurriedly said: “Son, there is a warrior who wants to kill me now. You can talk to him cleanly. Your Linglong troops will not sit idly by.”

Fade Chen seemed to laugh. To Hu Dongsheng, said: “Hu Lei of the Linglong troops, you tell him his name, see if he dare to move me.”

Hu Dongsheng didn’t believe it, and said: “You don’t know the power of the Linglong troops, although your martial arts are powerful Not bad. But the strength of the members of the Linglong army is quite good, and they are still officially organized. If your warriors dare to mess up, Linglong will never let you go. ”

” Really? “Fade Chen said lightly. I don’t care.

At this time, Hu Lei’s voice came from the phone with some anxiety and some anger, “Dad, what the hell is going on? Who wants to kill you, I can’t let him walk around.”

Hu Dongsheng’s face was very lustrous, and said: “A young warrior, he is going to kill me now. I said you are a spirit dragon army, but he didn’t believe it yet, and he didn’t dare to move him by saying his name.”

“What, so arrogant? I want to see who he is?” An angry voice came from the end of the phone.

At the same time, Hu Dongsheng deliberately turned on the hands-free and released his voice to Fade Chen, apparently trying to threaten Fade Chen.

Fade Chen saw this, his mouth slightly raised, and said lightly: “My name is Fade Chen!”

“Fade Chen?” Hearing this name over the phone, he thought for a while, and seemed to be thinking back, “Fade Chen, this name is somewhat familiar”

Hu Dongsheng at the moment exaggeration: “It was a twenty-year-old brat, came from the city of Long an, arrogant quite some time ago, and what ‘Chen crazy’ nickname, he”

Hu Dongsheng this I wanted to disparage Fade Chen, but I did n’t expect that I had n’t finished speaking. The son on the phone suddenly exclaimed: “What, Fade Chen in Bay City, that Fade Chen!”


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