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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 206

magic doctor



Hu Yi opened his eyes, and as soon as he saw the man, the desperate cheeks suddenly showed surprise, and quickly shouted: “Uncle, show uncle! You are here, save me quickly. Chen crazy man killed Hu Yong, but also Kill me. “The

person who came was Hu Dongsheng, the owner of the Hu family, and his personal guard.

Hu Dongsheng in a white robe with a majestic look on his face, looked at Fade Chen, coldly said: “Chen Madman, enough, it’s time to end!”

“Really?” Fade Chen turned to look at the two, mouth corners exposed With a sneer, he shook his head gently, “I don’t think so.” The

voice just fell, and the air in Fade Chen’s hand burst out, and he shot between Hu Yi’s eyebrows. Hu Yi, who had just seen hope from despair, had not dissipated the smile on his face at the moment, and felt the blood staying along the bridge of his nose, the vitality quickly disappeared, and the expression on his face suddenly changed from hope to despair.

Finally, “click”, Hu Yi fell to the ground, no breath.

When Hu Dongsheng saw it, he was furious and waved his long sleeves. He said sharply: “Crazy, you dare to kill my Hu family.”

During the speech, Hu Dongsheng’s wide robe stirred up, his right arm burst out, and the air was blown out There was a crackle in his bombardment.

“Go to death!” Hu Dongsheng’s heavy fists slammed into Fade Chen, the strength of a yellow-level peak completely exploded, vigorously surging, with a strong oppression, swept toward Fade Chen fiercely.

Seeing this, Fade Chen raised his eyebrows and took a random forward shot with his right palm to meet Hu Dongsheng’s heavy punch.

“Boom!” A

fist hit, and a blast came.

The angry Hu Dongsheng changed his face instantly, because he felt a huge force on Fade Chen’s palm and swept along his arm. That force made him completely unbearable, his arms twisted and made a clicking sound, and his bones were shattered by Fade Chen’s palm.

“Ah!” Hu Dongsheng uttered a scream, his body retreated, his face full of pain and shock.

The old Rongchen next to Hu Dongsheng quickly supported Hu Dongsheng, and then looked up to Fade Chen, his clouded eyes with a cold light, “Young man, your power is good.” After a

pause, the old Rongchen cold Dao: “But you shouldn’t take action against the Hu family. Now I will give you a chance to retreat, and I can spare your life.”

“Forgive me?” Fade Chen sneered, “I think this should be our right You said it was true. “The

old man Ryan suddenly shouted,” Crazy, boy, don’t think you have those two times, you are really invincible. The strength of a real martial arts master is far beyond your imagination. ”

” True martial arts master “Fade Chen shook his head and sneered.” These words came out of your mouth, and they looked very ridiculous. ”

” You are looking for death! “The old Ricket angered and snorted heavily. With both hands protruding, he quickly waved and brought out afterimages, grabbing hard at Fade Chen’s throat.

This speed is obviously several times faster than that of Hu Dongsheng. Fade Chen could not help but shudder slightly in the corner of his eyes, and said: “Xuan-level master.”

“Boy, you still have a little eyesight.” The old man laughed with a heavy claw shadow, and rushed, “But now beg for mercy, already “It’s late.”

“Who said I asked for mercy!” Fade Chen snorted coldly, his right hand flicked gently, an air burst into the air, and made a crackling sound, like a knife mark, drawing an arc, Toward the rickets old man cut off the waist.

Seeing Fade Chen’s hand, the old man’s face suddenly changed, and Fade Chen’s claws collapsed into two fists, crossing into his fists, crossing his chest, blocking Fade Chen’s breath.

“Boom, pop!”

Qi Mang and the old Rickets collided fiercely. The old man was repelled for more than ten steps, which stabilized his body. There was a look of surprise on his face, and he looked at Fade Chen, “So you are also a Xuan-level master, no wonder it is so crazy.”

Immediately, the old Ryan’s tone dropped, and he said coldly, “However, even Xuan-level master, In my hands, I have to die. ”

” Is it? “Fade Chen looked indifferent, approaching the old Ricket.

This old man’s strength is indeed good, with the strength of the mid-level metaphysical level, even more powerful than Wanshanhe. But that’s all. For Fade Chen, there is no difference.

The old man did not know that Fade Chen was thin. His eyes looked at Fade Chen coldly. His body began to skyrocket, and his turbid eyes gradually became clear, and Rick’s back gradually stood upright.

The original wide robe swelled up at this moment, and a thick breath burst out of the old man.

The old man who looked like seventy or eighty years old now seemed to be more than twenty years younger.

The whole person exudes a strong momentum, which covers the whole wooden house. The ordinary rich and young ladies are completely overwhelmed at the moment. They are stunned and stared at the magical scene in front of them.

Even Hu Dongsheng was very surprised to see such a great change in the old man. He looked at the tall old man beside him in

wonder and exclaimed, “Brother Zhan, you” the old man gave Hu Dongsheng a glance, his eyes looked very fierce, saying: “Brother Hu, you saved my life and showed gratitude to me. Over the years, who I am with you has done a lot of things. Today, I will fight Hu brother for your final battle, which is also a reward for Hu. Brother, your kind protection for many years. ”

Hu Dongsheng heard the old man’s words and knew that the old man had the intention to leave. He wanted to persuade him, but when the word came to his mouth, he couldn’t say it. Because he knew that it was impossible for a master of this level to follow him as a servant.

So, the last words retained, came to the mouth, and turned into an inquiry, “Brother Zhan, at the last moment, can you tell me your name?” The

old chen’s face sank and his eyes flickered, as if he thought of something distant thing. With a long sigh

, you yelled , “My name is Gu Lingfei.” “Gu Lingfei!” Hu Dongsheng was shocked when he heard the name, and there was an incredible expression on his face. He looked at the old Rongchen in surprise, “Brother Zhan, you really are” Elder Rick

Chen nodded and said

in a deep voice : “I am, Ling Yunzong and Ling Fei.” After being confirmed by the old man, Hu Dongsheng looked shocked and muttered, “Twenty years ago, Ling Yunzong of the change, the ancient division fratricide killing Ling-fei, rebel out of these doors, Lingyun Zong kill a few months, only to leave empty-handed, ancient Ling-fei, missing ”

some young rich little things that do not know martial arts, to see at the moment Hu Dongsheng was obsessed with words, and could not help asking: “What is the ancient Lingfei and Lingyunzong said by the Hu family?”


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