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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 201

magic doctor



The four gunmen are obviously familiar, not the first time such a thing has been done. Wei Qingqing ordered that they pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

Suddenly, four hot bullets attacked Fade Chen from four different directions, with a breath of death.

With a confident and proud expression on his lips, Wei Qingqing looked at Fade Chen, as if he was ready to see the horrified and painful before he died.

But what killed her was that Fade Chen, who faced the bullet, didn’t change her face, and she didn’t have any fear at all. Instead, a light smile appeared, and then gently raised his right hand.

The right hand volleyed a few times beside him, and the scene was silent, and everything seemed to have not happened.

Wei Qingqing looked at the four gunmen in a daze, then looked at Fade Chen again, with a puzzled look on his face. It seemed strange that the gunshots sounded, why Fade Chen was fine. Did all four gunmen miss?

Just when she was doubtful and hesitant, Fade Chen spread her right hand and presented it to Wei Qingqing, saying lightly: “Are you looking for these?”

Wei Qingqing looked around and saw Fade Chen lying with four deformed bullets in his palm . Meng suddenly pupil contraction, his face showing disbelief, incredible shook his head, his mouth muttered: “No, this is not possible, but how is it possible that the bullet, how can your hands.?”

Mouth talking about Wei Qingqing’s eyes shrank suddenly, and then he turned and shouted at the four gunmen: “Quick, shoot quickly, kill him, kill me.” The

four gunmen were also looking shocked and unscathed at the moment. Fade Chen. Hearing Wei Qingqing’s words, he immediately pulled the trigger.

But at the moment, Fade Chen shook his head gently, his eyes faintly swept, he snorted, and his right hand flung out.

All of a sudden, the sound of “sloppy” pierced the air, and four deformed bullets pierced the air to become a deadly weapon, accurately nailed between the four people’s eyebrows.

The four burly killers instantly lost their eyes and lost their breath. They fell to the ground and became a cold body.

Wei Qingqing turned to look at the four killers outside the car. His face was terrified, and he opened the door sideways to escape.

But Fade Chen’s palm lightly grasped, and suddenly an invisible force pulled Wei Qingqing, making her unable to move forward.

“You, what the hell do you want to do to me?” Wei Qingqing asked Fade Chen with a trembling voice in horror.

At this time, she was really scared. Fade Chen grabbed a bullet empty-handed and let go to kill four gunmen, so martial arts strength. She was completely beyond her understanding, and she was terrified.

Fade Chen looked at Wei Qingqing lightly and said in a cold voice: “You want to kill me, what do you think I will do to you?”

After hearing this, Wei Qingqing couldn’t help but tremble with a chill from his heart. The whole person felt terrified. At this moment, she finally realized the truly powerful martial arts strength.

Recalling that Fade Chen just said that she “does not use martial arts”, Wei Qingqing’s heart filled with infinite regret.

In regret, Wei Qingqing pleaded, looking at Fade Chen, saying: “Mr. Chen, I know I was wrong. I should n’t have dealt with you, nor should I seduce Huang Shao, sorry, I ’m wrong Please, please let me go. ”

Fade Chen didn’t speak, but just looked at Wei Qingqing coldly, and said:” Do you think it’s credible? ”

Wei Qingqing nodded, saying. : “I absolutely dare not deceive Mr. Chen. If Mr. Chen is dissatisfied, I am willing to give up my Wei family business to Mr. Chen, begging Mr. Chen to save my life.”

Fade Chen shook his head and said: “The reason is not enough! When you give birth to me From the moment of killing, your death is doomed. ”

Wei Qingqing’s face suffocated, his eyes rolled quickly, and then he suddenly thought of something.

A tear her own coat, revealing a white skin, his mouth issued a temptation voice, soft body towards Fade Chen by the past, “Mr. Chen, I am willing to offer you my all.”

Yuehua Jian, Wei Qingqing climbed up on Fade Chen’s chest with one hand and stroking it scorchingly. The other hand grabbed Fade Chen’s right hand and stroked it deep into his thigh.

At the same time, the delicate body twisted like a snake, with a strong temptation.

This woman, as she really is, is not ordinary. If it is a general man, I am afraid that he would have burned his body long before, and let her down, let her go.

However, Fade Chen is not an ordinary person. Facing Wei Qingqing’s temptation, Fade Chen’s body gave a slight shock, and he burst out with vigour, directly flicking Wei Qingqing’s soft and delicate body.

Then, Fade Chen grabbed Wei Qingqing’s neck and said in a cold voice: “Your tricks are useless to me.” The

palm began to work hard, and Wei Qingqing’s complexion flushed, and began to show symptoms of breathlessness. She desperately squeezed out a smile and begged: “Mr. Chen, I want to give you whatever you want. As long as you keep my life.”

Fade Chen didn’t move and didn’t mean to spare her.

The palm continued to exert force, and Wei Qingqing’s complexion had begun to turn purple.

“Mr. Chen, I, you killed me, Huang Wei, he will be sad. Now, he is completely hooked on me. I” Wei Qingqing said with difficulty.

Mentioning this, Fade Chen frowned slightly. He did not want to let Wei Qingqing go, but worried about Huang Wei. Judging from the situation of these days, Huang Wei was completely fascinated by this guy.

If Wei Qingqing died suddenly, Huang Wei might be grieved. This is troublesome.

Thinking of this, Fade Chen’s palm slightly loosened.

Wei Qingqing felt a little vitality and quickly continued: “Mr. Chen, as long as you let me go. I will do whatever you ask. I will no longer be entangled with Huang Shao, I”

Fade Chen coldly said, “You think So, can you threaten me? ”

” No, Mr. Chen, I didn’t want to threaten you, I just “Wei Qingqing wanted to explain.

But at the moment, Fade Chen, his right hand extended, his fingertips lingered with a reddish aura, and he lightly touched Wei Qingqing’s eyebrows. Suddenly, a burning breath penetrated into Wei Qingqing’s body.

“This is what” Wei Qingqing was curious and frightened.

She didn’t finish a word, and immediately felt a pain in her head, and the pain was getting worse. My own brain seemed to be burned by flames, and it was extremely painful.

Wei Qingqing grasped the hair with both hands, tearing it fiercely, tearing off a lot of hair, and even bringing up some bloody scalp, it seemed that he wanted to break his head and put out the flame inside.

But everything didn’t help. The burning pain that could not be tolerated at all caused Wei Qingqing to make a miserable howl, and the whole person twisted on the seat.

A minute later, Fade Chen’s palm flicked gently, and Wei Qingqing felt the heat in his mind dissipated. The whole person collapsed on the seat in a prostration, his eyes fluttered, even the desire to survive seemed to be gone. At this moment, she felt what life is better than death.


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