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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 2


Fade Chen looked at the direction Xenia Xu pointed and saw a woman in her mid-twenties walking over.

She’s a beautiful woman in a tight work suit, her soft black hair was tied up and a pair of black glasses was resting on her beautiful face. Her face looks slightly stern, but as she was making her way through, her hips swayed, which made her looked sexy.

“A lady that beautiful, no wonder people turned around to look at her.” Fade Chen finally understood everyone’s reaction.

“How is she? Isn’t she beautiful?” Xenia Xu winked at Fade Chen and whispered.

“Yes!” Fade Chen nodded.

Xenia Xu continued with a small sigh, “That’s Manager Lily Wei, the general manager of the human resources department of our company. At the same time, Manager Wei is also the president’s best friend; they are very close with each other in private. Of course, Manager Wei is also a famous beauty in our company, she’s ranked second in the whole company, only ranked below President Lin. I’m curious how many people would want to pursue Manager Wei.”

“Fade Chen, you too?” Xenia Xu suddenly asked Fade Chen.

“Ah!” Fade Chen was still surprised by the relationship between Lily Wei and Quin Lin that he did not manage to come to his senses for a moment. Fade Chen then shook his head and said, “I’m not-”

“Fade Chen, I know the little intentions that you have, just like all other men. There’s no need to pretend.” Xenia Xu winked at Fade Chen and half-jokingly said.

Fade Chen sighed softly and said, “I’m not joking. I’m married, so it’s impossible.”

“Ah, you are married. I did not expect that?” Xenia Xu looked at Fade Chen in surprise.

“It just doesn’t seem like people like me could also get married, right?” Fade Chen smiled,

“No, I didn’t mean that. I just, I just think you are still young.” Xenia Xu said, and then sighed, “I’m curious about your wife. Will I have a chance to get to know her?”

“You already know each other,” Fade Chen said quietly in his heart, but instead, he smiled and replied, “Of course you will!”

Following Lily Weil s departure, the cafeteria gradually resumed its normal state of hustle.

However, soon after, the cafeteria fell into complete silence once again.

“What? Another beautiful woman?” Fade Chen turned his head around and saw somebody who made him frown.

A man in a suit, with his hair slicked back, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, walked in with a hint of arrogance in his steps. This man was none other than the man in the Mercedes-Benz who scolded Fade Chen at the entrance of the company this morning.

“It’s him?” Fade Chen frowned.

“Do you know Secretary Qin?” Xenia Xu looked at Fade Chen.

“Secretary Qin?” The confusion on Fade Chen’s face was visible.

“You don’t know him?” Xenia Xu continued, “He is Donald Qin, our president’s secretary, and he is highly valued by President Lin. Secretary Qin, together with Manager Wei, are regarded as the right-hand men of President Lin, and both of them hold high positions in the company.”

“Moreover, Secretary Qin graduated from a well-known university and is good-looking. Secretary Qin is definitely the prince charming for most of us.” Xenia Xu said with affection, “However, it seems that Secretary Qin is not interested in ordinary women; he is instead devoted to President Lin.”

“He likes Quin Lin!” Hearing this, Fade Chen felt unhappy for no particular reason. The look Fade Chen threw at Donald Qin was filled with dissatisfaction towards that man.

Xenia Xu did not notice the change in Fade Chen’s emotion and continued, “President Lin is young and her future is promising, and she is so beautiful. It is normal for Secretary Qin to fall in love with her. There are also many colleagues in our company who think that they are suitable for each other. They are indeed, a perfect match.”

“I don’t think so.” The words came out of Fade Chen’s mouth unexpectedly.

Right then, Donald Qin happened to pass by Fade Chen. Although they were separated by two rows of seats, Fade Chen was still able to smell a faint fragrance coming from him.

“This smell-” Suddenly, something came across Fade Chen’ s mind. Fade Chen’s face turned cold and he frowned.

“Fade Chen, what’s wrong with you? Are you sick?” Xenia Xu finally noticed Fade Chen’s strange behaviour and asked in concern.

“I’m fine.” Fade Chen shook his head as he put down his bowl and chopsticks before standing up and said, “Xenia, I’m full. I’ll go first.”

Leaving the cafeteria, Fade Chen quickly went inside an elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

At the top floor, as soon as Fade Chen walked out of the elevator, he quickly walked to the president’s office.

At the door, a secretary saw Fade Chen and was stunned by his presence for a moment. Then she stopped him immediately, “What are you doing here?”

“I am here to see President Lin” Fade Chen said to her.

“Do you have an appointment?” The secretary looked at Fade Chen warily.

Fade Chen said, “I am a staff here and I have something urgent to report to President Lin.”

“Staff?” The secretary was even more suspicious after hearing this.

“Yes, my name is Fade Chen. Today is my first day working in the medical department” Fade Chen said hastily.

The secretary flipped through the information of workers that she had and confirmed Fade Chen’s identity, but she still insisted on stopping him, “I’m sorry, it’s break time now. If there’s something you would like to report to President Lin, please do come again in the afternoon.”

“I, I’m in an urgent situation,” Fade Chen said hurriedly.

“I’ m sorry. Without an appointment, you can’t talk to President Lin.” The secretary said firmly.

“I, I..” Fade Chen got really anxious. Without thinking any further, Fade Chen shouted directly at the president’s office, “Dea – President Lin, this is Fade Chen. I have something to tell you, I-”

“You -” There is a change in the secretary’s facial expression. She picked up the phone and was ready to call the security guard.

At the nick of time, a voice is heard from the president’s office, “Let him in.”

The secretary stunned for a moment and put the phone down. At the same time, Fade Chen had already entered the office.

In the office, dressed in a formal business attire, Quin Lin sat behind a huge solid wooden desk and stared at Fade Chen coldly.

“President Lin, I-” Fade Chen started his sentence.

Before finishing his words, Fade Chen was interrupted by Quin Lin’s cold voice, “The things that i’ve just told you in the morning, have you already forgotten about it?”

“No, I have something urgent to tell you.” Fade Chen said in a hurry.

Quin Lin frowned slightly and coldly said, “Go ahead.”

“Here’s the thing.” Fade Chen explained, “I saw Donald Qin when I was eating in the cafeteria just now. I smelled a special fragrance on him and the fragrance is the same as the fragrance that was on you when you were drugged the night before yesterday. So, I suspect that it might have something to do with Donald Qin.”

“That’s it?” Coldness still lacing Quin Lin’s voice.

“Well, yes. That’s it. I just want you to be careful, President Lin. Donald Qin-” Fade Chen reminded.

Once again Fade Chen’s words were interrupted by Quin Lin’s cold voice, “If you are done, you may leave now.”

“This – Fade Chen was stunned for a moment and then hurriedly said, “I’m not lying. The smell is similar. I’m sure that Donald Qin must have something to do with it. I-”

“Enough!” Quin Lin shouted coldly and looked at Fade Chen. Shaking her head, Quin Lin said, “I’m very disappointed in you. It’s only your first day in the company and you’ve already started playing dirty tricks.”

“I….” Fade Chen tried to defend himself.



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