MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 197



The young man shook his head and said, “It’s really unlikely. When I started to hear this news, I also found it ridiculous. It’s just that there is a nose and an eye in Long An, and I believe it.”

“So, you still It’s too young, “the old man said.

The young man thought for a while and then said: “But, even so. We don’t need to provoke such a person, which is not good for our Hu family.” The

old man said: “It’s not that we provoke him, but that they provoke us ”

” This young man is puzzled.

The old man’s eyes narrowed and said: “You think about the latest things, the Guo family is destroyed, the Huang family invaded our Hanjiang entertainment circle, Qian Hao and Chen Maniac took the line, and Wei Jinlong also left Bay city and walked around Soon, you will come to Hanjiang City. What do you think this means? “The

young man shook his body and said,” The Qian family and the Chen crazy man united to prepare to enter the Hanjiang city. “The

old man’s eyes dropped and his voice became He became more serious, “not only to enter the Hanjiang City, I think they want to dominate the Hanjiang City.”

“They have such a big ambition?” The young people were not convinced.

The old man said: “You think about the changes in Bay City over the past few months. Then the Chen Maniac suddenly appeared, suppressing Zhangjia, Zhujia, etc., and then befriending Wei Jinlong, and then the situation changed rapidly and there was a conflict with Wanjia. Finally, we worked together to destroy the Wanjia and monopolize Bay City. Is the situation in Hanjiang City very similar to the situation in Bay City at that time? “The

young man thought a little and then was shocked, saying,” It is indeed Similarly, Chen Maniac suddenly appeared in our Hanjiang city, destroyed Guo’s family for some reason, and then joined Qianhao. Then, like dealing with Wanjia, he had to deal with our Hu’s family. “The

old man nodded and said,” That’s true, so The conflict between us and them will happen sooner or later, only for the length of time. Instead of being passively beaten in the end, it is better to prepare in advance now. ”

“However, if we fight against the two of them, our strength may be at a disadvantage.” The young man was worried.

The old man sneered and said, “My Hu’s family is not Wanjia. This is Hanjiang City and not Bay City. Moreover, we still have two hole cards.”

“Two hole cards? One, I know, is your uncle. Uncle Zhan, but what is the other card? “The young man asked, and then he looked out of the cabin. An old man stood up there, his attitude was very respectful, but the young man did not dare to disrespect him.

Because he knew that this old man was a strong martial artist. Uncle rescued it unintentionally when he was young. The old man has been with Hu’s family in return for his gratitude. Over the years, he has helped Hu’s family a lot.

The warrior’s life is unknown, and he does not want to reveal his origins. So the uncle thought of the personal guard beside the Bao Zhengbao, Zhan Zhao, so after the dynasty Mahan and Zhang Long Zhao Hu, there was such an additional guard.

The old man also saw the door of a Warrior, then young people said: “Lei children would not inherit my possessions, going out to join forces, are now considered to have some achievements.”

Young people looking for a happy, said: “uncle, You mean Brother Lei, his army is not an ordinary one. When we ask him to take action, that is definitely a deadly hole card. After all, Lei Brother is “the

old man waved his hand and interrupted the young man’s words. : “Let Leir help, that’s just the last backup. According to the current situation, it’s enough to show you uncle.”

After that, the old man looked at the old man outside the wooden house and asked with a smile: “That Chen crazy man Fighting Wan Yunfei and slashing Wanshan River, some people say that he has reached the level of Xuan level. Zhan brother, you are a Huang level peak master, what do you think of that Chen crazy man? ”

The old rickshaw outside the house, Wen Yan gently arched his body, his eyes narrowed and half closed, revealing a stunning light, and his voice was hoarse: “Master, although I have left the martial arts world for many years, I also know that the twenty-year-old Xuan class Master. That is probably the level that can be achieved by the young talents carefully trained by the prefecture-level and heaven-level forces. Such a remote town, I do n’t believe that he really has mysterious strength. ”

” Moreover, even if it is true, then he is not Will definitely win. “The old Ricky said.

“Ah, Uncle Zhan, do you still have a card?” Hu Yi, a young man in white robe, asked curiously.

“The bottom card?” The old Rickie laughed, and the whole person stood upright, bursting into a oppressive momentum, and said loudly, “My bottom card is my strength.”

Feel this share sent by the old Rick With horror, Hu Yi and the old man in white robe were shocked together, and then they smiled and laughed.

“Okay, okay. It turns out that Brother Zhan has reached the level of Xuan level, but I’m worried about it.” The old man in white robe smiled and palmed.

Hu Yi looked surprised, and said: “Uncle Zhan has reached the level of Xuan. It’s so good, so good. Now, even if Chen Maniac and Qian Hao unite, it’s not my Hu’s opponent.”

“That It ’s natural for you to show your uncle. Whatever his lunatics and lunatics, let ’s kill one by one, one by one, and our Hu family wins. ”The old man smiled, his face full of confidence.

The old rickshaw outside the house also smiled, and then his body gradually dissipated, and he bent down and raked his body, his eyes narrowed, very plain.

But he said that Fade Chen had a day off, but he didn’t get up until nine o’clock the next day.

After washing, Fade Chen came to Huang Wei’s room and knocked on the door. He was originally prepared to discuss business with him. It turned out that the fat man Huang had not fallen asleep.

Fade Chen shook his head and was about to leave. As a result, Fatty Huang wore shorts and opened the door in sleepy eyes.

Fade Chen glanced at his appearance, glanced inside the room again, and found two white flowers and thighs, and suddenly realized that Huang Fatzi worked hard last night. It is no wonder that he hasn’t slept until now.

“Brother Fei, what’s the matter?” Fatty Huang rubbed his panda eyes.

Fade Chen waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, you have to rest first. We will talk about something later in the afternoon.”

Huang Fatzi is also welcome, and closes the door and goes to rest. As a result, Fade Chen didn’t go far. He heard a woman’s coquettish laughter, and then it turned into a charming groan.

“Huang Fatzi, this guy, just after he came to Hanjiang City, he hooked up with beautiful women.” Fade Chen shook his head and went to the restaurant for dinner.

Qian Hao was also in the restaurant. When he saw Fade Chen coming, he took the initiative to come and talk. Talking about his own preparations, after all, he is now bundled with Fade Chen to deal with the Hu family.

Fade Chen didn’t care much about Qian Hao’s preparations, just let him handle it himself. After all, if there is a real conflict with the Hu family, Fade Chen is enough by himself, and there is no need for Qian Hao’s preparation.


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