MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 196



The old face of the housekeeper was flushed, froze for a moment, and then his face was very gloomy, and his eyes were full of anger.

Although he is only the steward of the Hu family, as Hu Dongsheng’s left-handed and right-handed man, he is not inferior in the status of Hanjiang City. Even a gangster such as Qianhao usually gives him face. But now, he was beaten by a young man, which made him very angry.

Burning in anger, he stared fiercely at Fade Chen, and said coldly: “Do you know what you are doing?”

Fade Chen slapped his backhand on the housekeeper’s face again, his face indifferent, saying, “What am I doing?” “Slap your face! Do you want more?” The

housekeeper was really irritated, shouted loudly, and said to the two of them behind: “Zhang Long Zhao Hu, give me!”

“Shout!” The two thugs dropped their gifts and looked Fiercely rushed towards Fade Chen.

The butler looked terrible and gritted his teeth: “I’m going to see what you have to do to pretend to be a ghost in my Hanjiang city.”

Zhang Long and Zhao Hu, both of whom have good strengths, also have the strength of the later yellow level, and their attack power is not bad. Master before Guo Qidong. But for Fade Chen, there is absolutely no difference. The only way to greet them is to fail.

The two attacked fiercely, Fade Chen reached out his hands and faced the offensive of the two, patting his palm gently.

Suddenly, two “poo poo” sounds, which is not loud, and there is nothing unusual. But Zhang Long and Zhao Hu, who rushed to Fade Chen, immediately changed their looks, looked miserable, and their bodies retreated. They wanted to avoid Fade Chen’s attack.

However, the two’s movements were still slow. Fade Chen patted both hands on their belly. The seemingly soft movements, but with great force, instantly flew the two directly out, blood spewed out of his mouth, and his face was extremely pale.

“Ah, ah” The screams of the two are still echoing in the air, and the people in the house are all shocked.

Many of them just know that Fade Chen is very powerful, and Qian Bo is respectful. However, Fade Chen has never seen his shot. Now, witnessing the status quo, everyone can’t help but be shocked.

One trick, directly hitting Hu Dongsheng’s two close to the body and mind, what a strength, they can no longer imagine.

The butler who smiled just now also showed horror at the moment, then glared at Fade Chen and shouted, “How dare you”

Fade Chen was too lazy to listen, kicked directly on the steward, kicked him out too, Went with two thugs.

Qian Hao immediately ordered his men to throw the three out. Then, the banquet continued.

With Fade Chen’s show, everyone respected Fade Chen even more, and stepped forward to toast to show their loyalty.

After the banquet, the guests gradually dispersed. Qian Hao walked to Fade Chen and whispered: “Mr. Chen, we will face the Hu family this time. I’m afraid the Hu family is over there.”

Fade Chen looked at Qian Hao and said, “You don’t want to fight the Hu family, but The Hu family is not necessarily what you think. Even if we do n’t take the initiative, the Hu family will probably do it. This time, the housekeeper ’s gift is the best proof. ”

Qian Hao was shocked and immediately figured out the matter in his heart. The whole story.

Originally, he and the Hus were fighting in the Hanjiang City Chamber, half of the world. But Fade Chen suddenly joined, and has a good relationship with himself. In addition to the recent arrival of Huangjia Industry, everything is stirring up the situation.

Over the Hu family, naturally there is no lack of ideas. Presumably, Qian Hao has already formed an alliance with Fade Chen and is ready to deal with their Hu family. Therefore, the Hu family had the first move and took the initiative to find fault at the banquet.

One can test the relationship between Fade Chen and Qian Hao; second, it can also be used as an excuse for subsequent conflicts.

Having figured this out, Qian Hao couldn’t help but look harder and said: “Mr. Chen, since the Hu family wants to take the initiative to pick things up. Then we can’t sit still, I immediately ordered my men to start preparing.”

Fade Chen waved his hand and said, “No, This time, it happened to me. I do n’t want to involve ordinary people in beating, killing and killing. ”

” The Hu’s house “Qian Hao worried.

Fade Chendao: “If there is any change in the Hu family, I will personally resolve them.”

Upon hearing this, Qian Hao couldn’t help but feel a shock and a sense of chill and pride. The things that Wei Jinlong and himself said about Fade Chen appeared in his mind, and there was a little more respect for Fade Chen in his heart.

“Don’t worry too much, rest!” Fade Chen said to Qian Hao, then turned back to his room to rest.

At the time of the feast of Fade Chen and Qian Hao, in the independent courtyard built on the outskirts of Hujia, next to the Wangtan water, there was a simple and elegant log cabin. Next to the log cabin, behind a vintage carved wooden window, there was a Zhang Weiqi table, on both sides of the table, sat two men, one old and one young.

Both of them wore white robes, with a faint smile on their faces, playing tea while gently tasting tea.

The young man held the black, considered for a few seconds, put down the pieces on the chessboard, and at the same time said: “Uncle, Liu Guanjia and Zhang Long Zhao Hu were beaten back by Qian Hao, then Qian Hao really want to fight our Hu family? ”

The old man of about 50 or 60 years old showed a faint smile in his mouth. Without hesitation, he spotted a spot and dropped Bai Zi, and said at the same time:” Although Qian Hao’s name carries a bold word, he has long disappeared. The courage, the thing about the war, was not what he wanted. ”

” Then he really surrendered to the kid, and even hesitated to fight for him and our Hu family. “The young man puzzled.

The old man said: “You still think too little, that kid is not an ordinary person!”

“Who is that? Is there any special origin?” Said the young man.

The old man said: “He is from Bay City and has a good relationship with the Huang family of the Bay entertainment circle. Qian Hao has a good relationship with Wei Jinlong and his surname is Chen. Who do you think he is?” The

young man frowned and thought immediately. His body shuddered, his face full of surprise, and said: “Aren’t he the Chen lunatic who is famous for Bay?” The

old man nodded and said, “It should be right! It’s him.” The

young man heard the words and suddenly looked some anxious, he said: “uncle, Chen since he was a madman, then why should we go against Chen and his maniac is not a good deal, I hear, he will kill all ten thousand Father, I am afraid.”

the old man shake Shaking his head, said: “Yi’er, you are still too frizzy. Some things, don’t just listen to the rumors, think more.” The

young man paused, looked at the old man, and said: “Uncle, you mean, that Chen crazy man , The name is not true, just made by Long An over there? ”

” Fiction is not enough . But bragging, exaggeration and other means are inevitable. After all, the legend of the ages has reached the level of Xuan, but it was killed by a young man , Do you think this is possible? ” The old man said.


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