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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 194



After a while of rectification, Huang Fatzi quickly took over the Guo family’s property in Hanjiang City, and reopened directly in less than a week.

In order to gain popularity, Huang Fatzi naturally operated a lot. Through the boss of the money, he invited all the powerful and wealthy class in Hanjiang City to cut the ribbon for the opening of Huang Fatzi’s company.

After the lively ribbon-cutting ceremony, it was a feast for the crowd.

The banquet was full of high friends. The rich and powerful class of Hanjiang City came to around 70%, giving Huang Fatzi a full face. Of course, most of the face is still directed at Qian Hao. After all, they are one of the two big brothers in Hanjiang City.

At the beginning of the banquet, Huang Fatzi simply toasted with a polite set, and then it was the turn of all parties to toast congratulations.

The guests walked over with smiles on their faces, first of all congratulated toasting Huang Fatty. After clinking glasses, they came to the side of Huang Fatty, where Qian Hao and Fade Chen were sitting.

Then, the guests walked towards the two with more respect, and took the initiative to explain their identity, and then toasted and congratulated them very respectfully.

During this time, everyone knows about the boss Qian and the distinguished guest Mr. Chen, so naturally he will not let this opportunity to be pleased.

A round of toasting was going on, and halfway through, there was an episode. Tan Yuqin and his father came to toast to Fade Chen. Tan Yuqin knelt down with a click, admitted to Fade Chen’s head directly, and wanted Fade Chen to forgive himself.

Originally, Fade Chendu had left Tan Yuqin behind. As a result, the other party came this way, Fade Chen’s disgust towards her was even heavier, because this woman is too snobbish.

Therefore, Fade Chen did not drink her toasted wine, just waved her hand and let her go.

As a result, Tan Yuqin and his father suddenly looked pale. Almost bloodless left the banquet.

Because although it was just such a small action, with Mr. Chen’s status, his attitude almost represented Qian Hao’s attitude. In this way, it is almost impossible for other forces to cooperate with the Tan family.

After the episode, the toast is still going round and round. Rao is a fat man with a good amount of wine. At the moment, he is also flushed with red, and some are drunk. Finally, he had to be helped to rest.

Qian Hao and Fade Chen were as stable as Taishan, no problem at all. In particular, Fade Chen, after drinking dozens of glasses of wine, didn’t blush, and almost didn’t change.

In this situation, Qian Hao was shocked and admired the strength of Chen Maniac.

Finally, after the toast was over, Qian Hao stood up and raised his toast: “You are here, I will let you witness this today.”

Everyone was curious and didn’t understand what Qian Hao was going to do.

Then, they saw Qian Hao holding a wine glass, turned around, and turned to Fade Chen, then bowed salute respectfully, and finally raised a glass with both hands,

saying, “Qian Hao, respect Mr. Chen for a drink.” , Drink all the liquor.

Upon seeing this, everyone was stunned for a moment, looking at this scene in shock, with an incredible expression on his face.

Although they had heard about Qian Hao sitting on Fade Chen during this time, they knew that Qian Hao valued Fade Chen very much. But they still did not expect that Qian Hao should be so respectful to Fade Chen, and toast Fade Chen personally in the presence of the rich and powerful in the Hanjiang city.

This is almost equivalent to announcing to everyone that his Qianhao surrendered to Fade Chen and respected Fade Chen.

For a time, during this period of time, some quiet speculations about Fade Chen’s identity surged again. The discussion buzzed.

Some clever people, however, took the lead in regaining their consciousness. They immediately learned something, poured wine and raised glasses, bowed to Fade Chen and toasted.

Someone took the lead and the rest took action immediately. For a time, another round of toasting began. Fade Chen also refused to come. They all drank, but there was nothing strange about his body. The whole person was very calm.

Just as the round of toasting was about to end, suddenly a middle-aged man in his forties or forties walked out of the crowd.

The man in a suit and leather shoes, followed by two people, came forward with a smile.

When everyone saw the man, he couldn’t help but change his face and looked at the man.

“How did he come?”

“The Hu family actually sent someone to come, what’s going on?”

“It’s all right to send someone, but why is it so late to come now? The banquet is over?”

“This is obviously Don’t give

Qian Bo the face! ” Qian Hao’s face also sank in the crowd’s argument. Seeing Fade Chen showing a puzzled look next to him, Qian Hao immediately explained to Fade Chen: “The following man is the housekeeper of Hu Dongsheng, the owner of the Hu family. We have never dealt with the Qian family and the Hu family. In the past few years, there has been little contact. Now. Now, he has sent someone. ”

Fade Chen nodded and understood. The grievances of the Qian family and the Hu family are similar to the grievances of Bay Longteng Group and Wanjia. The two big brothers on a site, all kinds of friction and conflict, of course, can not be avoided.

Only before, the two sides have no contact. But at this time, he suddenly sent people to come, such behavior, had to make people wonder.

The housekeeper walked in front of Qian Hao, arched his hands, and said, “I have seen Mr. Qian. The master learned that Mr. Qian’s friend’s company opened, and specially sent me to congratulate Mr. Qian. It was just a traffic jam on the road, but it was too late. Please forgive me, Mr. Qian. ”

This excuse is simply too bad to rotten. With the status of the Hu family, it’s impossible to trap them in traffic jams. So this lateness is clearly intentional.

Qian Hao of course aware of this, looking sank, said: “.. Since the late, then do not come ho me money, not lack this gift,”

the housekeeper heard this, looking the same, waved, let behind The two came up with two gifts, one big and one small.

Immediately, the housekeeper smiled and said to Qian Hao: “The master has ordered, the gift must be delivered.”

“Then leave the gift, and then go!” The other party deliberately humiliated late, of course, Qian Hao will not be polite, rush people directly Too.

But Butler did not move, but the money Hao Fade Chen looked around, smiled and said:. “This, sir, that Mr. Qian Chen guests there is a presence, so prepared two gifts”

pointed behind a small two you go, then continued the housekeeper laughed: “.. originally, the orders are to master nature is the great gift given to Mr. Qian, a small gift for Chen”

“but just now, I think the money to Mr. Chen Mr. toast. For a time, there is no way to distinguish between the two people. So, which one is this gift, but ca n’t decide? Also ask Mr. Qian and Mr. Chen to express. “The butler arched his hands and laughed Look at Qian Hao and Fade Chen.

The scene was silent, and all eyes focused on Qian Hao and Fade Chen.


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