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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 193



Qian Hao quickly followed, and then ordered people to settle Fade Chen and his party.

At this time, the reception in the villa also came to an end with Fade Chen’s departure. This really unexpected party ended with an unexpected result.

Guojia, the big man in the Hanjiang city, was forced by a boy from outside to be forced to resign, even handing over the basic industry of the Guo family.

And Fade Chen, such an inexplicable little person, how suddenly so powerful, not only good skills, but also the support of the boss of the money, which makes everyone really unexpected.

The crowd left with a puzzled face and shock.

Xu Mingcheng looked pale, and his face was full of fear and worry. He had spoken badly to Fade Chen before, angering them. If the other party retaliated, he was absolutely finished.

After all, even the Guo family is over, and what the Xu family has done.

As for Tan Yuqin, he walked out of the villa unkemptly, with various emotions written on his face and his expression constantly changing. She was puzzled and surprised. Among the three of Su Momo, the most obscure Fade Chen contained such a great energy.

She was horrified and scared again, worrying that Fade Chen would revenge on her after thinking of what happened before.

In the end, she felt regretful. If you were not in a hurry to frustrate Xu Mingcheng and Guo Hang, and Fade Chen and they had a good relationship, they could now embrace a thigh!

Everyone had different emotions, and Guo Qidong was the worst in the mood at the moment.

He was sitting in the car with a pale face, and he was reluctant to leave. He didn’t want to just let his family’s family struggle for many years, but he was worried about Qian Hao’s pressure and his strange skills.

Really listen to the kid’s words and hand over my Guo family’s property? Or gather the strength of our Guo family to fight with that kid? Hanjiang City is the site of my Guo family. We are the landlords. No matter how powerful the kid is, he is also a strong dragon who does not suppress the head snake. Our Guo family is not without opportunities.

Guo Qidong’s heart is very entangled. Between the two options, he gradually began to deviate from the latter.

After biting his teeth fiercely, Guo Qidong suddenly made up his mind to prepare for a fight. After all, a person like him would never be willing to give up his foundation for many years.

Thinking of this, Guo Qidong showed a touch of light and nodded to the driver: “Drive!”

But at the moment the car started, Qian Hao appeared in front of the car and Guo Qidong quickly stopped. Then get off the bus and walk to Qian Hao respectfully, “Mr. Qian!”

Qian Hao looked at Guo Qidong, who was barely squeezing out his smile, and his face sank, saying: “Guo Qidong, I warn you, don’t think about playing What trick, you better do what Mr. Chen said. ”

” Uh, boss Qian ordered, I naturally dare not. “Guo Qidong said, but his heart was tickled.

Qian Hao glanced at Guo Qidong and sneered, saying: “Don’t think I can’t see your mind, I know, you are not convinced, you are not willing, you don’t want to give Guo

family property to others .” Guo Qidong did not speak, but But his teeth bit on his lips and a blood stain appeared.

When Qian Hao saw this, he snorted heavily and said, “I know you have a chance, but I tell you. Abandoning these, your Guo family can still live steadily. If you want to play some tricks, it anger The words of Mr. Chen, your Guo family, will surely perish! “In the

end, the word” annihilation “was bitten heavily, and the tone shocked Guo Qidong. With a puzzled and unbelieving look in his eyes, he looked at Qian Hao, hesitated for a long time, and finally said, “Boss Qian, you can’t help but say that Fade Chen is too powerful!”

“Too powerful?” Qian Hao snorted and shook his head. “Mr. Chen’s real strength, you haven’t seen it yet.”

Guo Qidong frowned, his face even more puzzled, and said: “Then Fade Chen is even more powerful, just It ’s just a warrior. I only want to spend money, I do n’t believe in inviting powerful people. Besides, modern society is not only a cold weapon. ”When

saying this, Guo Qidong said with a strong murderous intent.

Qian Hao heard the words, his face condensed, and said: “Fortunately, you said this to me, otherwise, you are already dead.”

“Qian Boss, you” Guo Qidong is puzzled. One of Qian Hao would be so afraid of Fade Chen.

Qian Hao’s mouth showed a weird smile, and said to Guo Qidong: “Do you think that if Mr. Chen only has the energy you said. Why do I think Qian Hao is so respectful to him? Do you think that I am not as good as you?”

Guo Qidong quickly shook his head and said: “of course not, just”

money Hao sighed, and said:. “in exchange for your sake I have known for years, I tell you the truth, you decide to do it yourself”

! “the

Qian Hao lowered his voice and said to Guo Qidong: “That Mr. Chen is the ‘Chen Maniac.’

” “Chen Maniac? This, is that the one?” Guo Qidong was surprised for a while, then he came back to God and his face changed greatly. , With a shocked expression on his face, an unbelievable expression on his face, “This, is this impossible? Chen Madman has destroyed the Wanjia people, how could he be so young?”

Qian Hao said in a deep voice: “Long An’s guard Jinlong knows? ”

Guo Qidong nodded.

“He called me personally and said that he would only look forward to Mr. Chen Ma. You will realize this yourself.” Qian Haodao immediately turned and left.

Guo Qidong was completely stunned in the distance, his body was extremely stiff, and the expression on his entire face froze.

I don’t know how long it took him to recover, and he sighed, “I didn’t expect it to be this identity, no wonder.”

Finally, Guo Qidong looked down at his face, took out his mobile phone, and dialed out, “Ready to move ”

After an overnight, this unexpected reception quickly spread to the wealthy and wealthy class of Hanjiang City.

The details of the reception became strange in the rumors, but there were two huge news items that had not changed.

One is that Guo Jia, one of the giants of Hanjiang City, completely gave up Guo’s entertainment industry and withdrew from Hanjiang City.

The second is that Qian Hao, the boss of Qian Qian, welcomed a sitting guest with a very respectful attitude.

With the full withdrawal of the Guo family, Huang Fatzi will naturally not let this opportunity go, immediately contact his father, mobilize Huang’s entertainment industry in Bay city, and enter the Hanjiang city in an all-round way.

In the next few days, Qian Hao respectfully took Fade Chen and his party to play the Hanjiang City. Su Momo and Zhang Qiuyue’s two daughters have finally enjoyed themselves.

After having fun, the second woman’s house also called, so the second woman did not stay in Hanjiang City, went back to Bay City together, and then went home separately.

It was Fade Chen and Huang Wei who had to deal with some commercial matters, but they continued to stay.


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