MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 189



Just as the three men were about to leave, there was a rapid brake sound outside the villa, and then there was a clutter of footsteps.

The crowd followed the voice and looked towards the door.

The posture in front of them caused them to take a breath of breath and stepped back instinctively.

I saw a group of bodyguards dressed in black sunglasses and walked into the villa imposingly. They pushed away the people who were in front of you and then divided them into two rows.

Immediately, Da Da’s footsteps came from two rows of black bodyguards. The steps are very steady, and each step is like a measured one. The distance and speed are almost the same, and I walk towards the villa.

As the footsteps approached, everyone could finally see the figure of the coming person.

It was a middle-aged man in his fifties, a man in a custom-made wine-red suit, with a pair of sunglasses on his face, his hair was very well-groomed, and his body was slightly fat, but he brought a condescending Oppressive momentum.

Seeing this person, don’t squeeze the spectators around, you can’t help but make a cry of exclamation, a shocked expression on her face.

“Here, this is Guo Qidong, the boss of Guo!”

“Guo Shao’s father is here, and the kid is done.”

“Guo Shao is one of the big brothers in Hanjiang City. He came to this party in person.”

Everyone’s argument came into Fade Chen’s ears. Needless to say, Fade Chen can also guess. Among the guests, Guo Hang ’s friends contacted the Guo family and called Guo Qidong, Guo Hang ’s father.

Entering the villa, Guo Qidong glanced around. The people who were caught by his gaze were all holding their breath, not daring to say another word.

Subsequently, Guo Qidong’s eyes fell on the inferior Guo Hang, frowning suddenly.

Waving his hand, the bodyguard and doctor behind Guo Qidong rushed up, carried Guo Hang on the stretcher, and ran out quickly.

When passing by Guo Qidong, Guo Hang looked at Fade Chen and said with resentment: “Dad, they beat me. You must avenge me!”

Guo Qidong nodded to his son and said in a deep voice: “Relax, dare to move my Guo’s family, I must ask him to pay the price.”

Guo Hang was sent out, Guo Qidong looked down, looked at Fade Chen three people, said coldly: “It is my son you hit. ”

Fade Chen said lightly:” He should fight! ”

” Bold! “Guo Qidong snorted, his eyes sinking, and gritted his teeth,” My Guo family, it’s no time for outsiders to take the lead. ”

Fade Chen looked cold. Dao: “I Fade Chen started to teach others, and I don’t need others to

talk about things .” “You” Guo Qidong didn’t expect Fade Chen to be so daring and so arrogant in the face of himself. Staring at Fade Chen, “Boy, you are very proud!”

Fade Chen said lightly: “So what? Does it have anything to do with you?”

“Good, very good!” Guo Qidong smiled angrily, but his eyes grew more and more. Gloomy.

Immediately, his eyes a turn, looked on the surrounding crowd, broke and said:. “Ladies and gentlemen, this kid beat up my child Hang Guo Guo Qidong today I want to take lessons from some bad guys so, what advice do you have?”

These words It was a threat and a warning, Guo Qidong said what was ahead. The reason is not to let these people go out to gossip, call the police and the like. Although he was not afraid of these, Guo Qidong did not want to cause more trouble.

There was no voice at the scene, Guo Qidong nodded with satisfaction, said: “Okay, you give me Guo Qidong’s face very well. Then I will also give you a face, and the child will recover in the future.

After speaking, many guests showed excited expressions and seemed very excited. After all, this is a good opportunity to get into the Guo family.

For a time, everyone present and reached a silent agreement with Guo Qidong. They will not disclose what happened today, and Guo Qidong will also give them benefits.

Immediately, Guo Qidong’s eyes fell and fell on Fade Chen, saying: “Villain, I want to get justice for my son. Do you still have anything to say now?”

Fade Chen sneered, saying , “Revenge, revenge, So much to

say . Even if the arch is set up, the bitch is still a bitch. ” ” You “Guo Qidong was furious, staring fiercely at Fade Chen, his eyes gloomy almost to kill.

At this time, Tan Yuqin was afraid that the world would not be messed up, and yelled at Fade Chen: “Fade Chen, you nonsense, don’t quickly apologize to boss Guo.”

Xu Mingcheng also looked gloomy and added vinegar to the side. Boss, this kid is from Long’an City. He is very arrogant and doesn’t take our Hanjiang City people’s eyes at all. ”

” Look to death! “Guo Qidong squeezed out some words from his teeth and waved. Shouted, “Go!”

Suddenly, twenty or thirty black bodyguards gathered around, all of them were imposing and well-trained. After a few seconds of effort, Fade Chen and the three people were surrounded by water, which was obviously an experienced master.

“Fight, beat me fiercely!” Guo Qidong shouted angrily.

But at this moment, a shout came and said, “Stop!”

Everyone looked at it, and saw a young fat man, sweating and running over, panting, showing a big anxious face. Shouted, “Stop, boss Guo please stop.” Guo

Qidong raised his eyebrows and looked at the young fat man.

The fat man ran in, glanced at Fade Chen, and called “Fei Ge”. Fade Chen was a little surprised, because the coming person turned out to be Huang Fat, Huang Wei.

Huang Wei took a few breaths, then looked at Guo Qidong and said, “Boss Guo, please ask Boss Guo to give my father Huang Zhifei a face, don’t do it.”

“Huang Zhifei! Are you Huang Wei’s son Huang Wei?” Guo Qidong looked Xiang Huangwei’s eyes sank slightly.

The guests around them heard the name and immediately discussed it.

“Huang Zhifei, that is not the boss of the entertainment industry in Long’an City, and the status of boss Guo in Hanjiang City is similar.”

“What do you know, it looks similar. But there are still different, then Huang Zhifei has been following their Longan’s uncle It ’s almost Uncle Long ’s younger brother. But our boss Guo, although pressing the boss of the money and the Hu family, is also a big brother, not that Huang Zhifei can match. ”

“ I do n’t think so. If it was before, maybe Huang Zhifei It ’s not as good as boss Guo. However, there has been a drastic change in Long’an City recently, and there has been a Chen maniac who has conquered the entire Long’an City. Uncle Long has unified Long’an City, and Huang Zhifei has naturally followed the water to rise, and his status has improved a lot. ”

” What are you talking about, growing others’ ambitions to extinguish your prestige, which side are you standing on? ”

” I just analyze the situation, what are you so excited about doing. When is it all the time, still standing on the other side of the line, naive “”


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