MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 188



Everyone talked about it and couldn’t believe the situation in front of them.

But Guo Hang at the moment, but his face was pale, his forehead cold and sweating. Because he was directly opposite Fade Chen and clearly saw the scene at that time. The master who was invited by his own money was really smashed by Fade Chen’s weak fist, and then the whole person flew out.

“Hey, how is this possible? How could he be so powerful?” Guo Hang looked at Fade Chen with a bloodless face, his body trembling slightly in fear.

Fade Chen stepped forward, walked in front of Guo Hang, kicked the master off the ground, then looked at Guo Hang, and said coldly: “I remember, I warned you last time. It seems that last time Lessons do n’t seem to be enough for you to remember! ”

Guo Hang shuddered, took a few steps back, and quickly waved his hand, saying:“ No, I ”said the

words, and he felt that his throat was dry for a while, but he could n’t speak. coming.

“Don’t explain it, it seems that I can only give you a lesson.” Fade Chen looked cold and shook his hand with a slap.

A loud and crisp sound rang in the villa, and Guo Hang’s face suddenly became red and swollen. And all the people around are stupid.

But Guo Hang at the moment, dare not have the slightest resistance. After all, in the face of a master like Fade Chen, he has nothing to do with a young boy who has no help.

Guo Hang slaps fiercely, and Fade Chen closes his hands.

Guo Hang let out a sigh of relief, secretly relaxed a little, and secretly said that he was lucky. Fortunately, with only a few slaps, he could bear it, and it seemed to be lighter than last time.

But when he was lucky, Fade Chen turned around and waved to Su Momo and Zhang Qiuyue, saying: “Momo, Qiuyue, if you want to teach others, come and do it!”

Su Momo suddenly jumped up with excitement. Without hesitation, he rushed over and shouted, “Okay, okay, I want to hit him, hit hard. It made him smell bad.”

Zhang Qiuyue was a little bit bad. Hesitated, but when she thought of these things, she was kind and angry, and came over with a sullen face.

“Although let’s do it, if he dares to fight back or dodge, then I will personally get on.” Fade Chen looked at Guo Hang and said coldly.

Guo Hang shuddered, and he dared not move at all, for fear that Fade Chen would do it himself, then he would suffer.

Seeing that Su Momo and Zhang Qiuyue stepped forward, it was time to start.

Xu Mingcheng frowned at the moment and seemed to want to stop.

When Tan Yuqin saw Xu Mingcheng’s movements, he immediately said, “Momo, hurry up. That’s Guo Shao, you.”

As a result, she just shouted, Fade Chen cold turned around, with a fierce killing in her eyes. , Slapped it, and fanned fiercely on Tan Yuqin’s face, said coldly: “Shut up, otherwise I don’t mind giving you a few

slaps .” Tan Yuqin clutched her red and swollen cheeks and shrank, trembling. I dare not take any further action.

Beside, Xu Mingcheng couldn’t help but frowned, and said, “Shoot a girl, this is not true”

“Slap!” With a crisp sound, Fade Chen slapped Xu Mingcheng with a slap, coldly, “I let you Did you speak? ”

Xu Mingcheng suddenly flushed his cheeks red, instinctively wanting to be angry.

But Fade Chen gave him a cold glance and said, “Do you really want to do it?”

Upon hearing this, Xu Mingcheng suddenly felt like a deflated ball. The whole person softened and lowered his head. There was the slightest revenge in my heart. After all, the other party even dare to play Guo Shao, he Xu Mingcheng, and what he counted.

After teaching the two of them, Fade Chen turned around and turned his head. As far as he could see, everyone bowed down and did not dare to stare at him.

Looking back at the second girl, Guo Hang looked at the two girls who were discussing how to beat her in front of her, and she couldn’t tell the taste. Usually only one bullies a woman, how can you think that you are now bullied by two women.

However, at this time, he also secretly rejoiced that the two girls shot, better than Fade Chen’s shot. With such a thought, Guo Hang felt a little lucky.

At this time, the second woman seemed to have negotiated, and Zhang Qiuyue shot first.

Slap in the face of Guo Hang with a slap. Although it hurts a bit, the strength is not too great, much better than Fade Chen just now.

Guo Hang was secretly rejoicing in his heart.

As a result, Su Momo taught Zhang Qiuyue seriously: “Qiuyue, you can’t do that, you can’t work hard, and you don’t have any pain at all. Look at me.”

After that, Su Momo was not polite and snapped. , Pumped fiercely in Guo Hang’s face.

Suddenly, Guo Hang felt a burning pain on his face. Although he didn’t have Fade Chen’s weight, it was extremely painful, and even his cheeks were beaten and bloody.

Everyone saw it and couldn’t help but take a breath. They secretly said that the girl was so fierce that she slammed Guo Hang’s cheeks with blood.

Zhang Qiuyue also looked at Su Momo for a while, and said, “Mo Mo, how are you?”

Su Momo looked smug, spreading his palms to reveal a metal accessory, and said, “I held this in my hand. ”

Everyone looked at the sharp metal pendant in Su Momo’s hands, and they all changed color suddenly. They stepped back instinctively, and their expressions on their faces were a little more fearful.

Even Fade Chen did not expect Momo to have such a moment.

“Qiuyue, this little toy is good. Yes, you show the sharp corner, hold it like this, hit it like this. Come and watch me teach you”

Guo Hang felt cold at the moment when she looked at the two girls who asked each other for skills. The fear in my heart was even worse than when Fade Chen taught himself just now, and the whole person trembles continually, “No, don’t, I, I’m wrong” The

two women ignored it, slap, slap one by one Slap in the past. A few minutes later, Guo Hang’s face was dripping with blood, not only red and swollen like a pig’s head, but the whole person was a broken face.

What frightened Guo Hang more was that after Su Momo slapped for more than ten minutes, he seemed to feel that this method was a bit boring. I began to think about other methods, stab my fingers, hit the back of my heart, bang my thighs.

Even in an unintentional prostration of the yin leg, Guo Hang’s baby was almost scrapped, and the pain caused him to roll over. The crying father shouted his mother’s begging for mercy.

The people around him saw a pale complexion and expanded the circle of retreat. The face was all horrified. Especially for men, they clamped their legs one by one, with a fearful expression on their faces.

The second daughter had a good lesson, and was a little tired. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and finally stopped.

At the moment, Guo Hang, in a state of embarrassment, fell to the ground, his eyes were indifferent, and there was only a little breath left.

“The lesson is enough, let’s go!” Fade Chen looked at the second daughter and said.

Everyone around saw it and quickly gave way, no one dared to stop them.


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