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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 187



“Who is that, too fast it!”

“You do not see a focus on news, that is the money spent on Guoshao brought in martial arts master, ah, I heard that late yellow level realm.”

“Yellow late stage, no wonder so much. ”

The two bodyguards were also out of luck. Fade Chen was just thrown out, and he was beaten to death by a punch.”

“Isn’t it just two dogs? For Guo Shao, it’s not worth mentioning, and then spend money.” That’s right. ”

” Huang level later master hand, the boy is finished. ”

” That is, he is too arrogant, forgot who this is! ”

Guo Hang’s face returned to normal in the voice of the discussion , and he was gentle on the scar. Acknowledgement, then stared at Fade Chen with resentment, gritted his teeth and said: “Boy, you are dead.”

After finishing, Guo Hang looked at the scar on his face and said, “Trouble.” The

scar on his face lightened . Nodded, the foot stepped gently, and the body jumped directly in front of Fade Chen.

He folded his arms over his chest, his eyes cold and cold, and looked at Fade Chen with arrogance and disdain. Finally, his mouth slightly raised and said lightly: “The level of the mid-Yellow level is pretty good.

” It’s just that you shouldn’t provoke those you can’t afford. “Scarface stared at Fade Chen.

Fade Chen looking indifferent, or even mouth also with a faint smile, said: “? I do not know who not to mess with people I know, bullying me and my friends, I will not let go”

knife Scarface sneered and said, “Young people’s ridiculous thoughts. I don’t know how high it is. You know how many powerful people there are in this world, and you know how many are stronger than you. I don’t know the other party’s background, impulsive hands, that’s just stupid. Only. ”

Fade Chen shook his head, lightly: “..! I do not think so, speak out for themselves and their friends, this is the surge of blood and passion, even if defeated, that is the glory Moreover, I will not lose,”

Fade Chen said the first phrase of the time , Scarface nodded slightly, and seemed to agree. But when I heard the last sentence, I froze for a moment, then sneered: “Undefeated? Arrogant boy, you don’t know what this sentence means. Throughout China, few people dare to say such things. You are totally He talked loudly, not knowing that the sky is thick. ”

” Is it! “Fade Chen said lightly,” I think, even so, it is better than some guys who

treat people as dogs. “When the words came out, they instantly scared the face. His face was cold, his voice was terrible, and his arms around his chest were also put down. “What do you say!”

Fade Chen casually took his ears and said lightly: “I say you treat people as dogs. ”

You are looking for death!” The scarred male teeth made a gurgling noise and spit out three words in a low voice.

“Don’t talk about these nonsense, I heard too much. If you want to hit, you can get away if you don’t.” Fade Chen impatiently blew the little finger out of his ears, his face lightly.

“Okay, okay, okay!” The

Scar Man shouted three good words in a row, his voice louder than once, and his tone darker than once. He narrowed his eyes narrowly, a cold light appeared in his narrow and long eyes, and his whole body spread, enveloping the whole villa in a suppressed atmosphere.

Many guests felt as if they were one, and then the whole person felt a sense of uncontrollable fear that came to their hearts.

“What’s going on, why am I feeling a little cold?”

“My body is trembling, I can’t control it at all!”

“You don’t know, this is the martial arts master’s momentum. When the momentum is out, it will oppress the enemy and the other side. If you have n’t done it already, you ’ve already lost. ”

“That kid is over, he angered the master.”

“It’s better not to bother us.”

“Unfortunately those two beauties, if I can”

“Don’t talk nonsense, did you hear Guo Shao say? That’s because he wants to fly Yes, you dare to talk nonsense. “In a

tense atmosphere, the Scar Scared Man finally moved, sipped loudly, his fist with a big bowl mouth, with a banging momentum, slammed into Fade Chen’s chest.

It was a turbulent airflow, coupled with the huge force on the fist, which pressed the air into a crackling sound and came fiercely.

The attack struck, but at the moment Fade Chen looked indifferent, without any timidity at all, and said instead: “Finally shot. But this punch is just like that.”

“Crazy kid “Scared Man sneered,”

“Take my fist and talk!” Fade Chen stretched a lazy waist, looked like he didn’t care, stretched out his right fist, and smashed it forward. ! ”

Everyone saw this, and buzzed one by one.

“Is that kid stupid? They are all about to die, and they are still pretending to be forced.”

“It’s actually trying to fight with the master, it’s just to death.”

“You see his soft fist, if it’s really right, I’m afraid the arm They must be smashed by masters. ”

” Too arrogant, guys from a small place, somehow come to us in Hanjiang City, Yaowu Yangwei, ask for bitter taste. “In the

remarks, Guo Hang’s face of revenge almost seemed to be thin Out. Xu Mingcheng and Tan Yuqin’s sullen and resentful expressions, with a sense of excitement at the moment, seem to be saying, let you not listen to us, now you are stupid.


Just under everyone’s attention, the two’s fists bumped together.

One is as big as a bowl, and the arms are thick and powerful; the other is weak and weak, and the arms are slender.

Almost no need to watch, everyone has already expected the result.

But at the moment of collision, a crisp click of “click” came, and then a burst of screams went away.

“Sure enough, the kid is looking for death.”

“Self-satisfaction, deserve it.”

“Looking at his posture just now, I thought he could take two or three moves, but I didn’t expect that one move would be over.

” This is the kind of ending that caused Guo Shao. It was already doomed. ”

Everyone commented with confidence.

But immediately, but they saw the sturdy scared man flew out with a wailing wailing, his right arm fell down softly, his face was sore with sweat, and the whole person fell heavily in front of Guo Hang, mouth When spitting out a bit of blood.

A group of people were dumbfounded, and half of the words were choked in their throats at the moment.

“The master is defeated and he will be defeated with one punch.”

“How is this possible? What’s going on? How could the kid beat the master.”

“That’s the master of the late Huang class, which can almost be photographed before our Hanjiang city. Ten! ”

” Does the kid have other helpers, so he is so fearless. ”

” What the hell is going on? At that time, was anyone photographed? ”


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