MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 186



He only cares about Su Momo, so when Guo Hang ordered the arrest of Fade Chen and Zhang Qiuyue, he didn’t care, and even had some support.

But now, Su Momo is also suffering. Xu Mingcheng suddenly couldn’t sit still, hesitated a little, he stood up and said: “Guo Shao!”

Hearing Xu Mingcheng’s voice, Guo Hang looked over and said, “Xu Mingcheng, what are you going to do?” ”

Xu Mingcheng smiled lightly and pointed to Su Momo, said:” Guo Shao, this Miss Su and I are friends. I don’t know if Guo Shao can give me a face, let Miss Su leave. ”

” Uh “Guo Hang frowned. Wrinkled, obviously did not expect Xu Mingcheng to speak for Su Momo.

The people around them also showed surprise. After all, they knew that Su Momo and Xu Mingcheng had only just met.

But Su Momo at the moment, when he heard this, immediately said: “Who is your friend? I don’t know you at all, don’t make any

claims to be close to me.” Xu Mingcheng couldn’t help but look down, There was a hint of anger in his eyes.

Tan Yuqin next to him immediately shouted, “Momo, don’t you quickly apologize to Xu Shao. Xu Shao is helping you, how can you speak that way?”

Su Momo disdainfully said: “Did I ever ask him to help?” ”

Suddenly, the people around whispered. Even Guo Hang showed a smile at the corner of his mouth and said to Xu Mingcheng: “Xu Mingcheng, it seems that this chick is not familiar with you!”

Xu Mingcheng frowned and took a breath, suppressing the anger in his heart, saying: “Miss Su, I really want to help you.”

Suddenly, Xu Mingcheng said again: “Miss Su is from Nan’an City, and may not understand what we are doing in Hanjiang City. Guo Shao has never been kind to the enemy. ”

After finishing talking, Xu Mingcheng glanced at Guo Hang and arched his hands.”

Guo Hang nodded and looked at Su Momo, saying: “Looking at Ming Cheng’s face, you didn’t participate in the last thing. So, I will give you a chance now, you can leave with Ming Cheng.”

Wen Yan, Xu Ming Cheng looked at Su Momo with a smile on his lips, a complacent expression.

And Tan Yuqin couldn’t wait to shout: “Momo, you’re not here yet. There are a lot of adults in Guo Shao, Xu Shao gives you a face, you can’t miss this opportunity.”

Su Momo pouted, not caring, saying : ” What is Xu Shao, Guo Shao. Even if I do n’t leave, I think he dares to take me? “As

soon as this word came out, the faces of the people with smiles on their lips were all astonished.

Guo Hang snorted and shouted: “Somehow, stinky girl, after I played with you tonight, let my brother give you another round.”

Xu Mingcheng’s face was heavy, and his face was not pretty.

Tan Yuqin even shouted angrily: “Momo, what are you talking about? Don’t hurry to apologize to Guo Shao and Xu Shao!”

Su Momo ignored Tan Yuqin’s words, pointed at Guo Hang, and then said to Fade Chen: “Fei Ge, that The guy’s mouth is stinky. I’ll slap him violently when I wait. ”

Fade Chen nodded lightly and said,” A few slaps, trivial things. You can tear his mouth. ”

” What the hell do you say! Guo Hang was angry, glaring at Fade Chen and shouted cruelly.

Beside, Xu Mingcheng could not bear the anger in his heart at the moment, and said with a cold voice: “Su Momo, give your face shameless, I don’t know what is wrong. Now, you will bear Guo Shao’s anger.”

After that, Xu Ming Cheng arched his hand to Guo Hang and said, “Guo Shao, I was in trouble just now. Now, what do you want to do with them, feel free!”

Tan Yuqin stared at Su Momo fiercely, with a resentful look in his eyes, apparently blaming Su Momo for not knowing what to do, not only taking it in, but also implicating himself.

Guo Hang pointed at Fade Chen and said to the stunned thug, “What are you doing, catch me.”

Suddenly, a group of black bodyguards flew towards Fade Chen.

Guo Hang was condescending and looked at all this with a sneer on his face, as if the God in charge of everything wanted to completely hold the fate of the three in his own hands. He couldn’t wait to see Fade Chen kneeling in front of him and crying for mercy.

What happened in the hotel that day, he Guo Guo now has to find it back ten times.

The guests around were even more excited. They looked at Fade Chen with three faces, and looked very excited. Although some people will be secretly worried about Fade Chen, they are reluctant to come forward for Shang Guo Shao.

“The two women grabbed me, the men beat me, and beat hard!” Guo Hang waved and shouted.

In an instant, most of the black bodyguards rushed to Fade Chen fiercely.

Guo Hang laughed all over his face; Xu Mingcheng was gloomy and stared at Fade Chen; Tan Yuqin was resentful and secretly scolded in his heart. This was Fade Chen ’s trouble. He originally invited Su Momo to attend the party. Use her to get acquainted with the rich and the young and build relationships with them. Almost all of them succeeded in climbing Xu Shao, but the result was messed up, which made Tan Yuqin feel very uncomfortable.

For a time, almost everyone thought that facing the siege of seven or eight black bodyguards, Fade Chen had no room to turn around.

But when the bodyguard in black attacked, Fade Chen, who had been standing still without moving, finally moved.

His movements are very simple, that is, he simply punches and kicks, without any fancy movements, and even his footsteps have not moved away from the range of half a meter.

However, with the movement of his fists and feet, a sound of “banging and popping” came, and those black bodyguards were not Fade Chen’s opponents at all, and all of them were shot and flew out.

” Hey , what’s going on?”

“That kid, is a master of martial arts!”

“What kind of realm is this? A little powerful!”

Everyone was still discussing, Fade Chen flashed, and then came first, and rushed to Zhang In front of Qiuyue and Su Momo, they grabbed two black bodyguards who came over to catch them, one by one, and threw them hard.

Suddenly, two bodyguards howled and smashed Guo Guo directly.

Seeing this, Guo Hang couldn’t help but be overwhelmed. He was not well wounded by Fade Chen, and now seeing this guy showing great power, he couldn’t help but panic, instinctively retreating to avoid. As a result, if you are unstable, you will fall down.

But just before the bodyguard was about to hit Guo Hang, the 50-year-old middle-aged man with a scarred face behind him slammed and shouted with fists.

Suddenly, two muffled sounds rang in front of the bodyguard.

The two bodyguards were smashed by the scars on their faces, and they slammed heavily on their chests. They flew back directly, and a mouthful of blood spewed out of their mouths. Finally, they smashed heavily on the ground and passed out.

At this moment, everyone could be taken aback, and then the discussion buzzed and became lively.


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