MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 185



Tan Yuqin was also very annoyed, holding his anger, and said to Su Momo: “Momo, Xu Shao, this is an opportunity for you, don’t you don’t know how to cherish. You must know that when Guo Shao comes, it will be late, there is no recovery ”

There is room for it.” Xu Mingcheng also said with a warning color: “Miss Momo may not know, Guo Shao’s temper has always been very explosive, if he is really angry, then things are not good. . pack up, ”

Su Momo disgusting glanced Xu Mingcheng one, said:” Do not call was so nauseating, I and you and good, I do not care what he Guoshao, small dogs, we are not afraid. “. ”

Sue Momo, you “Tan Yuqin couldn’t help but burst out.

Xu Mingcheng’s green muscles on his forehead also smoked for him, but when he saw Su Momo’s delicate and lovely face, he suddenly swayed in his heart and said: “Miss Su, I am really not malicious, I just want to help you. After all, everyone also Count as a friend. ”

” Who is your friend? “Su Momo said politely.

Tan Yuqin said: “Momo, you don’t want to go too far. Xu Shao came forward to help, that’s to give you a face, you don’t know what to do.”

Xu Mingcheng was also a little annoyed at the moment, he said in a deep voice: “I heard the news, Guo It took less than tens of millions to come back this time, and I invited a master of martial arts in the later stage of Huang. If you really start to do it at that time, you ca

n’t continue to say it, but this is obviously a threat. .

Su Momo heard, slightly stunned for a moment, then revealing smile on his face, and said: “Huang late stage, what counted Speaking of martial arts, he invited one hundred yellow late stage, we are not afraid..”

Then, Su Momo leaned close to Fade Chen, embraced Fade Chen’s arm intimately, and laughed: “Brother Fei, if you start, you have to protect us!”

“That’s for sure.” Fade Chen laughed, “One or two little ones, not worth mentioning.”

When Xu Mingcheng saw Su Momo and Fade Chen’s intimate appearance, his eyes narrowed and his eyes were extremely cold.

Tan Yuqin also said: “Don’t brag, do you know what it means to be a martial arts master in the later stages of the Huang class? Masters of that level kill you like an ant.”

“That’s not my flying brother Opponent. “Su Momo leaned beside Fade Chen with a look of trust.

In such a situation, Tan Yuqin and Xu Mingcheng’s eyes almost burst into flames.

At this moment, a warm voice came from the door of the villa. Everyone gathered around a 25-year-old young man and walked in imposingly. It was Guo Guo and Guo Shao.

Guo Hang came in. If he had to hide, he was too late.

At this time, Fade Chen frowned slightly, then touched his mobile phone, dialed a phone number, briefly said something, and then hung up.

At the moment, Tan Yuqin looked white and looked anxiously and worriedly at Xu Mingcheng.

Xu Mingcheng snorted softly, and said, “Wait a minute, let them suffer a little, and then I will come forward. Otherwise, some people will have no

idea whatsoever .” “Well, Xu Shaoying.” Tan Yuqin quickly complimented.

At this time, Guo Shao, surrounded by many people, walked in from the villa gate with a smile on his face. As soon as he came in, he glanced, and soon saw Su Momo and his party about to go out.

Suddenly, Guo Shao’s eyes cooled, his voice chilled, and said, “It’s you!”

The people around were stunned, and some were unclear.

At this time, the red woman and her party who just learned the situation whispered in the crowd. Soon, everyone learned the situation. Knowing that these three people turned out to be the one who had clashes with Guo Shao and wounded him.

For a time, the scene that had just been warmed up was instantly quiet, and everyone’s eyes fell on Fade Chen and others. With a smile on his lips, a look of good drama seems to be waiting for Guo Shao to deal with these three people.

Fade Chen glanced at Guo Shao obliquely, and said lightly: “A good dog does not stand in the way, please give it a go, we are going to go out.”

Everyone heard it and couldn’t help but take a breath. The voice of low talk buzzed.

“I’m fucking, this kid is too crazy, so dare to talk to Guo Shao like this?”

“This is completely

looking for death, it is too irrational.” “Looking at Guo Shao’s expression, he is really angry.”

Xu Mingcheng At the moment also sneered, said: “I don’t know what is good or bad, Guo Shao is not a good speaker.”

Tan Yuqin laughed aside.

At this time, Guo Hang shivered when he heard Fade Chen’s words, glared at Fade Chen angrily, and said, “Dare to talk to me like this, you are

looking for death.” “Who is looking for death, I think you know for yourself. Was it not enough to be beaten last time? “Fade Chen snorted coldly, glancing at Guo Hang.

Guo Hang suddenly felt cold all over his body. There was a chill in his entire life. His body stepped back involuntarily.

At this time, behind him, a middle-aged man in his fifties, with a long scar on his face, reached out to hold Guo Hang’s shoulder and stabilized Guo Hang. Then looked Fade Chen, Chen Sheng said: “? Before he hit is”

Guo Hang cheek feel some heat, but still nodded his head and said: “That’s him.”

Scar man pulling the corners of the mouth, raised touch Sneered, said: “With me, rest assured. This time he will die.”

Wen Yan, Guo Hang suddenly emboldened the hearts doubled, about chest filled with warm tremendous pride, the people seem very confident, “Boy, do not you proud. Last bill, this time I come back to you tenfold.”

Said Then, Guo Hang’s opponent said, “Hold down this kid and grab me the girl. The last time I didn’t follow me, I will play with you tonight.” During the

talk, a group of black bodyguards escorted Rushing towards Fade Chen, while another group of people rushed towards Zhang Qiuyue.

Seeing Zhang Qiuyue trembling in shock, Su Momo slammed his eyes and stopped in front of Zhang Qiuyue.

When Guo Hang looked at Su Momo, his eyes lit up, and he could n’t help but lick his lips. He said, “Yo, there ’s a beautiful woman again, but I did n’t see it last time. Bring me together, Lao Tzu Let’s fly together and enjoy it. ”

Suddenly, the whirling crowd flocked to Zhang Qiuyue and Su Momo.

The people around me saw it, some smiled and watched a good show, some shook their heads and felt sorry, some secretly envied. After all, these two little beauties are beautiful, and if you can play with them, the taste can’t be imagined.

However, now Guo Shao has spoken, and of course they dare not say much.

Only Xu Mingcheng saw that Guo Shao was about to start with Su Momo, and he could not help shrinking his eyes, the blue muscles on his forehead jumped.


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