MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 176



h?” Fade Chen was shocked after listening.

Your clothes fell off, just pick them up yourself, how can I pick them up! Did this

little Nizi think about it in a frantic way , Fade Chen’s heart was hot, and her eyes were red.

At this time, Su Momo’s voice rang, “Brother-in-law, my clothes float to your side, have you seen it?”

“Uh” Fade Chen looked down and saw that under the left wooden bar, A small piece of pink underclothes flowed along the spring water, and floated through the gap under the wooden fence.

Seeing this, Fade Chen suddenly realized it. It turned out that the men’s and women’s hot springs were originally integrated, but a wooden railing was built in the middle to divide the hot springs into two, and they became two hot springs.

“Brother-in-law, have you seen it?” Su Momo couldn’t help saying again, without hearing Fade Chen’s answer.

Fade Chen recovered, and quickly said, “I saw it.”

Immediately, he walked to the left and picked up the pink underwear. Some couldn’t help it. Fade Chen touched the little clothes and kneaded a few times gently, and the touch was warm immediately.

“Brother, you give me your clothes.” Su Momo’s voice rang again.

Fade Chen was shocked, quickly took the little clothes, and then coughed, said: “How to give it? I threw it over.”

“Brother, don’t” Su Momo hurriedly shouted, “If you are not sure, throw it to Outside the hot spring, it would be bad if it gets dirty. ”

” Well, how do you give it? “Fade Chen said quietly, thinking thoughtlessly,” Does Momo let me deliver it to her personally, wouldn’t it?

” You, just plug me in from under the wooden fence. “Fade Chen thought about it, and was interrupted by Su Momo’s voice.

Fade Chen immediately patted his head and secretly said that he was confused by the spring water. Since the little clothes can float through the gap, they can naturally pass through the gap.

So, Fade Chen said, “Okay, you come to Mulan to pick it up.”

Hearing the sound of the water over there, she approached Mulan. Fade Chen vaguely saw a slim figure approaching through the gap in the wooden fence, “Brother-in-law, you are here, are you over there?”

“Well, I’m there!” Fade Chen said quickly, then pinched his little clothes Push the clothes through the gap, “Momo, have you seen it?”

“Uh, haven’t seen it yet.” Su Momo said.

Fade Chen took a closer look, only to find that in order to prevent the peeping of the light, the scenic area built two layers of wooden railings in the middle, with a distance in the middle. So one arm is simply not long enough.

“This wooden fence has two layers. My hands are not long enough. If you get closer, you can reach out and pick them up.” Fade Chen said, and then almost stuck on the wooden fence, and stretched his arms over there.

However, the gap was not large, and Fade Chen’s arm was difficult to insert, so he could only squeeze it forward by force.

The arm was reddened by the wood, and Fade Chen’s hand was stretched to the extreme, and said: “Momo, did you touch my hand?”

The figure over the wooden fence shook, and Su Momo’s voice rang. Get up, “Brother-in-law, I have touched the clothes. But it’s almost out of reach, you stretch more.”

“Extend!” Fade Chen can only grind his teeth hard, squeezing forcefully over there.

Increased strength and flushed arms. Finally, his arm stretched over, Su Momo over there surprised: “Brother, I touched it, touched it.”

“That’s good, I” Fade Chengang wanted to let go and hand over the small clothes to Su Momo.

As a result, at this moment, the wooden fence made a clicking sound, which could not bear the huge force of Fade Chen, and even cracked directly.

“Crack!” Suddenly, the wooden fence over Su Momo also cracked.

Then, before Fade Chen reacted, the two wooden fences fell directly, splashing the sky of spring water. Su Momo couldn’t help making a cry.

Fade Chen rushed instinctively and asked with concern: “Momo, you haven’t been smashed!”

“No!” Su Momo patted her chest with some fear.

But at the moment, the splashing spring fell and the line of sight between the two became clear. Seeing the other party’s situation, the scene fell silent.

Fade Chen was soothing in the hot spring just now. There was nothing on his body at all. Naturally, the stripe was very smooth at the moment, and a small pink dress was in his hand.

Su Momo’s body was surrounded by a bath towel. But just because of the fall of the wooden fence, he was so startled that the bath towel slipped down.

Fade Chen looked at the beautiful white scenery opposite him. At this moment, he couldn’t help swallowing his mouth, his eyes straightened, and he looked up and down, completely out of control.

Su Momo felt palpitations, and he finally recovered. When he saw Fade Chen, who was facing the red stripe, he suddenly screamed again, squatted down quickly, and immersed in the spring water.

But what she didn’t expect was that the stones under the spring were round and smooth. With her violent force, her feet slipped and the whole person slid directly into the spring.

Sumo Mo suddenly panicked, “Cough, save me, cough”

Fade Chen recovered, and rushed over, stretched out his arms, hugged Su Momo from the spring water Pull it up.

But for a moment, the two of the stripe were completely stuck together, and the throbbing of the body suddenly felt clearly.

For a while, Su Momo’s cheeks immediately turned red. In particular, she saw Fade Chen squeezing her close-fitting clothes tightly.

“Brother-in-law, I, I’m fine, you let me go.” Su Momo blushed and his voice was weak.

Fade Chen heard that his face blushed, he coughed dryly, quickly released Su Momo, and then turned around.

As a result, I did not expect that there was a footstep outside, and a young female waiter shouted: “Guest, what happened to you, are you okay? Do you need me to come in?”

Su Momo was shocked, so Scene, how dare she let people come in. Quickly shouted: “No, it’s okay, you don’t come in, don’t do it.” The

young waiter could not help but stunned, frowned, puzzled, “What’s going on, the guest’s voice seems a little panicked, won’t come out What’s the problem? And, just like the loud voice just now, something seems to be falling down. ”

Worried, the young waiter was anxious and wanted to walk inside.

But at this time, an older waiter came over and grabbed the young waiter and said, “Don’t go in.”

“Team leader, but guests,” the young waiter looked worried.

The elder waiter said: “The two guests stayed together, and the relationship is very close, do you know?”

“I know! But it seems like something is down, it should be a wooden fence.” The young waiter still worried.

The elder waiter blinked his eyes and said in earnest: “Some customers are playing hard, and this kind of thing has not happened, don’t disturb.”

“What’s the fun?” The young waiter began to understand, but immediately recovered. , Suddenly, her face was flushed, her head lowered, and she said, “I, I understand, there is something over there. I’m busy.”

The team leader nodded, then looked in the direction of the hot spring, and sighed softly: “Now young people, they are too fierce to play. Even the wooden fence is overturned, I don’t know the temperance!”

After speaking, the team leader sighed and stepped away.


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