MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 175



Before Lin Qiuyuan colluded with Zhang Yuanhao, he deceived Quin Lin into signing an engagement agreement. After being driven away by Fade Chen, he always followed Zhang Yuanhao. But on the evening of the wedding day, Lin Qiuyuan disappeared. And after so many days have passed, he has no news at all, as if the world has evaporated.

Although Quin Lin was disappointed with Lin Qiuyuan because of the forced marriage, he no longer had any hope. But after all, it is his brother, Quin Lin still hopes to know his whereabouts.

So, Quin Lin sent someone to investigate, but the result surprised him.

Lin Qiuyuan, who has always been with Zhang Yuanhao, disappeared a week before the wedding.

At that time, Lin Qiuyuan couldn’t bring benefits to Zhang Yuanhao. In addition, Zhang Yuanhao had already established a relationship with Zhu Yong and Wan Hui. Naturally, he was not interested in Lin Qiuyuan, a worthless dude.

Because Lin Qiuyuan was short of money at hand, Zhang Yuanhao was asked several times at the time, but after being impatiently sent by Zhang Yuanhao, he didn’t show up anymore.

It wasn’t until the wedding night that Zhang Yuanhao remembered him, and was going to call him to attend the wedding. After all, he was also regarded as Quin Lin’s brother.

But after contact, it was discovered that Lin Qiuyuan had long disappeared. Zhang Yuanhao then searched it again in the circle, but he didn’t find any news and left him behind.

After learning the news, Quin Lin was slightly lost, but he didn’t care too much. He just arranged for people to pay attention to Lin Qiuyuan’s news, and then continued to devote himself to the fiery work.

His wife became a workaholic, but Fade Chen was idle.

In the company’s medical room, he no longer has to punch in and out of work every day, and only needs to go once in a while. Qi Jian, as the main person in charge of the overall planning of the health wine factory, is in charge of the overall situation, but only asks Fade Chen when he encounters problems.

After the Longteng Group, Uncle Long had already left Bay City and went out. Wei Tian took over the Longteng Group in an all-round way, and his usual days were much busier, and he could no longer play around like he used to.

Fade Chen’s boring days did not pass a few days, and soon found things to do.

It turned out that it was winter vacation time and Bay University was on holiday. Su Momo and Zhang Qiuyue were free, but the two did not go home directly. Instead, they rested in Quin Lin’s villa for two days. Afterwards, they arranged and invited Fade Chen and Quin Lin to go together.

Fade Chen inquired about it and learned that it was Zhang Qiuyue’s company who had received a publicity advertisement in a scenic area, and Zhang Qiuyue took advantage of the winter vacation free time to shoot the advertisement.

The scenic area in the advertisement is located in the neighboring city of Hanjiang City, which is a hot spring scenic area. It is quite unique and suitable for newcomers like Zhang Qiuyue to receive advertisements.

Zhang Qiuyue went to work, and Su Momo accompanied him at the same time. First, she wanted to soak in the warmth and relax; second, she happened to have a school sister from Hanjiang City. She always let her go to Hanjiang City to play. Momo is ready to wait for Qiuyue to finish the advertisement and go to the school sister to play for a while in Hanjiang City.

When the two girls went out to play, it was inevitable that they were worried about safety. So naturally, they thought of Fade Chen, a master with the nickname “Chen Maniac”, and they invited Fade Chen and Quin Lin together.

Quin Lin was busy with business during this time, but after hearing the invitation, he declined.

As a result, it naturally became a warm journey between Fade Chen, Su Momo, and Zhang Qiuyue.

In this way, the three people simply packed up and brought some luggage with them, then rushed to the scenic area.

The scenic area is located on the outskirts of the border with Bay City, not too far away. It took less than four hours to get there.

The three came to the scenic area and were originally prepared to take a day off. But the advertising director invited by the scenic spot has arrived, so after a simple lunch, Zhang Qiuyue was pulled to shoot the advertisement.

Fade Chen and Su Momo were curious and watched along the way.

Because it is a publicity advertisement in the scenic area, the basic scenes are Zhang Qiuyue shooting some scenes in the famous and special scenic spots of the scenic spot. After the shooting, he immediately goes to the next scenic spot.

I didn’t think that when I watched the advertisement before, it looked like it was filmed at this moment. Fade Chen realized the difficulty of shooting the advertisement. A simple movement of standing on the top of the mountain with the arms spread out against the wind and shooting more than ten times in succession has not yet succeeded.

For a while the wind direction was wrong, for a while the angle was not good, for a while the light was blocked.

After more than three hours of tossing like this, Zhang Qiuyue also shot two attractions. She dedicated herself and didn’t feel anything. Instead, she made Su Momo, who followed her, tired and softened her legs.

After watching it for more than an hour, I finally took the third scenic spot. Originally, Su Momo was going to pick up Zhang Qiuyue from work and take a hot spring rest together.

As a result, the director said that there is a scenic spot that needs to be filmed at night. Today the weather conditions are good, so I want to hurry up and shoot it out, lest the weather will be bad tomorrow and I have to wait again.

Zhang Qiuyue is gentle and devoted to her work. Since the director said it, she agreed.

Su Momo and Fade Chen wanted to follow, but Zhang Qiuyue looked at Su Momo’s tired appearance and knew she was not too tired. So let Su Momo and Fade Chen stay and rest in the scenic hotel.

The two followed the afternoon and found no problems, and the director team was also more professional. So I didn’t worry too much, so I didn’t follow the past and stayed in the hotel to rest.

After having dinner in the hotel, the two will naturally not miss the most famous hot spring in the scenic spot. So he came to the hot spring behind the hotel with his clothes changed.

Because the scenic spot blocked the shooting of advertisements, there were no other people in the hotel, so in the huge hot spring behind, there were only two customers at the moment, Su Momo and Fade Chen.

The two entered the men’s and women’s areas separately, and then stripped themselves off, soaking the red strips into the spring water.

The warm spring water, with its scent of sulfur, infiltrated his skin. Even Fade Chen, who didn’t feel very tired, felt a refreshing moment at the moment. The whole person was soaked in the warm spring water, so that the spring water would make the body tired eliminate.

As a result, Fade Chen just closed his eyes and nourished his mind. Suddenly, he heard Su Momo screaming. Suddenly, Fade Chen opened his eyes violently, with a look of alertness, and looked in the direction of Ms. Hot Spring. “Momo, what’s wrong?”

There was a slight silence over there, and Su Momo’s shy voice came. Brother-in-law, I have lost my clothes. Will you help me pick it up? ”


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