MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 174



Fade Chen took a rest for one night, and the next day, what happened that night spread to Bay City.

The explosive news instantly turned into blockbuster bombs, which directly blasted the peaceful city of Bay into a loud and noisy atmosphere.

The people who got up early saw all the news in the newspapers, on the TV and on the Internet, and they were all shocked at once. The morning sleepiness disappeared without a trace.

The highly anticipated wedding of Quin Lin and Quin Lin Lin was turned into a yoke last night. Not only that, the groom Quin Lin was even directly killed.

At the wedding, Shancus Wan shot, and as a result, all three generations of Shancus Wan suffered. The old man who had not come forward for more than ten years died directly. The two generations of Wan Yunfei and Wan Hui were completely abolished. The centuries-old Budo family in Bay city actually declined overnight.

The move that Shancus Wan filled this morning also confirmed the authenticity of the relevant news.

In addition to this news, the information of the company’s equity transfer in the business has also frowned the entire Bay business district.

Haoran Real Estate, Xiangshang Group, Xiejia Wine Industry, all transferred 51% of the shares to Autumn Group for free. The size of the autumn group has spread several times in an instant, and the rapid momentum of cooperation with the Red Star mall has not diminished.

Almost overnight, Autumn Group became the undisputed giant of Bay City, and became the well-deserved leader of Bay City in every aspect.

Businessmen pay attention to business, and ordinary netizens pay more attention to all kinds of gossip and scandalous information. Especially at the wedding last night, the information about Zhang Fei and Fade Chen, who shot Quin Lin and Wan Wan, and the relevant information in only a few words spread on the Internet, which shocked everyone, and the master of the underworld martial arts was very powerful.

At the same time, after leaving the hotel last night, the related conflicts organized by Fade Chen and Linglong were also spread online by the onlookers. Although a lot of information is guessed and fabricated, one thing is very true, that is, Fade Chen’s powerful skills and terrifying forces even put down the special organization of Linglong.

For a time, Fade Chen’s relevant information spread on the Internet, and people talked about this mysterious young man.

He came to Bay only a few months ago, but what he did before and after was shocking. Married to Quin Lin, invented a health wine, let the Longteng Group obey, defeat 10,000 families, and force back all kinds of deeds of the spirit dragon , so that the citizens of Bay city, especially young netizens, chased Fade Chen. After all, Fade Chen’s mysterious identity, strong skill, beautiful wife, and rich family property are all the existence that young people are keen on.

As a result, Fade Chen’s deeds quickly spread, and netizens gave Fade Chen the nickname “Chen Maniac” to describe Fade Chen’s crazy rise and powerful strength, and quickly spread on the Internet.

Fade Chen was a little dumbfounded when he saw these news. He didn’t expect that he would become an internet celebrity. Even the relevant webcast companies send messages to themselves and invite themselves to sign up for the platform to broadcast.

“Inadvertently insert Liu Liu into the shade!” Fade Chen sighed and closed the computer.

As a result, the mobile phone rang immediately, and Fade Chen looked at the electric display, and saw that it was Su Momo’s name, so he plugged his ears and connected the phone.

As expected, the phone was just connected, and Su Momo’s voice was very excited over there, “Brother, do you know? You are on the Internet, you still have a nickname called Chen Maniac, now everyone is talking about you “You”

“Brother-in-law, why don’t you talk! What’s the matter with you and my sister? What happened to the wedding last night? Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

“And your brother really that bad? Some say the Internet, you may have been called Wu Daozong the division. Said you are the youngest boy guru, we Huaxia Wu Road sector future expectations”

finally listening to the Soviet Union Momo’s phone bombed and bitterly explained, finally she covered the matter of last night, and Fade Chen sighed and hung up the phone.

As a result, Su Momo’s phone was just hung up, and another call came in. Fade Chen smiled bitterly, and then connected the phone to explain.

So, this morning, Fade Chen was basically in the process of answering the phone and explaining the process of hanging up. His wife, Quin Lin, wasn’t much better, and the phone rang.

But his wife was clean and negligent, and she directly refused to listen to unrelated calls, and then began to deal with the company’s business. After all, the Autumn Group receives so many industries at once, but there are many things to deal with.

In this way, after three days of lively and noisy, this Internet boom gradually calmed down. The title of Chen Maniac is almost universally known in Bay City, and has spread to nearby provinces and cities around Bay City.

During these three days, many things happened. Shancus Wan moved away from Bay City at an extremely fast speed, and no one knows where they settled.

The evacuation of Shancus Wan, Longteng Group, which was originally the dominant Jiangbei, can be said to completely occupy Bay City in an instant. But Longteng Group just extended its influence to Jiangnan, and Uncle Long Jinlong announced a news that surprised everyone. He decided to resign from the position of Longteng Group Chairman and give way to Weitian to retire himself.

Everyone couldn’t understand why Uncle Long rushed back bravely, but Fade Chen knew that Wei Jinlong was determined to go out and do something. The stimulation that Huang Xiaobiao had given him before made him wake up at once, and he was unwilling to settle down.

On the company’s side, Quin Lin quickly stabilized the Autumn Group by means of thunder. After accepting the shares of several major companies, it also actively entered the industries other than cosmetics and expanded the scale of the autumn group.

Especially for the health wine industry, which was not originally intended for mass production, after accepting 51% of the shares of Xiejia Wine Industry this time, Quin Lin is also actively preparing for mass production of health wine.

After all, one of the fuse of this incident is that the Xie family took a fancy to the potential of health wine and wanted to win the competition. Quin Lin didn’t know much about health wine before, but this time after the Xie family incident, she carefully investigated it, and then suddenly found that she had completely underestimated the magical effect and huge market of health wine.

If it really develops, the health wine can definitely develop into a huge business empire no worse than the autumn group itself.

After a busy day, after a full five days, Quin Lin, who was slightly idle, suddenly thought of a person, his brother Lin Qiuyuan, in his free time.


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