MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 172



At this instant, Fade Chen’s expression was cruel and remorseless. Grim and pitiless, it was a dreadful sight to behold, and Captain Hu could not help cowering in fear. Captain Hu shuddered in terror, realizing too late that he was facing a martial-artist of the Black Level. Shancus Wan had been slain by this young man of high skill and strength. Captain Hu had always reveled in his status as a Late Yellow Level martial artist, even if it was not as high a level as Fade Chen’s. Also, as the leader of the Stealth Team, he had assumed Fade Chen would not act in insurrection. Their disparity in strength and skill was apparent, and everything that he had prided himself on had no bearings whatsoever. It was almost ludicrous. Ultimately he regretted his decisions and understood Sergeant Wang’s intention in trying to come to compromise. After all, they were dealing with a Black-level martial-artist. Parallel to this, at Bay City’s Stealth team department, Officer Qin was tense and agitated. He tapped his fingers on the table, asking, “Any news from Vice Officer Liu? Has he managed to stop Rocky Hu?” His secretary looked up, confused at Officer Qin who was in jitters. He had posed this question less than three minutes ago. Why the need to pester? However the secretary proceeded to check on the relevant updates, reporting, “Officer Qin, Captain Hu has arrived at Mr. Chen’s mansion. Vice Officer Liu is still on the way, he said he will reach shortly. —- “What! Already at the mansion!” Officer Qin stood up in alarm, looking nervous. “Rocky Hu better not cause any trouble, or sacking him ten times would not suffice.” “Try contacting Rocky Hu again and restrain him from further action. Tell Vice Office Liu to hasten, he has to stop Rocky Hu before the situation gets out of hand.” Officer Qin said. The secretary carried out his instructions promptly, answering, “Captain Hu’s cell phone is on silent mode and I can’t reach him. Vice Officer Liu has replied that he can currently see the mansion at a distance and will arrive shortly.” “Get there in time, don’t get into trouble!” Officer Qin muttered distractedly. He was still reeling from the previous phone call. The information he received was so mind-blowing, he was stunned in disbelief. It took him a few seconds before he could recover from it. It was beyond his comprehension that such a legendary character could exist in such a small town like Bay City. To receive a phone call from such upper-level authorities was unthinkable. Another thought crossed his mind. If Rocky Hu offended Mr. Chen, not only would he lose his job and title, he might even lose his life! At this, Officer Qin became even more agitated and distressed. He began to urge the secretary again. “Can you find out once more if Vice Officer Liu has arrived?” Silent and confused, the secretary immediately contacted Vice Officer Liu via cell phone. “Vice Officer Liu, Officer Qin asked if you have reached your destination?” —– On the other side, Vice Officer Liu was getting off the car outside the mansion. Clutching the phone, he ran towards the mansion, panting. “I’m here, I’m here, rest assured Officer Qin, I will stop Rocky Hu immediately.” At this moment, in the courtyard of the mansion, Rocky Hu was still in the grip of Fade Chen, slowly losing his breath With an icy expression, Fade Chen released him and threw him to the ground. He then turned around and walked back towards the mansion. Rocky Hu fell, gasping and panting. He looked on as Fade Chen left, feeling a whirlwind of emotions. He wanted revenge, but recalling Fade Chen’s cruel and remorseless expression, he felt his heart lurch and could not bring himself to command his men to continue the attack. “Captain, captain, are you all right? A team member helped Rocky Hu up and asked, “Captain, what is your next command?” “We..” Rocky Hu was hesitant, deciding whether to continue with the attack or retreat. At this moment, the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard coming towards them. “Stop, all of you, stop.” Rocky Hu turned his head at the sound, and saw that it was his superior, Vice Officer Liu. Shocked, he spoke, “Vice Officer Liu, what are you doing here?” “You’re in trouble.”

Vice Officer Liu spoke in a low tone and glared at Rocky Hu. He walked in great strides towards Fade Chen and said, “Mr. Chen, good evening. I am Bay City Stealth Team department’s vice officer, Yosef Liu.” Rocky Hu was puzzled at Vice Officer Liu’s arrival. He became even more confused with Vice Officer Liu’s deferential attitude towards Fade Chen —- Fade Chen stopped. Sizing up the middle-aged man in front of him who was sweating profusely, he said, “Are you here to arrest me too?” Yosef Liu’s expression changed. He quickly gestured his hand to deny this, “No, no, of course not. What happened before was all a misunderstanding. I was specifically tasked to send you this, Mr. Chen.” “What’s this?” Fade Chen looked at the small package in Yosef Liu’s hands and immediately thought of the old man on the phone just now. He had promised to get him an identity card or certificate.

Fade Chen nodded and without emotion, he said, “Bring it over.” Yosef Liu respectfully handed him the package and Fade Chen opened it. Inside, to his surprise, was a Stealth Team special unit badge, and on it was his name. His new identity was to be the special unit instructor of the Stealth team. Moreover, because the Stealth team organization was part of the military, Fade Chen was given the corresponding rank. He looked at it and saw that he was ranked as General At the sight of this, Fade Chen was speechless. He had told the old man that he had ran afoul of the Stealth team, and now the old man had provided him these Stealth Team identifications. He was officially a Stealth Team member, and he was frankly baffled by this turn of events. Yosef Liu looked at Fade Chen, not daring to breathe in the fear of offending this important and mysterious personage. As Fade Chen kept the documents, he sighed in relief, his throbbing heartbeat calming down slightly. “Mr. Chen, the Stealth team is to be blamed for this incident. If Mr. Chen would like them to be reprimanded, we will be —– happy with any form of punishment.” Yosef Liu spoke in deference. He pulled Rocky Hu over, saying sternly, “What are you waiting for, apologize to Mr. Chen!” Rocky Hu was at a loss, but he had no choice but to lower his head, speaking reluctantly, “I apologize Mr. Chen, for offending you. Please punish me.” Fade Chen looked at Vice Officer Liu, who was tense and worried, he glanced back at his Stealth team identification documents. He sighed silently. Since he was now a part of the team, these were his men now. He hd to be the bigger person and let bygones be bygones..


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