MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 170



The events that had taken place that day were definitely traumatizing, as there were much violence and deaths. Jimmy Wei and Tom Wei, who were accustomed to such happenings, were unfazed. However, Quin Lin and Lily Wei, who were used to an ordinary life in the city, were obviously overwhelmed. They seemed exhausted and were in desperate need of rest.

Sergeant Wang was amazed at the deferential attitude of Fade Chen. Any martial artist of such high level would be incensed at such a request. They would not be so eager to cooperate as such.

He quickly gave Captain Hu a knowing look, hinting at him to agree.

However, Captain Hu who was still in his shades, raised his head slightly in condescension. He had no intention of complying with Sergeant Wang.

He grunted at Fade Chen, “You have absolutely no right to negotiate anything with the Stealth Team. All of you are implicated in this case. None of you are allowed to leave, including the two women.”

With this, Captain Hu made a gesture. “Arrest them and take them away.”

Instantly, members of the Stealth Team approached them to carry out the order.

Fade Chen’s expression darkened, his eyes narrowing slightly. Fury rose in him like a burning fire.

He was already making so many concessions and trying to be cooperative, yet this person was relentless. Fade Chen was done with being so accommodating, and he started to feel that they were trying to take advantage of his weaknesses.

“Don’t touch them!” Fade Chen called out. In an instant, a gust of swirling energy surged like ocean waves towards the surrounding Stealth team members, pushing them away.

The intensity of the turbulent energy waves were so high that Captain Hu was affected. He could not help but take a few steps back.

As he steadied himself, Captain Hu glared at Fade Chen. “You dare take on the Stealth team?”

“I don’t care who you are. If you dare to hurt my wife and friends, you’re looking for death!” Fade Chen’s tone was dead serious, as he stressed the last two words. This had an effect on the Stealth team members, who suddenly felt fearful.

Captain Hu snorted, the shades hiding his vile and contemptuous expression. He had always prided himself on being a member of the Stealth Team, having such authority and power that no one dared to oppose them. Being insulted by some young immature martial artist was enough to send him into a fit of fury.

He suppressed his anger and spoke gravely. “How dare you threaten the Stealth Team? This is a great offense, I.”

Fade Chen frowned. This was such a waste of time, and he was losing patience. He made a motion to strike Captain Hu, saying, “I can no longer tolerate your nonsense, step aside.”

As Fade Chen’s hand approached him, Captain Hu made a move to dodge it. He was a late Yellow Level martial-artist and was considered one of the better trained members of the team. He was confident that he would be able to avoid the incoming blow.

However, as he moved, something shocking happened. He had dodged the incoming blow but Fade Chen’s hand chased after his face closely, as though they had a mind of their own and could read all his movements.

“Pow!” The blow landed with a crashing sound on his face. He flushed and his shades broke under the impact and fell to the floor, revealing his eyes which were filled with anger and shock.

“You dare hit me! You dare lay hands on me!” Captain Hu was delirious in anger, glaring at Fade Chen. “You will pay the price for laying hands on a member of the Stealth Team!”

“Arrest him! Take them all in!” Captain Hu roared.

Fade Chen snorted. Looking at the approaching Stealth Team members, he shook himself in preparation looking as though he was swelling in size, preparing to gather his inner energy. It was as though a strong gale had arisen, and the sound of thunder seemed to emerge from this ball of energy. As he launched it towards them, they were knocked down by the great impact and rolled over helplessly on the floor.

As Captain Hu rushed forward in attack, he gave him a powerful kick and sent him flying to the side. Fade Chen then left immediately with Quin Lin and the other companions.

Behind him, seeing Fade Chen and his companions walk into the distance, Captain Hu was enraged and beside himself. His fury was akin to the begin of a raging tempest. “Fade Chen, how dare you lay hands on me and go against the Stealth team. You will regret it, and I will make you pay.”

Captain Hu got up and took out his cell phone. He dialed a number, speaking in angry command, “Search for all information on Fade Chen of Bay City. Also, I would like two extra units to be on my team in the future.”

As he hung up, he glanced towards the direction that Fade Chen had left. Still in anger, he gritted his teeth and said, “You just wait, I will get you.” Defeated, Captain Hu and his Stealth team members left.

Behind him, Sergeant Wang witnessed all this in anxiety and in despair. He sighed and made a call to his superior. “Clerk Zhu, I..”

On one side of the battle was a martial artist of the Black Level, and on the other were members of the Stealth Team. This was all beyond his governance and control.

After these events, Fade Chen and Quin Lin made their way back to the mansion by car.

After they had both taken a hot shower, Fade Chen was going to let Quin Lin take a rest. However Quin Lin looked troubled as she sat next to Fade Chen. “That Stealth team, will they really let you get away with this?”

Quin Lin was not familiar with the Stealth team, but she was acquainted with Sergeant Wang. She had observed that Sergeant Wang was deferential in attitude towards Captain Hu. That meant that the Stealth team was not any normal task force. She was anxious that Fade Chen might be in trouble for going against them.

Fade Chen embraced her and touched her cheeks. She was only clad in a sheer night gown. He smiled. “Honey, the Stealth team is unimportant. They are irrelevant to me.”

“The Stealth team doesn’t seem like something to be taken lightly, don’t try to pretend it’s not important.” Quin Lin frowned anxiously.

“Honey, I’m not pretending.” Fade Chen continued. Smiling at the skepticism on her face, he took out his cell phone and motioned. “Believe me, I can deal with this matter with just one phone call.”

Quin Lin looked even more doubtful at his words.

At this moment, Fade Chen dialed a number on his phone, As the call went through, one could hear the seductive moans of a woman in the background.

“Oh, yes, oh…”

Quin Lin, who was embracing Fade Chen, blushed in embarrassment. Her expression darkened and she stared at him with an eyebrow risen.

“Honey, the signal here is not good. I’ll go to the door.” Fade Chen also felt awkward and quickly got up. At the same time, he scolded on the phone, “You dirty old man, are you still watching those island nation porn movies? Do you even have the stamina to get it up at this age?”

The moaning seemed to die down slightly, and an old man’s voice could be heard at the other end. “Stupid bastard, I’m still virile and full of energy. Seven times a night is not a problem for me. How dare you doubt me?”

“Oh please, you are just bragging.” Fade Chen retorted. “Well, old man, I won’t waste your time. I am facing some troubles. Can you help me with these matters?”


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