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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 161



Aaron Wan smiled and shook his head. “Jimmy Wei, that is not right. President Lin is young, and she has been deceived by others, leading to this misunderstanding with the Zhang Family. Anyways, this is something within their family and has nothing to do with you.”

“A misunderstanding?” Jimmy Wei retorted, glaring at him. “Aaron Wan, who are you for us to believe you? Just because you said it is a misunderstanding, we’re expected to believe that?”

Aaron Wei replied, his expression slightly changing. “Jimmy Wei, your anger has clouded your thinking. Of course, I have proof of this.”

“What proof?” Jimmy Wei started to feel uneasy, frowning.

Aaron Wan gently took out a document, exhibiting it in front of the crowd. “It is widely known that few months ago, Howard Zhang and Quin Lin became engaged. This is the marriage contract they signed back then.”

As he spoke, Aaron Wan gestured towards the two signatures and thumbprints on the contract.

He pointed towards another name below. “I was witness to this engagement, and here is my signature as well.”

“Therefore, as witness to their engagement, I can prove that this marriage contract is valid.”

Jimmy Wei was not expecting this contract to be in existence and frowned. The crowd began to discuss this new turn of events amongst them. The Zhang family members smiled in triumph.

Agitated, Quin Lin could not help crying out.”That’s fake, was under a false impression when I signed it. I.”

Aaron Wan silenced her with a deep grunt and continued, “I have no idea what has caused friction and misunderstanding between the bride and groom. However, as I can testify on the validity of the marriage contract, I would like to ensure the wedding proceeds as planned. This is the least I can do to fulfill my responsibilities as witness.”

Jimmy Wei darkened in expression as he heard these words. He knew that he could not allow the wedding to proceed at all cost. He decided not to continue the debate. “Aaron Wan, lets not argue. I will say this, I have to bring Quin Lin back with me.

Hearing this, a dark cloud came over Aaron Wan. He was infuriated. “Jimmy Wei, are you with me or against me?’

Jimmy Wei would not give in. “What if I am against you?” “Jimmy Wei, your arrogance will be your downfall.” Aaron Wan replied gravely

“If you want to pick a fight, then let’s do it then, why speak in circles!” Jimmy Wei retorted.

“Come on then.” Aaron Wan seemed to increase in stature as he prepared for battle. His aura changed as though he was a completely different person altogether.

Jimmy Wei’s eyes bulged in anger. He growled, muscles flexing, as he launched himself at Aaron Wan. The fight was on.

At this point, the crowd was completely dumbfounded.

The battle between the two upcoming proteges, Horace Wan and Tom Wei was already shocking enough. Yet now, the elders of Bay City and North Bay City were about to have a violent confrontation.

It was common knowledge that the elders of Bay City had been in conflict for years. There had been numerous confrontations and battles amongst their subordinates. However, a direct combat between them was unheard of.

Both were late Yellow Level martial artists. As they faced each other, the crowd started to anticipate the battle in slight worry.

There was also a growing sense of confusion over this matter.

Why would Uncle Wei be so up in arms over the marriage of Quin Lin? I was as though he was not satisfied with just the involvement of Master Wei and the Four Heavenly Kings and came personally to settle this matter.

Even if Quin Lin was really coerced into this marriage, Uncle Wei wouldn’t be the type to go to such great lengths to protect her just in the name of justice.

While the crowd was still stunned and confused, Jimmy Wei and Aaron Wan began their battle.

In comparison to the agility and speed of Horace Wan and Tom Wei, the two elders seemed rather slow and clumsy in reaction. Their movements seemed to take time and their footsteps seemed heavy as they clashed with each other.

However, experienced martial artists would have been on the edge of their seat at the sight of their battle.

They were not just attempting to knock each other over, but all their movements were premeditated and was guided by great waves of inner energies.

Any common person would be completely annihilated if they on the receiving end of these blasts.

“Boom, pow, bang!”

The sound of clashing fists resonated through the hall. At the same time, the constant bursts of energies caused all the surrounding flowers and food to crumble into dust. All the guests retreated hastily and distanced themselves from the battle, fearful that they might suffer from collateral damage.

At this time, the expression on both elders were slowly changing.

Aaron Wan was smiling faintly, but his smile became wider and more pronounced at each gesture.

On the other end, Jimmy Wei had a grim expression. It seemed like he was becoming more anxious as the battle went on.

Previously, Aaron Wan was his equal in strength and skill, if not weaker than him. This he remembered from prior battles. However, to his surprise, it seemed that he was now stronger than him.

Defending himself against Aaron Wan, Jimmy Wei started to struggle. If this continued for a longer time he would be defeated.

At this thought, he commanded Tom Wei, “Go now.”

Tom Wei felt a sense of foreboding. He could see that Second Uncle was not coping well in the battle. He wondered, how could both Horace Wan and Aaron Wan improve in strength and skill within such a short period of time? Were they taking some kind of pill or potion?

As soon as Jimmy Wei spoke, the guards made a move without needing Aaron Wan’s prompting. They surrounded Tom Wei and his companions. Seeing the situation becoming more tense, Jimmy Wei gritted his teeth, willing himself to generate more energy. He started attacking Aaron Wan with ferocity, pouncing on his every move.

Aaron Wan was caught off guard by this sudden attack and struggled to defend himself. It seemed that Jimmy Wei would soon be victorious. Without warning, Aaron Wan stuffed a red pill down his own throat.

He felt an instant surge of energy through him. With this renewed strength, Aaron Wan started defending himself against Jimmy Wei.

Jimmy Wei’s style of attack was always famed for its ferocity and accuracy. Shockingly, Aaron Wan could block all his moves without struggle.

“They are taking some kind of pill!” Tom Wei frowned. He became even more worried as he looked over at Second Uncle, because it seemed like Aaron Wan was gaining the upper hand.


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