MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 157



Hearing the blast of the horn from below, both the bride and the groom were shocked.

Quin Lin looked stunned and a little wary. After she was certain that it really was Lily Wei’s voice, she stopped walking down the aisle. She beamed as she said, “Guess what, I quit now.”

Then she turned and walked towards the exit.

Howard Zhang, who was smiling brightly before this, had the opposite reaction. His smile disappeared and his expression darkened at the sound of the horn.

Howard Zhang, hearing the words of Quin Lin, became agitated. He rushed to stop her from leaving, gesturing to his subordinates, “Deal with the troublemaker downstairs.”

“Let me go.” Quin Lin stared coldly at Howard Zhang.

Howard Zhang gritted his teeth in anger. “Would you want Fade Chen to die?”

Quin Lin replied, “He is in no danger, you b*stard.”

Howard Zhang retorted, “In no danger? I can tell you that Watson Xie has sent a highly skilled martial artist after him. Fade Chen will not be able to escape.”

Quin Lin felt doubt creeping in her, her expression darkening. However, the horn below continued with its blaring and blasting. She paused, composed herself and proceeded towards the exit. She trusted Lily Wei.

Howard Zhang saw that his threats were no longer working on her. He was incensed, instructing his bodyguards, “Stop her.”

Instantly, two bodyguards blocked her from the exit, pulling her back.

Quin Lin reacted by shrieking, “Howard Zhang, you beast, how dare you threaten me, you have no shame. I..”

The invited guests were confounded and flabbergasted. They could hear the sound of the horn blasting and the quarrels of the to-be couple. They started whispering amongst each other in bewilderment.

Seeing the crowd start to murmur, Howard Zhang felt himself flushing, the humiliation unbearable.

He walked over to Lincoln Xie, speaking discreetly. “Master Xie, can you explain? Fade Chen…”

Lincoln Xie snorted disdainfully and cut him off. “It’s just someone trying to cause trouble. My uncle is dealing with this personally. Fade Chen won’t be able to escape.”

“However..” Howard Zhang frowned.

Lincoln Xie was vexed. “If you don’t believe me, let us make a video call to him right now to get an update on Fade Chen.”

Howard Zhang replied, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but Quin Lin..”

“Bring her here for the video call, she can see for herself.” Lincoln Xie answered, immediately dialing Watson Xie’s cell phone number.

However, no one was picking up despite the call going through.

“Master Xie, what now?” Howard Zhang asked.

Lincoln Xie frowned, “The phone is off.”

“Off? Does that mean..” Howard Zhang seemed worried.

Lincoln Xie curled his lips. “Don’t make a big fuss out of this. It was raining heavily yesterday and it’s normal not to receive any phone signal when one is out on the mountains. It could just be that he shut his phone for awhile. Rest assured, Fade Chen won’t be able to escape him.”

“Alright then,” Howard Zhang replied. He excused himself from Lincoln Xie and proceeded to capture Quin Lin.

At this moment, the guards came out of the lobby. They found Lily Wei with her horn, still shouting and making noise. They rushed towards her aggressively.

“Stop it!” One of them commanded in a fierce tone.

Lily Wei tried to run off.

A few more guards ran towards her from the side, blocking her from leaving. “Turn the horn off!” They shouted.

Lily Wei refused to comply, and started raising her voice.

“Arrest her!” the guards took out their batons, surrounding her.

They were almost going to attack her when a voice rang out. “What do you think you are doing?”

Before they could react, they felt a strong blow. They collapsed onto the pavement, spewing blood.

Numerous guards came forward. “How dare you? We are guards in the service of Master Zhang…”

“How dare who? I dare you to say that again.” The voice spoke again. A young man appeared in front of Lily Wei with a stern and cold expression.

At the sight of this young man, the guards immediately trembled in fear. “Master Wei, what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? You were going to hit my cousin. What else do you think I’m here for?” Tom Wei snorted.

“Our deepest apologies, we did not know that.” the guards turned pale, looking at the both of them.

Lily Wei nudged Tom Wel, speaking in a low voice, “Don’t waste your time here, go rescue Quin.”

Tom Wei nodded gravely and ordered, “Get out of the way!”

The security guards felt caught in between a rock and a hard place. All they could do was just report the current situation to their boss.

Howard Zhang was trying to persuade Quin Lin to stay and proceed with the wedding. Upon hearing news that Tom Wei had arrived, he became even more panicked. He ordered, “Just stop them from coming up.”

Hearing the order, the guards seemed to be in a dilemma. They had no choice but to block Tom Wei, saying, “Master Wei, you are not allowed inside.”

“Really now!” Tom Wei frowned, kicking the guards aside and bringing Lily Wei with him.

The remaining bodyguards had no choice but to surround him.

Tom Wei kicked them away one after the other, but they were persistent and keep coming back.

Tom Wei was starting to feel enraged. At this moment he turned his head and saw the Monkey King, who was a member of the four great kings, approaching with his henchmen. He addressed him, “Brother Monkey, please deal with them, I need to go upstairs.”

Monkey King nodded, and with a gesture, commanded his subordinates to deal with the guards. “Master Wei, Uncle Wei is still on the way. He requested that you stop this wedding at all costs.”

“Yes, I will do just that.” Tom Wei nodded. Taking Lily Wei with him, he entered the hotel and went upstairs.

The sound of a bell ringing indicated that the elevator had reached the top floor. Tom and Lily Wei stepped out.

The guards by the lift saw them and responded by blocking the entrance.

“Out of the way!” Tom Wei growled. He kicked them hard and sent them flying to the ground.

All the wedding guests immediately fixed their attention at them.


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