MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 153



Just one blow and he was gone.

The remaining henchmen were stunned at his strength. Watson Xie’s smug expression faltered, visibly in shock. The elder beside him grabbed his arm. “Let’s go!”

The remaining two thugs gritted their teeth and started attacking Fade Chen with grim determination.

They knew that even if they ran from Fade Chen, the Xie family would not take it lightly. Summoning whatever courage they had to fight him could at least ensure that their families would be generously compensated if they were to lose their lives.

Fade Chen did not react much to the attacks of the two henchmen. He held both fists up facing towards them and sent a blow with great force at both of them.

The blow struck them with such great impact that they fell over, blood spurting out from their crushed organs. They died almost instantly.

By then, the elder and Watson Xie were already a distance away, fleeing into the woods.

Fade Chen rushed to follow them. Stepping out the cabin, he turned and saw the thin man Lying near the bed, pretending to be unconscious. With a flick of his right hand, Fade Chen sent a gust of energy towards him and ended his life.

Fade Chen proceeded with the chase and ran into the rain.

The rain was heavy and would usually help to cover up their tracks. However, as Watson Xie and the elder had no time to hide and was caught by surprise, Fade Chen quickly found them.

The elder was apparently quite skilled and highly trained as he managed to shield Watson Xie and himself from the attack. Implementing the use of some magic to create hallucinations to distract their trackers, they managed to gain some ground making their way steadily through the woods.

“He is probably a martial artist of Peak Yellow Level. The Xie Family is lucky to have him in service.” Fade Chen thought to himself.

The little distractions and hallucinations might have worked on a lesser opponent, but Fade Chen had already reached a level beyond that.

The elder led Watson Xie into the depths of the woods. He was obviously trying to move deeper into the thickets of the forest and prevent Fade Chen from tracking them down.

However, Fade Chen was not going to let them escape. Amidst the pouring rain, he leaped from branch to branch, gliding through the woods effortlessly like a giant bird.

His internal energy even formed a barrier around him, shielding him from the rain.

“Boom, pow!”

Thunderstruck with a deafening sound. The dark sky was lit with the flash of lightning, illuminating the earth momentarily.

Watson Xie was panting and almost out of breath. Placing his hands on his knees, he asked the elder, “Did we lose him?”

The elder glanced around, Fade Chen was nowhere to be found. He frowned, “For now, but he may arrive any moment.”

Watson Xie’s eyes flashed in fury. Punching a tree trunk beside him, he spoke. “I have never felt so insulted in my life. He will pay for this.”

The elder was still concerned. Peering back at the dark woods, he spoke. “Third Young Master, we need to go. He might appear any minute.

Watson Xie was exhausted and infuriated. “Uncle Whittaker, can’t you defeat him? Is he really that strong?”

Uncle Whittaker shook his head. “In this short time, I am unable to ascertain all his strengths and weaknesses. It seems that he can single-handedly take on 4 mid- Yellow Level warriors, which means he probably has reached late or peak Yellow level already.”

“Uncle Whittaker, isn’t he on the same level as you then? You are already a renowned master of the Peak Yellow Level. How can a young man be of such great strength?” Watson Xie mused in disbelief.

“I am not sure!” Uncle Whittaker responded sternly, his expression grave. “We might be of almost the same level, but if he can withstand the poison of the Violet Moon Herb, that would mean his strength and skill is higher. It might be that he has reached the Black level or even the Earth level.”

“Black level? Earth Level? How could this be?” Watson Xie felt his self-assurance crumble as he tried to explain the odds. “At Long City, any Black level warrior would have great authority to the point that they could do whatever they liked. Not to mention an Earth level warrior! How can such an immature guy reach such a level?”

Uncle Whittaker shook his head. “I am not sure. That guy is an enigmatic character indeed. According to records, he appeared suddenly in Bay City and rose to prominence in just a few months.

Hearing this, Watson Xie gnashed his teeth in anger. “Once we return, I will fully investigate the matter. If I find out his flaws, I will use them to his downfall.”

“Third Young Master, let’s go. We are still in danger.” Uncle Whittaker advised. He grabbed onto Watson Xie and prepared to continue their escape.

At this moment, the sound of thunder clapped and boomed in the sky. The bright light from lightning shone on an approaching dark figure.

A cold voice spoke. “Leaving? Do you think it’ll be that easy?”

Watson Xie and Uncle Whittaker looked up in fear as Fade Chen descended from the skies like an eagle ready to catch its prey.

“Run, Third Young Master!” Uncle Whittaker pushed Watson Xie away. He concentrated and launched a great surge of energy towards Fade Chen, blasting away the small raindrops that hovered between them.

Fade Chen merely held his palm up and dispelled the force.


The two forces collided with a sound that made the whole forest tremble. Uncle Whittaker felt the impact of it on his arms that were now trembling from the sheer strength.

Right after that, his arms crumbled beneath this massive pressure, the bones in his arms snapping and the flesh tearing open.

Uncle Whittaker groaned beneath the pain. He staggered, the expression of terror plastered firmly on his face. “Who are you, and why are you so strong?”

“I come from Tianwu Mountain,”Fade Chen replied emotionlessly. He stretched out his palm and launched another force of energy towards him.


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