MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 152



After nearly half an hour, Fade Chen summoned Watson Xie into the cabin, with an expression of dissatisfaction and annoyance. He seemed reluctant to speak but looked like he had no choice. “I agree to your requests. Let him go, and give me the antidote.”

Watson Xie shook his head. “You are too impatient, Mr. Chen. Let us wait till later and we can contact President Lin to confirm the transfer of company shares.”

Fade Chen acted as though he was infuriated and shouted, ” You liar. My strength and skill will be lost without the antidote…”

Watson Xie laughed. He gestured to one of his subordinates, who handed Fade Chen a vial containing blue liquid. “Mr. Chen, don’t panic, this vial contains a potion that can slow down the effects of the Violet Moon Herb. You won’t lose all your skill and strength at once, I just need you to wait slightly longer.”

“I don’t want to wait any longer!” Fade Chen retorted.

Watson Xie merely said, “Unfortunately, the choice is not up to you, Mr. Chen.”

A smile was etched on his face, but he was implacable and decisive. Fade Chen realized he was up against a formidable adversary who had no scruples to do whatever he could to get what he wanted.

Fade Chen drank the potion, said, “I can stay here, but let Jordan Qi go.”

“Your friend?” Watson Xie mused.

Fade Chen replied, ” All you want is the formula for the Life Elixir Wine. If you let Jordan Qi go, I will give it to you instantly.”

Hearing the word “formula”, Watson Xie could not contain his glee. He discussed briefly with the elder beside him before agreeing, “Alright, deal.”

Watson Xie then made a gesture for his henchmen to bring Jordan Qi over to him.

At the same time, he handed Fade Chen a pen and paper for him to write down the formula.

Jordan Qi was tied up, but apart from a few scratches, he did not seem to be harmed.

Seeing Fade Chen, Jordan seemed to become excited. Fade Chen gave him a look to silence him. He proceeded to write down the formula and passed it to Watson Xie.

Watson Xie took the paper, glanced at it, and then handed it to the elder beside him, saying, “Send this formula to the lab and begin experiments immediately.”

“Yes, sir.” The white-haired man took out his cell phone and began to dial numbers.

“I have given you the formula, now release him!” Fade Chen said.

Watson Xie gestured at his henchmen with a wink. Immediately, they knocked Jordan Qi unconscious and tossed him over to Fade Chen.

“You untrustworthy…” Fade Chen was agitated.

Watson Xie shook his head. “Without proof that the formula is effective, I think it would be best for your friend to accompany you here for now.”

“You…” Fade Chen looked furious.

At the sight of Fade Chen’s helpless and enraged face, Watson Xie felt smug and self-congratulatory.

Fade Chen silently checked on Jordan Qi. He was just unconscious but he seemed to be in no further danger. Fade Chen felt relieved.

Watson Xie was baffled. “Aren’t you worried about your own self?”

Fade Chen did not reply to him and instead posed him a further question. “Kidnapping Jordan Qi, leaving evidence for me to track him down, having someone pretend to be him, attacking me in the cabin and then poisoning me, these are all part of your grand scheme, isn’t it?”

Watson Xie felt a little bemused at his question since it was pretty clear what he was up to. Anyhow, he still felt that he had gained the upper hand. “Of course it was, everything went according to my plans.”

“Your plans?” Fade Chen interjected.

A fanatical expression crept over Watson Xie.” I spent days collecting information on you and the people around you. As long as my sources are reliable, I possess knowledge of all your strengths and weaknesses and can then plan accordingly. Since I know all your flaws, you can’t escape from me.”

“I applaud your strategic planning.” Fade Chen said.

Watson Xie looked smug. The elder beside him nodded and spoke quietly. “Preliminary tests have verified the authenticity of the formula.”

Watson Xie nodded instantly, looking towards Fade Chen. He gestured to his henchmen, “Kill them both. Be quick and leave no traces.”

Fade Chen was shocked. “Weren’t you also after the shares of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc.?”

Watson Xie contemplated his words with a smile, ” Fade Chen, you are a renowned martial artist and warrior. Your fame precedes you. Do you think it’s wise on my part to just let you go, now that you have so much intelligence on me?”

“So you never wanted the shares. It was just a front to try to swindle the formula from me?” Fade Chen replied.

Watson Xie shook his head. “You are too simple-minded. My plan, in all its intricacy, requires you to be eliminated. I will still be able to lay hands on the shares of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc.

“This can’t be!” Fade Chen frowned, his heart almost stopping for a second. He felt a strong sense of dread.

Watson Xie’s conceited and self- satisfied expression became even more pronounced. Hands clasped behind him, he gazed condescendingly at Fade Chen, gloating at him with eyes drunk with power.

In all his devious plotting and scheming to gain control, he had forgotten that all unscrupulous strategies would crumble in the face of courage and immense strength.

Seeing as a few henchmen approached him, Fade Chen stood up erect. He gazed at Watson Xie coldly. “I was just deciding if I should spare your life. Well, I guess I have made up my mind now.”

“What?” Watson Xie frowned, gesturing to his men. “Kill him!”

He did not like it when people tried to provoke him. He preferred to be in control and for others to under his dominion.

Nursing some serious injuries, the henchmen from just now nevertheless felt confident as they faced Fade Chen, who they thought was slowly succumbing to the poisonous Violet Moon Herb.

With a dagger in hand, one of them attempted to stab Fade Chen.

Fade Chen was emotionless, showing no trace of fear. He stood proud, saying, “You will all perish.”

“Stupid bastard! ” One of Watson Xie’s subordinates pounced on him, aiming a knife straight at Fade Chen.

Just when it seemed like the knife would pierce straight through his heart, Fade Chen reacted. They had assumed he had no strength and was about to lose all his energy and skills to the poison, but Fade Chen’s blow was powerful and instantly crushed his assailant.


His attacker was propelled backward from the impact of the blow. His body slammed against the wall heavily before sliding down limply. His eyes stared blankly at nothingness as he was dead.


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