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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 151



Fade Chen was shocked. He looked at the man lying on the bed closely and realized that he was not Jordan Qi, but a thin man around his thirties.

In a split second, Fade Chen leapt back, using his arms to launch the man away from him.

This man seemed to be highly skilled. Reacting to Fade Chen’s quick movement, he swiftly flung a dagger with great force towards him.

Fade Chen had great reflexes, but at the same time, he was caught in a position that was too close for effective combat. The dagger flew directly at him, cutting through his clothes and leaving a bloody gash on his stomach.

This did not faze him since it wasn’t a major injury at all. Facing this imposter, Fade Chen was filled with fury. He used all his strength and dealt him a huge blow.


Fade Chen’s blow had landed smack on target. Blood came gushing out of his opponent’s mouth, his face quickly turning ghastly pale. The man fell onto the bed which promptly collapsed under his weight.

As he fell onto the ground, Fade Chen took the opportunity to attack him, attempting to stomp on him.

The thin man was filled with terror as he saw Fade Chen lift his legs towards him. He raised his arms to defend himself.

However, it was futile. Fade Chen’s legs crushed through his arms. The man howled in pain and laid on the ground groaning. A cracking sound could be heard as the bones in his arm broke easily like twigs being snapped, and blood spurted through his wound.

He laid motionless on the ground. Fade Chen continued to attack him in fury, striking him hard.

The thin man seemed to panic at this. He quickly called out, “Help, back me up!”

Fade Chen detected the presence of more people approaching him from behind. He dodged a blow and turned around to face his attackers.

To his surprise all three of the men he had knocked out had recovered and were rushing towards him, intending to slaughter him.

Fade Chen understood instinctively. These men were not the usual henchmen, but they were martial artists as well. Their combat skills seem to indicate their training to be around Mid-Yellow Level.

“Three Mid-Yellow Level warriors in addition to Jordan Qi’s imposter, I sure have my hands full right now.” This thought crossed Fade Chen’s mind as he moved swiftly to defend himself. He launched numerous blows the three assailants.

Fade Chen’s blows were highly explosive, and like a gust of wind, his opponents were sent flying to the ground. They were stunned by his strength and force, and hurriedly shouted, ” Watch out, he is highly skilled!”

Fade Chen was prepared for their next move, but the three injured assailants were fearful of him and retreated. He pursued them relentlessly with a glint of determination and killing intent in his eyes.

All of a sudden, he was interrupted by a low hoarse voice that mocked, “Fade Chen, would you rather not save Jordan Qi?

Fade Chen stopped in his tracks in shock.

A bespectacled, middle-aged man walked into the cabin. He was accompanied by an elder with flowing white hair, who was holding up an umbrella respectfully that kept the elder under the shade.

Fade Chen recognized him immediately. He was the uncle of Lincoln Xie, Watson Xie.

“Where is Jordan Qi ?” Fade Chen asked coldly.

Watson Xie did not reply to him and instead turned his gaze at the four men who were running away wildly from Fade Chen. He shook his head at them and said, “Four Mid-Yellow level warriors could not defeat you. Looks like you have reached Late or even Peak Yellow Level. I guess I’ll have to update my information archive.”

“I asked you, where is Jordan Qi?” Fade Chen insisted.

Watson Xie was unmoved. With a smirk, he spoke. “It doesn’t matter. You had better take a look at your injury. Don’t keep putting others ahead of you, think for yourself for once.”

Fade Chen looked down and realized that the dagger wound was turning purple.

“Poison!” Fade Chen exclaimed instantly.

Watson Xie nodded. “The dagger was spiked with the poison of the Violet Moon Herb. You are a skilled martial artist, I’m sure you are aware of the strong effects of this poison.

Fear and shock appeared on Fade Chen’s face. “The poison from the Violet Moon Herb can suppress a martial artist’s internal energy. This will weaken his limbs and sap his strength. Without an antidote, a Beginner Black level master who has been poisoned will completely lose his inner energy and combat skills within 8 hours.”

Watson Xie had a look of triumph. “Well, looks like you managed to grasp the severity of the situation pretty last. I wonder, how long do you think you will last? One hour? Three hours? Or more?”

Fade Chen’s expression darkened. ” What do you want from me?”

Watson Xie grinned. “I’m sure you know exactly what I want.”

Fade Chen’s expression was as dark as the sky on a rainy day. He forced the words out from his mouth,” You want the formula to the Life Elixir Wine, don’t you?”

Watson Xie nodded and said, “Yes, I do.”

“I will give it to you. Release Jordan Qi, and give me the antidote to the poison.” Fade Chen said.

Watson Xie chuckled in reply.” Mr. Chen, you are too demanding! Both an antidote for you and the return of your friend in exchange for the formula of the Life Elixir Wine, that isn’t fair trade at all!”

“You..” Fade Chen gritted his teeth in annoyance. “What else do you want from me?”

Watson Xie replied bluntly. “I want 25% of the shares of Fei Enterprises Holdings Inc. I’m sure President Quin Lin would be willing to pay such a price to help her dear husband.”

“How dare you, I.” Fade Chen was enraged and looked as though he was going to lose control of himself.

Watson Xie seemed to take pleasure from Fade Chen’s misery, his smile beaming wider with growing confidence. “Mr. Chen, don’t tire yourself out since the Violet Moon Herb will take effect even quicker.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Mr. Chen, you have half an hour to consider my offer. If you do not accept, your dear friend might..” Watson Xie left it at that, relishing in his threat.

After that, Watson Xie proceeded to leave with his henchmen, seemingly assured that Fade Chen would comply and not flee the cabin.

Seeing Watson Xie leave, Fade Chen felt his anger and fear receding. He began to feel calmer.

Yes, one could not deny the potent poison of the Violet Moon Herb. Watson Xie’s confidence in it was not misplaced, it could definitely end up being the cause of a martial artist’s demise.

However, he had underestimated Fade Chen’s skill and strength. Fade Chen was already at the Heaven Level, which rendered him immune to the Violet Moon Herb. Seeing as a slight gash dabbed with the poison would not hurt him, it would not have any effect on him even if he drank a whole bottle of it.

This was why Fade Chen was not anxious about his current condition. However, he had to put on a front to protect Jordan Qi, since he still did not know where they were keeping him


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