MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 143



Hearing this, Lincoln Xie showed a proud expression on his face. Then, he turned to look at Fade Chen and snorted, “Did you hear that? I said that this wine is mine, so it must be mine.

Fade Chen’s eyes darkened and he grunted, “Ask your boss to come over now. I’d like to see how your shop does business. How can they turn the truth upside down.”

When the waitress heard that Fade Chen wanted to meet with her boss, she was so scared that her whole body trembled and her face showed concern.

Seeing this, Lincoln Xie comforted the waitress and said, “Don’t worry, let your boss come over. I’m sure that your boss will know what to say when he sees me.”

The waitress looked hesitant, but at this point, she had no choice but to call the boss over.

The owner was a middle-aged man in his forties. He walked over with a smile on his face and handed a cigarette to Fade Chen and Lincoln Xie with a smile.

Fade Chen snorted. Instead of taking the boss’s cigarette, he looked at him coldly and said, “Boss, I want to know how your restaurant educate your staff. She sent the things we ordered to other customers. Is this the rule of your restaurant?”

When the waitress went to call her boss over just now, the boss had already roughly understood the whole story. Hence, he naturally understood the meaning of Fade Chen’s words, but at this moment, he purposefully pretended to be silly and said, “Sir, please calm down. We will investigate the matter thoroughly and give you a satisfactory answer.”

“A satisfactory answer?” Fade Chen said, “Bring us the wine now!”

Seeing this, Lincoln Xie immediately said, “This is the wine that I ordered.”

The boss suddenly looked embarrassed and said, “Dear guests, you all said that the wine was ordered by yourself. This is really…

Fade Chen said coldly, “Who ordered the wine? Sir, you may replay the CCTV of the restaurant and see it yourself.”

Hearing that he wanted to watch the surveillance video, the waitress suddenly turned pale and looked worried. Then, she looked at Lincoln Xie for help.

Lincoln Xie’s face also changed slightly, but then he showed a look of disdain. He winked at the boss and said in a low voice, “Sir, my name is Lincoln Xie, from the Bay City.”

Hearing this, the boss’s eyes lit up immediately. With an ingratiating look, he approached Lincoln Xie and said, “It’s Young Master Xie from the Xie Family in Bay City. It’s my honor to have you here.”

“It’s indeed your honor!” Lincoln Xie’s face was full of pride. Then he pointed to the Life Elixir Wine and said, “This wine…”

How could the boss not understand Lincoln Xie’s meaning? He quickly handed over the wine and said, “We, of course, serve the wine that Young Master Xie wants. In order to thank you for coming, this bottle of wine will be free for you.”

Lincoln Xie picked up the Life Elixir Wine and looked at Fade Chen provocatively. Then he nodded and said proudly, “Yes, I don’t care about tens of millions of yuan. What I care about is dignity. If someone shows me respect, I will certainly do the same.”

With this, Lincoln Xie handed the boss a business card and said, “Call this person later and tell him my name, tell him that I asked the company to cooperate with your restaurant.”

The boss immediately became ecstatic, holding the business card with both hands, and the smile on his face was wide. He didn’t expect that he would win Young Master Xie’s favor by sending him a bottle of wine and get the opportunity to cooperate with the Xie family. This was a great opportunity!

The boss, who was smiling, winked at the waitress and said in a low voice, “Wendy, I’ll raise your salary and give you a bonus later. You did a good job this time!”

The waitress burst into laughter and was overjoyed. She was so lucky this time. First, she got 10,000 yuan, and now she was rewarded by the boss. How lucky she was!

The two were overjoyed and flattered Lincoln Xie, completely ignoring Fade Chen.

Seeing this, Fade Chen lowered his voice and said coldly, “Boss, are you doing business like this?”

The boss made up his mind at the moment, so he was not polite to Fade Chen. He directly said in an official tone, “Dear guest, if you have any dissatisfaction, you can mention it to us. We will take it into consideration. If our restaurant can’t satisfy you, you can call the department. We welcome the supervisors to come and check on us.”

Obviously, he had nothing to fear. The boss did not care about offending such poor guests as Fade Chen. After all, compared with the benefits of pleasing Young Master Xie, losing these two guests was not a big deal.

“Good, very good, so this is the way your restaurant runs!” Fade Chen’s voice was extremely gloomy. Then he took out his mobile phone and said coldly, “Didn’t you say that you welcome supervision? Then let’s have them here!”

“Boss, he seems to be calling to complain!” The waitress said carefully.

The boss curled his lip scornfully and said, “Let him do it have already taken care of the business there. Besides, the standard of our restaurant is high. There is no problem with the real examination.

As soon as the boss finished speaking, his mobile phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID and immediately picked up the phone. With a smile on his face, he said, “Mr. Qi, your Life Elixir Wine really sold out well in our restaurant. We had just received it and it sold out in the blink of an eye. If you can give us more wine, we..”

Before the boss could finish there was a deep roar from the other side, “Mr. Wang, we will no longer supply the Life Elixir Wine to your restaurant. Don’t you think about getting goods from us in the future.”

The boss was a little stunned. He didn’t understand what had happened. How did the Life Elixir Wine’s contract that he had just signed suddenly get canceled? He wanted to explain, but the other party hung up the phone.

“What’s going on?” The boss asked in a low voice, frowning as he put away his phone.

But before he could put the phone back in his pocket, it rang again. The boss touched the phone and before he could speak, there was a roar from the other end of the phone. “Wang, is this how you do business?! I warned you not to play any tricks. You can’t afford to offend some people. From now on, the cooperation between our company and your restaurant will be suspended, and there will be no more contact!”

“Ah!” The boss was dumbfounded.

But then, the clerk rushed over in a panic and shouted, “Boss, bad news, bad news!”

“What’s wrong? Is the sky falling down?” the boss shouted, resisting his anger.

The clerk said, “Boss, the businessmen are here to check. Moreover, the inspection seems to be very strict this time, We have violated several rules and they are going to temporarily close down our restaurant.”

“What? How, how is this possible?” The store ow was stunned and did not understand what had happened.


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