MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 140



Although Yuri Zhang was not dressed fashionably, and her accessories were ordinary ones, she was prettier compared to the plain-looking, simple-dressed, introverted and shy girl she was before.

Seeing Fade Chen staring at her, Yuri Zhang couldn’t help but blush. She lowered her head shyly and gently called, “Brother Chen.”

Fade Chen woke up from the daze. He smiled at Yuri Zhang and said, “Yuri, you have become a superstar, you’ve turned even more beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

Yuri Zhang became shyer. “Brother Chen, you’re joking me again.”

“All right, no joke anymore.” Fade Chen smiled and said, “But to be honest, Yuri, you are so beautiful today!”

Every woman will be happy if someone admires her beauty. Hearing this, Yuri Zhang couldn’t help but smile.

Then she gently pulled Fade Chen’s clothes and said, “Brother Chen, let’s go in!”

Fade Chen pointed to the well-dressed customers in the restaurant and whispered in Yuri Zhang’s ear, “Yuri, the food in this restaurant is very expensive. I don’t like to eat in this kind of place. I’d like to eat at roadside food stalls, a barbecue and a few bottles of beer, which is the best.”

Yuri Zhang knew that Fade Chen was saving money for her, so she couldn’t help but feel warm in her heart. However, she still pulled Fade Chen inside and explained at the same time, “Brother Chen, don’t worry. I’m richer now. The company has given me a contract fee of 100,000 yuan. I gave my parents 80,000 yuan, and now there are 20,000 yuan left. It’s enough for dinner at a place like this.”

After a pause, Yuri Zhang said seriously, “What’s more, have to thank you, Brother Chen. I can’t just treat you with a simple dinner. If it weren’t for you, Brother Chen, I wouldn’t have had such a good chance like this.”

Since Yuri Zhang said so, Fade Chen did not deny her again. He nodded and said, “Well, since you are rich now. Today, will order the most expensive meal.”

With this, Fade Chen patted his belly and said to Yuri Zhang, “My stomach is very big. Be careful, because I will eat a lot!”

“I’m not afraid!” The little beauty gently wrinkled her nose and showed a lovely smile. She pulled Fade Chen’s clothes and continued to walk towards the restaurant.

Fade Chen suddenly stopped Yuri Zhang and stood still.

“Brother Chen, what’s wrong?” Yuri Zhang felt strange that Fade Chen suddenly stopped.

Fade Chen pointed to the couple around him who walked into the restaurant hand in hand. Then he smiled at Yuri Zhang and reached out to hold her soft hand. “See, we have to go into the restaurant like this.”

Yuri Zhang felt that the back of her hand was in his hand, and a warm feeling suddenly surged over. Yuri Zhang’s cheeks instantly turned red. However, she did not refuse Fade Chen’s action. Instead, she slightly lowered her head and let Fade Chen take her into the dining room.

Yuri Zhang had already booked a table wit a good seat. It was located in a corner near the window. The environment was quiet, and the private room was not far away.

After handing the menu to Fade Chen, Yuri Zhang immediately called the waiter over. “Brother Chen, you can order whatever you like!”

The waiter was a beautiful young woman with a smile on her face. When she saw Fade Chen’s simple clothes, her eyes flashed and she frowned.

Fade Chen did not pay attention to the waitress’s expression. He lowered his head and looked at the menu. He found that the cost of this restaurant was really expensive. A vegetable dish would cost about four hundred yuan, and a meat dish was worth seven or eight hundred yuan. If he ordered a few dishes, Yuri Zhang would probably spend several thousand dollars for a meal.

Although Yuri Zhang had money now, and the twenty thousand yuan she had could afford this meal, Fade Chen didn’t want to use up all of her living expenses in a meal, so he ordered three or four relatively cheap dishes with a price of about a thousand yuan.

“That’s all for the dishes.” After ordering, Fade Chen closed the menu and handed it to the waitress beside him.

The waitress put away the menu, smiled professionally at Fade Chen, and asked, “Sir, do you want some wine? If you spend over two thousand yuan on the drinks, you can enjoy a 20% discount on your total bill. Today..”

Fade Chen thought of the wine that was priced at least four digits on the menu. He immediately waved his hand and said, “There’s no need for the wine. Just serve two cups of plain water!”

The waitress was stunned for a moment, then nodded and turned to leave.

However, when she left, she whispered. “D*mn. No wines, only cheap things I can’t get any commission out of it.

“What an outfit. Don’t come here for dinner if you don’t have any money. Shame on them.”

“How nice it would be if I could be as lucky as Ann. Then, I can go to the private room to serve. Those Young Masters are willing to spend lots of money at any time. It’s much better than this kind of poor guy.”

The waitress’s voice was not loud, but Fade Chen’s strength was so strong that he heard all her words.

Fade Chen couldn’t help but frowned. He didn’t expect the waiter of this hotel to have this kind of manner.

Yuri Zhang noticed Fade Chen’s frown and asked, “Brother Chen, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” Fade Chen waved his hand and said with a smile. Then he sighed, “I just thought that you would become a superstar, and there must be a lot of people who would love you. I feel a little jealous when thinking that I need to share you with so many people!”

Hearing this, Yuri Zhang couldn’t help but blush. Especially when she heard the word “love”, she gently blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Fade Chen up and down. “Brother Chen, my feelings for you will not change whether for now or in the future.”

“Feeling? What feelings do you have towards me?” Fade Chen blinked his eyes and looked at Yuri Zhang with a teasing smile.

“Gratitude!” Yuri Zhang said.

“Only gratitude? Is there anything else?” Fade Chen sighed with a regretful look.

“And, and… I love..” Yuri Zhang’s cheeks were red and her voice was too low to be heard. At this time, the waitress came over with a glass of water. Yuri Zhang quickly changed the topic and said, “Brother Chen, the water is here. You can drink water!”

But at this moment, Fade Chen smiled. He heard the waitress’s voice from far away. How could he not hear Yuri Zhang’s murmur?

However, in order not to make the little beauty shy, Fade Chen could only pretend not to hear it. He picked up the cup, took a sip, and then sighed, “Even the water you ordered is extremely appetizing.”


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