MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Part 137



While speaking, Kevin Huang grabbed towards Fade Chen. His five fingers cut through the air and brought out a gust of wind as he reached out towards Fade Chen’s heart hard.

If Kevin Huang really caught it, Fade Chen’s heart would be ripped out. He would definitely die.

It had to be said that Kevin Huang had been trained outside for many years, and his skills were very cruel. When he attacked, every attempt he made was a brutal move that caused injury and death. Even if both of them were at the end-level of the Yellow class, if he fought with Jimmy Wei alone, he would’ve definitely been defeated.

This was the strength gap between a normal warrior and a warrior who had been tempered in actual combat.

However, Kevin Huang’s moves against Fade Chen was another case. Regardless of whether Fade Chen’s strength had been tempered in actual combat, his actual skills were much higher than Kevin Huang’s.

Therefore, in the face of Kevin Huang’s move, Fade Chen had no intention of avoiding it at all. He raised his right arm, and held out his index finger and middle finger, then, gently touched Kevin Huang’s palm. His action was light as a feather.


Fade Chen tapped Kevin Huang’s palm with his finger.

In an instant, Kevin Huang felt a weird and numb feeling coming along his arm. His arm suddenly trembled, and then he couldn’t exert any strength and couldn’t even lift it up.

Tom Wei saw this move behind him and could not help but to think of the first time he and Fade Chen met in the Drunken Parlour. At that time, Fade Chen directly defeated him with this “Sky-Locking Finger”, which made Tom Wei admired Fade Chen.

Now, when he saw Fade Chen use this move again, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Sky-Locking Finger!”

Of course, Fade Chen’s attack this time was much more brutal than the last time. Almost in an instant, Kevin Huang’s face turned pale, his arms became numb and powerless.

Kevin Huang was extremely shocked. He knew the horror of the Sky-Locking Finger. When this skill was practiced to the very end, the enemy will be paralyzed and with no strength to resist.

But the Sky-Locking Finger was the top martial art technique which only belonged to the top sects. Was the skill that this guy used really the “Sky-Locking Finger”?

For a moment, Kevin Huang couldn’t help but doubt in his heart. After all, it seemed that the master who could use the Sky-Locking Finger wouldn’t appear in such a remote area. He suspected that this was the trick of smokescreen by Tom Wei and Fade Chen.

These thoughts flashed through his mind in an instant .

While Kevin Huang was still confused, he suddenly felt that the numb feeling on his arm had already rushed up to his body. Half of his shoulder had begun to stiffen.

In an instant, Kevin Huang was shocked. “It’s really the Sky Locking Finger!”

“Who on earth is this guy? He actually knows the skill of Sky Locking Finger!” Kevin Huang was shocked, but at this moment, he had no time to investigate these matters. If this numbness spread to his whole body, then he would not be able to move at all and would be an easy target.

Thinking of this, Kevin Huang could not help but bite his teeth, shook his left hand gently, and a cold light emerged from his sleeve. It was the blade he used before.

He stared hard at Fade Chen and gritted his teeth. With his left hand holding the blade, he waved it quickly and cut off his right arm!

In an instant, his body shook violently, and he screamed in pain. His forehead was sweaty. His left hand quickly touched the broken part of his right arm to stop the gushing of blood.

Then, Kevin Huang immediately turned around and fled without looking back.

All of this happened very quickly, in just a matter of few seconds.

Jimmy Wei and Thomas Qiao could not help but gasp when they saw this scene. They were shocked. Kevin Huang was not only very cruel to others, but also cruel to himself.

How could he cut off his own arm with a knife? Thinking of this, Jimmy Wei’s heart couldn’t help but surge wildly. What Kevin Huang said just now hit him hard in the heart.

“I have really been at ease for too long. The ruthlessness in my heart has been obliterated. If I am put into the situation like Kevin Huang just now, I am afraid that I can’t do it at all.” Jimmy Wei’s forehead was full of sweat.

At this moment, Thomas Qiao was also shocked. His actual combat experience was longer than Jimmy Wei’s, but he was definitely not as brutal as Kevin Huang.

“He is definitely a guy who is desperate for his life. If we got defeated by him, we will surely die!” Thomas Qiao was shocked.

While they were still in a daze, Kevin Huang’s had already jumped to the side of the swimming pool. If he could move forward a bit more and jump over the wall. He had a great chance to escape.

Seeing this, Tom Wei suddenly woke up and became anxious. He hurriedly shouted, “He’s going to run. Hurry up and chase him!”

Jimmy Wei and Thomas Qiao suddenly came back to their senses and thought quickly. If they let this kind of ruthless person escape, they will not be able to sleep well in the future. They had to worry about being assassinated by this kind of person at all times.

Instantly, the two jumped up from the ground at the same time and chased Kevin Huang with all their strength.

However, the two of them were not as fast as Kevin Huang after all, and there was still some distance between them. They could only watch Kevin Huang ran farther and farther away, and they couldn’t catch up.

At this moment, Fade Chen, who had only used one finger just now, narrowed his eyes and his chest surged. Then, a blast of strength burst out of his mouth, and at the same time, a thunder-like roar sounded, “Don’t you dare thinking of escaping!”


In an instant, a white breath came out of Fade Chen’s mouth. The breath turned into a sword in the air. It broke through the space at a very fast speed and accurately stabbed the back of Kevin Huang, who was about to climb over the wall.


The sword went through Kevin Huang’s body and continued to fly forward. After flying for about 400 or 500 meters, it gradually dissipated under the bright moonlight.

As for Kevin Huang’s body, his heart was directly penetrated, and his body instantly lost vitality. His body stopped and then fell into the swimming pool, creating a huge splash of water.

Jimmy Wei and Thomas Qiao rushed over and dragged Kevin Huang out of the swimming pool. After confirming that he was dead, they were relieved.

Then, they looked at Fade Chen and their expressions became tense again.

The young man in his early twenties killed Kevin Huang, who was at the peak of the Yellow Class, in just two moves.

First, it was a mysterious martial arts technique, the Sky Locking Finger!

Then, it was a superb skill that could turn one’s breath into a sword!

What kind of masters could reach this Black level, the Earth level, and even the Heaven level? They didn’t know what to guess, and didn’t dare to make any wild guesses.


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