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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband … Episode 850



The Fire Skeleton just stopped the blood. At this moment, Chen Fei’s cold voice rang out: “Has the blood stopped? If it stopped, then come with me. I have something to ask you.”

“You– “Fire Skull’s face froze, and he took a step back.

Seeing this, Chen Fei snorted and slapped in the direction of the fire skeleton. Suddenly, a two-meter-high stone behind the Fire Skeleton was directly crushed and turned into countless debris, which was scattered in the air, “If you want to escape, this stone is your end.”

“You know, The reason why you are still alive now. Not because of you, but because I do n’t want you to die now. “Chen Fei said coldly.

Huo Skeleton’s face changed a lot, his eyes hesitated for a while, but in the end he didn’t dare to escape, obediently followed in the footsteps of Chen Fei and walked towards Han Zhijun’s main house.

Behind him, the male with black and white skull masks did not dare to have any idea of ​​running away, and followed him step by step.

A group of people sat down in the main house to find a place. Chen Fei waved and said to the duo: “Take off your mask.” The

two of them dare not take the skull mask off their faces.

Chen Fei immediately saw the two men’s appearance. The male and female black and white skull masks were in their early thirties, with ordinary looks. The Fire Skull is slightly older, about 35 to 56 years old, with thin cheeks and a little red flame on the forehead.

“First of all, talk about the identity and strength of the two of you, and the purpose here.” Chen Fei ordered.

The black and white skull mask male opened his mouth and said, “My name is Qi Lai, the late strength of the Xuan class is the local team leader of the Skull and Bones Association.”

“He is my boss.” After that, the black and white skull mask male pointed to the fire beside him. Skeleton, added a sentence.

The Fire Skeleton then introduced: “My name is Lan Yong, the level of mysterious pinnacle. I am the captain of the local Skeleton Association.”

“Talking about your purpose here, and where is Yue Qiaoyu’s body?” Chen Fei asked.

Fire Skeleton said: “We were originally entrenched here, using Han Zhijun to continuously grab people for experiments. Some time ago, our superiors heard from us that we had arranged a task to go to the Yue’s house to bring Yue Qiaoyu’s body back, You bring it in and ask us to kill you. ”

” Of course, the superior also said that if you can catch you alive, it would be best. “Huo Skeleton added.

Chen Fei heard that, frowning for a moment, and then said: “So, Yue Qiaoyu’s body is useless for you, just a prop that attracts me here.”

“That’s it, Yue Qiaoyu itself is relying on our skeleton society Drugs to enhance his strength, he has no effect. “Fire Skull said.

Chen Fei continued to ask: “You said that your skeleton will catch people to do experiments, what kind of experiment are you doing?”

Huo Skeleton said: “It is a kind of blood vein experiment. The superior asked us to catch people with these special blood veins. Find someone who meets the superior. The people whose bloodline requires them take their blood and condense into medicine. ”

” Drug! “Chen Fei frowned,” The medicine you gave to Han Zhijun was made using this method! ”

Huo Skeleton nodded and said: “It is true. However, the medicine given to Han Zhijun is only the most basic coagulation pill of our Skull and Bones Association. There are more advanced medicines in our Skull and Bones Association. The most top-level medicines can be taken after taking one. Longevity and longevity for ten years. After taking one, you can directly break from the Xuan-level realm to the prefecture-level realm. ”

” Is there such a magical drug? “Jiao Boss and Yue Hongan heard their eyes straightened now.

Chen Fei’s face was heavy, and his expression looked very cold. After all, the most basic coagulation pill given to Han Zhijun by the other party was made by many people. Those high-level drugs in the mouth of the Fire Skeleton don’t know how many innocent people’s lives must be sacrificed to make them.

Chen Fei noticed a strange mood, skull fire quickly explained: “.. These advanced drugs, I just heard from superiors over the question but I have never seen, after all, my level is still too low,”

Chen Fei cold Humming, I continued to ask: “What kind of organization is your

Skeleton Association? How do you contact your superior?” Huo Skeleton said: “We and the superior are in one-line contact. Only the superior can actively contact the lower and lower Unable to take the initiative to contact the superior. Our tasks and resources are all directly ordered by the superior. ”

” So, I only know the situation of me and my subordinate. The above situation is nothing. I don’t know the skeleton Will

know the situation inside the superior. ” ” Do you really not understand? “Chen Fei asked with a deep voice.

Huo Skeleton shook his head quickly and said, “I really don’t know.”

Chen Fei stared at Huo Skeleton’s eyes, feeling he didn’t seem to be lying. After being silent for a moment, then said in a cold voice: “Now, take me to your local base.” How

dare the Fire Skull say nothing, and then took Chen Fei out.

The base is in the deeper mountains of Hanjia Manor, and a few wooden cabins look very simple.

When Chen Fei arrived, the log cabin was empty, and even everything was taken away. All that could not be taken away were destroyed, and no traces could be seen.

Seeing this, Chen Fei froze, staring at the Fire Skeleton, with a murderous intention in his eyes, “How could it be like this?” The

Fire Skeleton quickly waved his hands and explained in panic: “Mr. Chen, I, I There was no ventilation. When I left, everything here was still good. I do n’t know, how could it be like this? ”

Chen Fei’s eyes were cold and his heart sank.

This Skeleton Society seems to be more complicated and tighter than expected. They just subdued the two of them, and as a result, they got the news and immediately destroyed the traces so that they could not find a clue.

After searching in the base and making sure that there is no clue. Chen Fei turned and looked at Qi Lai and Lan Yong coldly, his right hand raised.

Seeing this, the two were suddenly shocked and quickly begged for mercy.

“Mr. Chen, what you want us to say, we have all said. Please, spare our lives.”

“Mr. Chen spares our lives. ” Chen

Fei said coldly: “How many lives have you killed, to spare you, Do you think it is possible? “The

two saw Chen Fei’s determined killing intention, and suddenly showed a decisive color in his eyes, then looked at each other, turned and ran wildly, trying to escape.

“Can you escape?” Chen Fei saw it, shook his head, and patted out with a palm.

“Boom”, the two were photographed with a palm and fell hundreds of meters away. Then, Chen Fei gently flicked his fingertips, struck two flames, and fell on the two, quickly burning them into a ball of ashes.


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