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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3041



However, when they came to the pit, their faces suddenly changed.

Because, originally lying in the pit, dying wood rain, now even disappeared.

At the moment, the office building, an office, put on an ordinary clerical ol uniform of Muyu, face published sitting on the chair.


All the way to the 18th floor of the office building, Chen Fei walked out of the elevator and sniffed the air in the corridor. His eyes narrowed slightly and he whispered to himself, “this is it.”

With that, Chen Fei stepped out and walked into the office building.

Looking at the high-rise buildings with more than 20 stories in front of him, as well as the lights and figures walking around overtime, Chen Fei raised his mouth slightly and showed a sneer, “Da Yin is in the city. It’s surprising that the headquarters of a killer organization should be arranged in a commercial office building! ”

Half an hour later, Chen Fei came to an office building located in the Third Ring Road of Beijing.

As soon as he came out, Chen Fei’s body immediately melted into the night, shuttling through the high-rise streets in the capital.

After settling down several people and treating Wei Tian, Chen Fei changes into black and leaves the Military Commission.

With the name of the Military Commission and the presence of Zhong Xu and Lin Zhentian, I’m afraid few killers dare to come here to assassinate.

Here, because of the assassination, Chen Fei did not let them go home, but sent them all to the armed forces Committee.


“That’s good!” Zhu Xu nodded.

Junmo shook his head and said, “it’s not urgent. Boss Zhuyeqing just told me. They’re going to do it again, and they’re going to do it. ”

“Don’t dance!” Zhu Xu shook Jun Mo dance’s hand, comforted and said, “that bamboo leaf green is not good, let’s ask other people to do it. They are not the only ones in this business in this world. ”

“Now, every night when I fall asleep, I dream about my father and brother. Dream of them wandering around me, they let me avenge them. I don’t want to take revenge. ”

Just, don’t wait for him to finish, Jun Mo dance a face of resentment of opening a way: “I can’t wait so long.”

“Don’t dance, or we’ll find another way. After the exchange conference, Chen Feng was defeated and disgraced, and his reputation was ruined. Then we will do something to them – “Zhu Xudao.

“What?” Zhu Xu frowned, “this bamboo leaf green, said that it is the most professional assassination organization in China, but in the end, it can’t even do this little thing well?”

Jun Mo danced: “there’s news from Zhuyeqing that the assassination failed.”

Beside her, Zhu Xu, lying on the bed, saw Junmo dance and asked in a voice, “Mo dance, what’s the matter?”

Before long, Junmo dance hung up in a high-grade single family dormitory building of the women’s college. Her face was very blue and her expression was very ugly.


“Yes Muyu road.

Lao Da Dao: “forget it, you’re injured. Come back first. Qingzhuxuan is going to give up. As for the task, I’ll send someone to do it again. ”

“I see, boss. I’ll do it again, and I’ll finish it. ” Muyu said firmly.

“The publisher of this mission has a good identity. After finishing this task, we can go further. If it’s not finished well, I’m afraid we can’t stay in the capital any longer. ”

The boss said in a deep voice: “you have to remember that the most important thing for us in this business is credibility. If you give up when you meet a difficult task, how can you get a foothold in Beijing and China in the future? ”

“Bamboo leaf green, bear attack and kill, one shot to death, do not give up until the goal.” Muyu immediately called out the slogan.

As soon as the words came out, the boss on the other end of the phone said, “Muyu, have you forgotten our tenet of Zhuyeqing?”

Muyu waited for a few seconds. Seeing that the boss didn’t respond, he tentatively asked, “boss, this Chen Feng is more difficult to deal with than he imagined. Otherwise, let’s withdraw from the task! ”

After listening, the boss on the other end of the phone was silent again.

Then, Muyu quickly told the whole process of the assassination.

After a pause, a thick voice came from the other end of the phone, “what happened?”

“Boss, mission failed.”

Immediately, she took out a small mobile phone, encrypted it and dialed a number.

At the moment, she looked at the back of Chen Fei and his party and said in a low voice: “Chen Feng, I didn’t expect to be so powerful. Damn it.”

However, surprisingly, Muyu didn’t run away. Instead, she bravely hid beside the wooden house and eavesdropped on Chen Fei’s conversation.

Judging from her figure, she is a woman, which should be the Muyu just now.

Not long after they left the stream, they were alone in the grass.

So the party left the green bamboo Pavilion.


But Chen Fei waved his hand and decided, “let’s go.””Can –” Lin Hu also wanted to persuade.

But Chen Fei, with a calm face, shook his head and said, “it’s not safe here, and the situation is not very clear. I’m not sure there are other killers. Now, the most important thing is that we get out of here safely. ”

On one side, Lin Lu and Wei Tian nodded.

“Elder brother Chen, she should not have gone far. Shall we chase her?” Lin Hu is a little excited.

Obviously, Muyu entered the stream. Under the cover of the stream, he blocked the bloodstains and traces and ran away quietly.

The trace of movement finally disappeared in the stream.

And after climbing this not long distance, outside the wooden house, is a gurgling stream.

Go down to have a look, and sure enough, blood and traces of someone moving were found on the raised ground.

Just now, the rain smashed through the floor of the wooden house and into the soil on the ground. It seemed that there was no way to escape from it. But in fact, she can leave through the gap.

But for the sake of moisture-proof, with a few large wooden piles, supporting the wooden house, about 30 cm away from the ground.

After a quick inspection, they found that the cabin was not built completely close to the ground.

In the sound of doubt, Lin Lu bent down and looked down. He found something unusual, “it’s below. There’s space below. The stream leading to the outside of the wooden house, the wooden rain ran away by water

“Is it hard to be a ghost?”

“Did she escape? But we’re all here. We don’t see her leave. There’s no other way to leave? ”

“What’s the matter? Where’s the rain? ”

Opposite him was a middle-aged man in his forties, with a big belly and slick hair.

Just looking at this dress, I’m afraid no one can see that the man and woman with the appearance of boss and secretary are actually the boss and killer of a killer organization.


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