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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3040



Seeing this, Chen Fei snorted coldly. On his hands, the red Zhenyuan breath surged up, like two burning flames, toward Muyu.

This mu Yu, holding a steel rope, is obviously on a smart way.

At this time, Lin Hu thought of something and said in a voice: “brother Chen, who sent these killers? Why do you want to kill us? Should we arrest and interrogate them? ”

“Let’s get out of here!” Wei Ling was still a little scared. She looked at her injured brother and couldn’t help saying.

Chen Fei checked and found that only Wei Tian’s injury was slightly serious, but it was only skin and flesh. The others, they didn’t get hurt.

“Nothing!” Everyone spoke out.

Chen Fei looked at the people in the room and asked with concern, “are you all right?”

At this moment, the noisy scene suddenly quieted down.

But Chen Fei will not give them the chance to escape, directly blow out a few punches, smash a few killers, into a pool of blood.

These killers just saw that their leader Muyu was defeated, but there was still a little sense of war. They quickly turned around and ran away.

After solving Muyu, Chen Fei turns around and looks at the remaining killers who are still fighting with Lin Hu and Lin Lu. His eyes are cold and he kills them.

Blood gushed out and the rain fell in the pit, dying.

Huge force, the wooden floor will be directly penetrated.

Muyu’s slender body was photographed on the ground at a very fast speed.


Angry eyes, raised fists, like meteorites from the sky, bang on Muyu.

However, in the moment of her consternation, Chen Fei has deceived herself.

At the moment, Muyu has no intention of war, just want to escape.

But Chen Fei only relies on the terrible heat of Zhenyuan’s breath to melt the steel cable. This strength is really terrible.

“How can it be?” Muyu was very clear that his weapon was made of precious materials. It was very hard, and ordinary fire could hardly cause any damage.

The terrible heat of Qi and energy made the hard and incomparable steel rope soften and melt, completely losing its combat effectiveness.

Chen Fei gave a cold Snort and hit the wire rope.

“I want to escape!”

At the same time, Muyu retreats quickly, and tries to escape from Chen Fei.

This end of the wire rope, with the force of throwing, draws an arc in the air and wraps it around Chen Fei’s neck.

Aware of his mistake, Mu Yu’s eyes changed, but then he quickly responded and suddenly released the cable in his hand.

Sure enough, Mu Yu is really in the trap. He comes close and attacks Wei Ling, so he gives Chen Fei the chance to do it.

So, just now he left Wei Ling to save Wei Tian. It seems to be a flaw, but it’s a small trap set by Chen Fei in order to lure Mu Yu.

If Chen Fei can only save one of his many friends, he will definitely choose Wei Ling.

But if it’s really arranged, the most important one is Wei Ling.

Indeed, all the people present said to Chen Fei Lai that they were all friends and important.

“You -” Mu Yu’s face changed, and then she suddenly woke up.

Chen Fei raised a sneer, “do you really think that I will leave Wei Ling and show you such a big flaw?”

“How can you react? You –” Mu Yu was surprised.

His red fists, like two burning angry eyes, were about to hit her hard.

Aware of the terrible pressure behind him, Mu Yu turns around and finds out in horror that Chen Fei unexpectedly appears behind him.

“You are the one who died!”

Seeing that the situation was extremely critical, but at this moment, an angry and thick voice, like a blinking general, sounded behind Muyu.

With the sharpness of the steel rope and the strength of Muyu, if she entangles her, Wei Ling’s neck will be cut off directly by her.

With that, the wire rope in Muyu’s hand made an arc in the air and wrapped it around Weiling’s neck.

“Injustice has its head and debt has its owner. When you get down there, you go to them, not me.”

Mu Yu looked at Wei Ling in horror, raised a cruel smile at the corner of her mouth, and said in a voice: “Mr. Wei, someone wants your life. I just collect money to do business.”

“Boss mu, you –” Wei Ling looked at the gentle looking boss Mu Yu just now, but now she was so fierce that she wanted to kill herself. She didn’t seem to recover.

At this time, seizing Chen Feichi’s opportunity to help Wei Tian, Mu Yu, who has been swimming away to attack, suddenly speeds up and directly impacts Wei Ling. The steel rope in his hand turns into a lethal blade, and his eyes come with a cold intention to kill.

Chen Fei waved his hand and said, “go to the corner and protect yourself.”

Wei Tian gasped heavily, and his face recovered a little bit of blood color, “brother Chen, thank you.”In a few seconds, the threat around Wei Tian was solved by Chen Fei.

Several times in succession, Chen Fei can kill a killer with every blow.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Such a situation, let Chen FeiMeng a bite, body breath crazy surge, quickly rushed to the side of Weitian, double fists like a heavy hammer, mercilessly toward the killer beside Weitian hit down.

Wei Tian’s situation suddenly became critical, and there were more blood on him.

Lin Hu and Lin Lu are under pressure for a while. They can protect themselves and have no spare power to help Wei Tian.

In an instant, the killers’ actions are also accelerated, one by one desperate, launched a fierce attack.

Muyu obviously also found Chen Fei’s action and gave a shrill cry, “quick fight, quick decision!”

Chen Fei is aware of Wei Tian’s situation. His eyes are cold, and his attack is aggravated. His two fists are fierce, and his body moves towards Wei Tian quickly.

It’s Huang Pang who is the worst. Fortunately, no one attacks him at the moment.

If not for Lin Hu and Lin Lu struggling to help Wei Tian, I’m afraid he has been killed by the killer now.

But just ten seconds later, there were several more scars on Wei Tian’s body, and the blood gushed out.

Wei Tian’s personal strength is not as good as that of Lin Hu and Lin Lu. In addition to his early recovery from serious injury, he is not likely to be the opponent of these killers.

Weitian, in particular, is now the target of the killers’ attack. Several killers even ignore others and attack Weitian together.

At the same time, other killers launched a fierce attack on others.

Using the length and dexterity of the wire rope, he launched an attack constantly, but he kept a distance from Chen Fei.

Lin Lu looked at the corpse in the room and said, “brother Lin just started too hard. He’s all dead. I can’t ask.”

“This – that Mu Yu may still be alive, we -” Lin Hu made a sound and walked towards the hole that Mu Yu smashed out.


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