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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3039



“Fat man, I’m back. I’m fine.” Chen Fei patted the fat man on the back, comforting.

But Huang pangzi still hugs Chen Fei tightly for a long time.

They are all level Four fighters, absolutely strong.

“Who are you?” Just now, Chen Fei has felt that these killers are not ordinary people.

However, they are obviously professional. After a very short time, they immediately recovered and continued to attack and kill.

Other killers see such a scene, also can’t help but Leng for a while, a little scared by Chen Fei’s fierce.

With a bang, Chen Fei smashes the killer’s head and falls to the ground, killing him instantly.

He rushed directly to a killer who killed Wei Ling and shot it with one hand.

Chen Fei is the first to react, and his action is the fastest at the moment.

At the moment of shouting, Wei Tian, Lin Hu and Lin Lu all stimulate the breath of Zhen Yuan, and greet the killer and move.

But the others, who had already reacted at the moment, immediately yelled, “there’s a killer, hide!”

“What’s going on?” Dizzy yellow fat man, did not realize what happened.

Around Muyu, seven or eight figures, each holding a sharp blade, reflected the chill of the moonlight, rushed over with a murderous face.

But at this time, a light gauze dress of Mu Yu, the guzheng on the silk thread pulled down, wrapped in the hands, into a deadly cable, full of fierce rushed over.

“Boss mu, how can you –” Wei Ling turned her eyes and looked in the direction of Mu Yu. She wanted to ask what happened.

The crowd opened their eyes, and their faces were suddenly awakened with panic and puzzled color.

Also will almost intoxicated people, suddenly wake up.

This voice will break the original atmosphere in an instant.

Then, he felt that the original melodious music suddenly rose and gave out a sharp whistling sound.

Only Chen Fei suddenly felt that his body immersed in the clear spring was cold.

At the moment, the people who are intoxicated in the music have not noticed all this.

At this moment, the owner Mu Yumu, who has a soft face and plays the piano with a smile, suddenly raises his head and looks at the people in the room. At last, his eyes sweep over Chen Fei, and then a cold evil smile rises from the corner of his mouth.

I do not know how long, a room of people, are squinting, intoxicated in the music.

Even Chen Fei felt his mind relaxed. He felt as if he was soaking in a cool spring. It was so comfortable that he almost didn’t want to leave.

All of us are indulged in this ecstatic enjoyment.

The ethereal music, the lingering smoke, and the thin moonlight shining through the hollow windows make the whole room a hazy atmosphere.

At this moment, people feel as if they have entered the blissful fairy palace. They are so happy and intoxicated that they want to stay here forever and do not want to leave.

Unconsciously, people feel that their mood is as ethereal and light as if they were in the clouds, wandering in the fairy palace, accompanied by fairy dancing and fairy music.

Then, a sound of elegant melodious music, like a clear spring, flows out of the guzheng and flows around the house.

A clear sound of music sounded, instantly attracted the attention of everyone in the house.


Listening to Wei Ling’s explanation, all of you are looking forward to it.

“Today, we are lucky. It happened that boss Mu was in the store and played a song himself. It’s nice to hear.”

“I don’t know how many dignitaries and martial arts masters in the capital want to hear boss Mu play a song himself, but they don’t have the chance.”

“It can be said that boss Mu’s guzheng is like the fairy music in the legend. It is absolutely a rare enjoyment to listen to a song.”

“Once a guest came here and listened to a guzheng by boss mu. After he went back, he was haunted for a month. He didn’t think about food and tea, and he lost 20 jin. It was not easy for him to recover.”

“Boss Mu is proficient in Chinese ancient music, especially guzheng, which is a unique skill.”

“But generally, it’s the ordinary musicians in the store who play. Although they are also experts, compared with boss mu, they are not at the same level. ”

Seeing this, Wei Ling gently tugged at his clothes and explained in a voice: “when you come to qingzhuxuan for dinner, there are all kinds of musical instruments to accompany you.”

Chen Fei was slightly surprised by this situation.

After the toast, Muyu waved. Someone moved a guzheng behind him and put it up in the room. Muyu sat in front of the guzheng and said with a smile, “I’m sorry.”

Chen Fei looked at Wei Ling, also took a glass of wine, mouth moved, said: “thank you, boss wood!”

While talking, Muyu takes up a glass of wine and comes to Chen Fei to propose a toast with a smile.

“This is a hero. It’s my pleasure to see youThen she turned her eyes and fell on Chen Fei. She said with a smile, “besides, this Mr. Chen Feng, Mr. Chen, just won the championship of the selection competition today. To be a member of our Huaxia team, to represent Huaxia in the world young warrior exchange conference, to win glory for our Huaxia. ”

The boss named Muyu, with a gentle but not enchanting smile, said in a voice: “Wei and your friends are all distinguished guests. I’ll come here by myself.”

“Boss wood!” Wei Ling recognized the woman and was surprised.

At the climax of the atmosphere, a beautiful woman in a light green gauze dress came in.

The others were a little dizzy.

Huang Pang, who is the weakest in martial arts, is already blushing. He can hardly stand.

Although qingzhuxuan’s sake degree is not high, a group of people chatted and drank a lot.

Some old friends finally had time to talk about their experiences in the past three years.

After a glass of wine, the atmosphere gradually warmed up.

Others raised their glasses.

“Yes, it’s time to get together.” Chen Fei took his glass, stood up and drank it.

Wei Ling looked at Chen Fei and said with a smile, “you don’t want to disclose your identity, so we only informed a few of them. It’s not easy for you to come back. Let’s get together today. ”

“You kid, make fun of me. Am I not too excited? ” Huang Pang releases Chen Fei and stares at Wei Tian.

Now, Wei Tian can’t stand it any more. He pulls Huang Pang apart. “Huang Pang, don’t be so passionate, OK. If other people see him, they will think that brother Chen has any special hobby? ”

However, Muyu obviously won’t answer his question, continue to hold the cable and kill him.

Chen Fei snorted coldly, and his breath surged to meet him.


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