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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3038



At the beginning of the last final, Chen Fei’s opponent was a martial arts player from xiaozongmen. He was thirty-four or fifteen years old, and his strength reached the peak of level five. He was close to the level six martial arts level. He was a very good strong man.

However, when he met Chen Fei, it was doomed.

This guy doesn’t care. As soon as he comes in, he pours directly at Chen Fei.

In the end, only a chubby figure remained.

Chen Fei nodded slightly and gave them a smile.

“Elder martial brother, I understand!” Lin Lu held back his excitement, saluted Chen Fei and said, “I met Mr. Chen Feng and Mr. Chen in the lower Military Commission

On one side, Lin Hu pulled Lin Lu and reminded him, “Mr. Chen doesn’t want to expose his identity now!”

Lin Lu was a little excited and looked at Chen Fei with hot eyes. “Master Chen, I –”

Lin Hu bowed to Chen Fei and said hello.

One of the men and one of the women came in, and Chen Fei immediately recognized them as Lin Hu and Lin Lushi’s brother and sister.

There are three people behind Wei Tian.

The first is Wei Tian, who has recovered.

As soon as her voice fell, a few people came into the hut.

Wei Ling said with a smile, “what are you in a hurry? When someone comes, you will know.”

“Who else are you talking about? Why haven’t you come yet? ” Chen Fei drinks tea and asks.

Therefore, anyone who can come here for an experience will make every dish a normal one. So, it’s not the same. Please order.

However, there is no need to order, because there are not many cuisines in qingzhuxuan. There are only seven or eight cuisines, each of which has its own characteristics and is very delicious.

Two people take a seat, the waiter brought tea, gently drink, fragrance, Qinren heart.

The faint sound of Guzheng music, along with the light smoke floating in the house, makes people calm down, as if they have entered the quiet mountain forest.

The wooden house is not completely closed. There are hollowed out wooden windows around. Through the hollowed out gaps, you can see the swaying green bamboos, flowers and plants outside, as well as the streams flowing by the side of the wooden house.

Inside is a delicate table of eight immortals, surrounded by sandalwood smoke curling, fragrance slowly into the air.

The yard was not big, so the waiter led them to a wooden house.

Chen Fei made a little exploration and found that these waiters were all level 2 warriors, and even one of the foremen reached the level 3 warrior level. It can be seen that the owner of the green bamboo Pavilion is really good.

Entering the courtyard, a waiter in a blue robe came up with a smile.

After listening to Wei Ling’s introduction, Chen Fei was interested.

“I started to make an appointment half a year ago, and I finally got it.”

“In the capital, I don’t know how many people come to qingzhuxuan to have a meal. However, because of the limited scale, the boss does not receive many guests. He only opens it once a week and treats ten guests at most. It can be said that it is extremely precious. ”

“Because she was not used to urban life, she copied her living environment in shanzhongzongmen and built this green bamboo restaurant. The food they make is also the food they eat in the clan. It’s fresh and delicious. After eating it, it’s refreshing and has endless aftertaste. ”

Wei Ling took Chen Fei by the arm and said, “this restaurant is called qingzhuxuan. It’s opened by a martial arts owner who came out of the family.”

“This is the restaurant?” Chen Fei was a little surprised.

In the middle of the stream, you can feel the sound of the brush.

Chen Fei got out of the car and saw a wooden courtyard in front of him.

Forty minutes later, the car stopped.

Wei Ling chuckled: “you’ll know when you get there.”

“Is there anyone else?” Chen Fei asked.

Wei Ling shook her head and said, “it’s necessary. Besides, I’m not the only one.”

“There’s no need to be so troublesome. Just have some more.” Chen Feidao.

Wei Ling said with a smile: “you won the championship today. I ordered a restaurant for you to celebrate.”

On the bus, Chen Fei asked curiously, “where are you going?”

Wei Ling takes Chen Fei and drives out.

After a bit of comfort, it’s time for dinner.

Back home, Wei Ling did not go to work today, waiting for Chen Fei at home.

After receiving the prize, Chen Fei quickly went through some procedures, then wrote down the time of joining the team, and then left the scene.


But, at the moment of Zhu Xu, did not see Jun Mo dance mouth raised a touch of evil smile.

Zhu Xu holds Junmo dance in his arms. His voice is gentle and firm. “I’m your husband. I’ll always be with you.”

“I – thank you, ah Xu!” Junmo choked up and rushed into Zhu Xu’s arms with a cry.

However, the more she said that, the more determined Zhu Xu was, “Mo Wu, I love you. You always love you. Do you think I will leave you at this time? I swear, I will use my best effort to love you”Ah Xu, I don’t want to implicate you. You have a bright future. There’s no need to accompany me –” Jun Mo dance said plaintively.

Zhu Xu struggled in his eyes, quickened his pace, caught up with him, took Junmo dance’s hand and said in a voice, “Mo dance, in my heart, you are my wife. Your business is mine. Even if those things are illegal, I will accompany you. ”

With that, Junmo turned and left.

“You go, I won’t blame you.”

“After all, we’re just engaged. Not really a couple! ”

Seeing this, Junmo shook his head and said, “you are the genius of the first military academy, and your Zhu family is also a family in the army. You have a bright future. You really don’t have to take this risk with me.”

“Ah, this –” Zhu Xu paused for a moment, his eyes hesitated.

Junmo dance didn’t answer, but said with a gloomy face: “Zhu Xu, what I’m going to do next is illegal or even illegal. Do you really want to know?”

“Mo dance, what do you mean –” Zhu Xu asked in a voice, his eyes changed.

But Jun Mo dance’s eyes sank, showing a chill of terror, and whispered: “my father and brother died, and he was not the only culprit. Since you can’t move him now, move the others. ”

Zhu Xu shook Junmo’s hand and wanted to say a few words of comfort.

“He won the championship, he has immunity, and he can’t be moved by the outcome of the trial.” Don’t bite your teeth.

When Chen Fei stepped on the podium and took the medal representing the champion from the awarder, Junmo dance and Zhu Xu’s eyes were so cold that they almost pierced Chen Fei.

Finally, after trying a few moves, Chen Fei’s strong strength was confirmed. The opponent directly admitted defeat, and Chen Fei won the championship smoothly.

Hugging Chen Fei, the fat man almost cried, “brother Chen, you’re still alive. That’s great. That’s great. I thought that I would never see you again. I – ”

this fat man is the friend Huang Pang and Huang Wei that Chen Fei and Wei Tian have known since they were in longan city.


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