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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3037



Sure enough, the moment the bell rang, Liu Jian immediately attacked Chen Fei and launched a fierce attack.

His moves look very simple, there is no gorgeous action.

Zhu Xu frowned, took Junmo dance’s hand and said in a deep voice, “I won’t let Junze and uncle die in vain. Believe me, even if Chen Feng gets immunity, I will make him pay the price.”

“I –” Jun Mo dance calmed down a little, but still very unwilling, “but if that guy really won the championship, he got immunity. My brother and my father died in vain. ”

“At that time, Zhong Xu, the old man of the Military Commission, will definitely attack our three schools and even the whole alliance. Do you want to see this? ”

Zhu Xu held the excited Jun Mo dance and said, “Mo dance, don’t be excited. This is an official event. It’s very big and people are watching. You now hand, that is to hand the handle to the opponent

Jun Mo dance seems a little excited, “no way, I’ll go down in person, I’ll kill that guy.”

Zhu Xu said in a deep voice, “we’ve run out of people. Now there’s no way

In the VIP banquet, Junmo dance looked at the scene with gnashing teeth and said: “that guy is going to enter the final, we can’t let him win, we can’t!”


So, he decided to admit defeat. Chen Fei entered the final.

Although his strength is good, but obviously less than Liuyun and Liu Jian, more unlikely to be Chen Fei’s opponent.

The fourth round is over, and then the fifth round is the top four. Without the troublemakers of Junmo dance and Zhu Xu, Chen Fei has won an ordinary folk warrior.

Then Chen Fei stepped down and waited for the competition to continue.

Even the referee was shocked by the bloody scene and was stunned for a moment. It was only when Chen Fei reminded him that he hurriedly regained his mind and announced Chen Fei’s victory.

Liu Yun just now and Liu Jian now.

As a result, Chen Fei contributed twice.

But I really killed my opponent in the challenge arena, and I didn’t die so many times.

Although the organizers have long declared that all the contestants who came to participate in the trials have signed the certificates of life and death.

Under the stage, a lot of audience directly screamed.


The furious Liu Jian’s eyes lost their luster, his body split in two and fell on the challenge arena. He could not die any more.

A red arc, sliding in the air, rips open Liu Jian’s body.

The long sword is flying in the air, chopping down.

The air of the fingertips burst out and pointed into a sword. The red streamer converged into a long flame sword at the fingertips.

With that, Chen Fei looked in front of him. His eyes were scarlet, and he was as violent as Liu Jian, a wild beast who had lost his mind completely. There was a chill in his eyes.

There was a touch of anger in his eyes, and he said in a cold voice: “the evil method of burning blood Gong has spread. Damn you

Found that at the moment, Liu Fei’s challenge arena is also abnormal.

“Why? “I can’t believe that Liu Junming’s sword will take the upper hand all of a sudden.

Zhu Xu nodded and said, “at present, that’s it!”

“You mean that Liu Jian was driven into a desperate situation by Chen Feng and had to use the blood burning skill.” Don’t dance.

Generally speaking, it is forbidden to teach and use this skill. Only when some special forces of a special nature encounter a desperate situation, in order to fight to the death, or to avoid divulging secrets, they can use this skill to forcibly consume their body and blood, burst out more than their own strength, and make a final fight.

Although she didn’t join the army, she knew that the blood burning skill was a self mutilation skill that consumed her own blood and forced her strength to break out.

“What, burning blood Gong!” Jun Mo was surprised.

Zhu Xu shook his head and said, “No. Liu Jian didn’t start to be serious, but was forced to use his “blood burning skill.”

“Liu Jian is going to win. Why are you so nervous?”

However, the side of Zhu Xu, but no Jun Mo dance smile, instead, his face became serious.

In the VIP banquet, seeing this scene, Jun Mo’s eyes lit up and said with a smile: “is Liu Jian going to be serious? Kill that Chen Feng, kill her quickly. ”

“You –” Liu Jian’s eyes sank, his teeth clenched, and suddenly burst into a breath of bright red. His eyes were scarlet. He was like a wild wolf. He rushed at Chen Fei fiercely, biting him constantly.

Chen Fei said, “you don’t need to know. Anyway, you are also a dead man.”

“Who are you? How can the body be so strong? ” Liu Jian asked in a voice.

But Chen Fei, with his physical strength alone, resisted his attacks.

You know, each move of Liu Jian’s fist and foot moves is integrated with his own power, not pure physical attack.

That is to say, the opponent who has fought with him for hundreds of moves has not used the breath of Zhenyuan at all, but has been fighting with him for such a long time with his own physical strength.Because, he found a terrible conclusion.

The more Liu Jian beat, the more frightened he was. His eyes, which were awe inspiring, flickered.

In the twinkling of an eye, they fought hundreds of moves, and the hard stone floor on the challenge arena was crushed.

These fists, they seem ordinary. But it contains their own true yuan breath. Each move is extremely fierce, which is stronger than those breath.

However, the complaining audience did not know how terrible their seemingly ordinary Kung Fu was.

Now, they fight each other hard. It seems that they went back to the time three years ago, which is not cool enough.

You’ve seen a lot of miraculous scenes of all kinds of auras, such as breaking through the air, walking on the sword and riding on the waves.

After all, in this era of martial arts, there are many warriors and many experts.

Because Chen Fei and Liu Jian, though fierce, are somewhat inferior.

For a moment, they hit each other with fists and feet, making a sound of “pa pa”, which made countless audience dazzled and puzzled.

He didn’t dodge, but with his own body, he fought with Liu Jian.

With that, Chen Fei directly rushed up against Liu Jian’s fierce attack.

Chen Fei felt Liu Jian’s playing style. A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth and said to himself, “my body is a little interesting. I can play with you.”

These moves are also very powerful. Every blow comes with the sound of the wind, sharp and lethal.

But the real person knows that his every move is a real way of killing people. It’s the real tactics that come from the army and trained in the sea of corpses, not those dazzling techniques.

“I -” Jun Mo dance looked at Zhu Xu’s firm eyes, and finally suppressed the impulse of direct hands, and said in a voice, “I believe you.”

Mo jundao will hold my hand tightly


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