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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3036



For a moment, there was a lot of comment in the audience.

“Chen Feng can’t do it. He can’t even fight this time.”

Now, Liu Jian is playing Chen Fei. With Liu Yun’s experience, Liu Jian will obviously be more careful.

In the end, the winner is definitely Liu Jian, which is his horror.

Therefore, if Liu Jian and Liu Yun fight each other.

However, Liu Jian does not have the weakness of Liuyun. Moreover, because of years of experience, his actual combat experience is better than Liuyun by more than one level.

Perhaps, in terms of talent, Liu Jian is weaker than Liu Yun before, not a genius like ghosts.

Compared with Liu Yun, who was born in a wild way, Liu Jian is completely orthodox. After graduating from the military academy, he went out to experience actual combat, entered the military academy to teach, and then resigned to enter the Zhu family.

However, after Zhu Xu was promoted to the fourth grade. Liu Jian resigned from the first military academy, and at the same time resigned from the military, entered the Zhu family, and became a member of the Zhu family guard.

Liu Jian graduated from the predecessor of the first military academy. Three years ago, the school was transformed into the first military academy. Liu Jian taught in the first military academy and served as Zhu Xu’s teacher.

In the audience, well-informed people quickly spread all kinds of information about Liu Jian.

There is no doubt that Chen Fei is very lucky to draw this opponent named Liu Jian.

At the end of the third round and the beginning of the fourth round, draw lots to decide the name list.

For the audience’s enthusiasm and discussion, Chen Fei didn’t care. He sat quietly waiting for the contestants, and didn’t even see the Junmo dance and Zhu Xu in the VIP table.


“Anyway, Chen Feng is famous. Even if we don’t win this competition, as long as we can survive, I’m afraid the major martial arts schools and schools in the future will go crazy. ”

“Junmo dance and Zhu Xu should have a back hand! They will not give up so easily. ”

“Chen Feng is really a black horse! Maybe he will create a miracle. ”

“Unexpectedly, Chen Feng won again!”

It was not until the referee announced that Chen Fei had won and entered the next round smoothly that the silence of the audience became lively.

“Yes You have to turn around and leave.

Zhu Xu also calm face, ordered: “let Liu Jian prepare, go all out, do not leave behind, kill that Chen Feng.”

After a few seconds, Junmo gnashed his teeth and clapped his hand on the armrest of the chair. He said angrily, “Chen Feng, I’m going to kill you.”

In the VIP banquet, Junmo dance and Zhu Xu, who still have a smile on their face, froze at the moment.

Liu Yun, who just got the upper hand and took full control of Chen Fei, was killed by Chen Fei in an instant.

The scene was silent, and almost all the audience did not expect that the contest would be such a result.

Liuyun, die!

Then, the whole person fell down on the challenge arena and turned into a corpse.

With a click, Liuyun twisted his neck, his head fell down, and his eyes passed quickly.

Chen Fei’s palm falls to Liuyun’s head.


However, in the face of his impact, Chen Feiyang raised his right hand and slapped it with his palm in the air.

The ferocious clouds roared at Chen Fei and said, “I’ll kill you, kill you!”

“Ah! My hands, my fingers

Liuyun was stunned for a moment, and then he felt the pain coming from his fingertips.

Blood in the air, like a little plum blossom.

The great force brought by the stretching of silk thread even cut off all the ten fingers of Liuyun, and the ten fingers flew to the sky.

All of a sudden, those silk threads wrapped around his body, instantly stretched straight.

But Chen Fei at the moment, the body a shock, suddenly force.

“You -” Liuyun frowned and wanted to say something.

On the contrary, Chen Fei showed a smile at the corner of his mouth, looked up at Xiang Liuyun and said in a voice, “is that your unique skill

But that resistance is growing.

“What’s the matter?” Liuyun ten fingers play, continue to force, want to regain control.

But just as Liuyun continued to control, suddenly, he felt a resistance coming from his fingertips, and his control over Chen Fei seemed to be weakened.

At the moment, on the challenge arena, Liuyun thought of Junmo dance and didn’t kill Chen Feng immediately. Instead, he uses those silk threads to continue winding around Chen Fei’s body, trying to completely control him, and then torture him to death a little bit.


Chen junxu shook his hand with disdain. It seems that I can’t use my back hand. ”

Junmo could not help clenching his fist, with a sense of revenge in his eyes, and said: “well done, I want to torture that guy. I want him to live worse than death. I want him to know what it’s like to offend my family. “Zhu Xu and Junmo dance sit together in the VIP stand and see the scene in the challenge arena.


“Liuyun won. Next, it depends on how he wants to deal with Chen Feng.”

“Is that the real trick? It’s too strong. ”

“I feel terrible. If I’m under control, I’d rather die right away.”

“What’s this? It’s amazing!”

At the moment, Chen Fei seems to be a puppet instead of a person. He was completely controlled by Liuyun and controlled his every move with silk thread.

All of a sudden, those thin silk threads wrapped around Chen Fei’s body, instantly stretched straight, and different forces came from all over the silk thread, controlling Chen Fei’s body and walking towards the flowing clouds step by step.

With that, he had a look in his eyes, thin and pale fingers, and straightened them at the same time.

Liuyun raised a smile from the corner of his mouth, looked at Chen Fei and said, “enough of playing. It’s time to end.”

In the challenge arena, Chen Fei’s attack failed again.


“It’s over. The boy’s dead!”

“Chen Feng didn’t find it so terrible.”

“Finally! This is the real attack method of Liuyun. When the enemy is almost consumed. He directly controlled these silk threads, like wind and cloud, and wrapped up the enemy, sent out a fatal blow and won the final victory. ”

“Too much? Well, those silk threads. It’s Liuyun. Chen Feng’s limbs and body are wrapped with silk thread. ”

“Ha ha, take a closer look! What’s more on Chen Fei! ”

“But that cloud is just hiding all the time. Although Chen Feng didn’t attack him, he seems to have nothing to do with Chen Feng! ”

“It’s really Liuyun. It’s really strong!”

Therefore, the situation in the fourth round is more dangerous than that in the third round.

Ding, the game begins.


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