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MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 3035



By the third round, the number of people in the competition was significantly less.

Before long, it was Chen Fei’s turn.

Two people like this, you come and I go, constantly between hand, since has been fighting nearly a hundred moves.

For a moment, the challenge arena became a boring scene in which Chen Fei constantly attacked and the flowing clouds kept flashing.

However, Liuyun’s body is light and nimble. He easily avoids Chen Fei’s attack and makes him frustrated again.

Chen Fei, defeated by a blow, immediately changes his direction and attacks Liuyun again.

Then, his fingertips pop up a smell like silk thread, slowly winding around Chen Fei’s body.

Liuyun sneers, and his figure floats gently, avoiding Chen Fei’s attack flexibly.

“A small skill of carving insects!”

Chen Fei, like the first two rounds, took a picture of Liu Yun after the match.

If you close your eyes and feel the location of the cloud, you will not feel a person, but a light floating cloud and a light wind wandering around.

After the breath gushes out, it envelops his body and makes him feel as if he is integrated into the wind and clouds, floating gently and nimbly.

Liuyun, of course, is very gifted in this skill.

As the name suggests, this skill uses Zhenyuan to simulate the meaning of wind and cloud, and uses the softness of cloud and the flexibility of wind to integrate into its own body method. It’s erratic and flexible. In the process of pulling, it can kill the enemy a little bit. Finally, when exhausted, it can kill the enemy again.

Therefore, at the beginning of the competition, Liuyun immediately displayed his skill “wind and clouds”.

He knows that he is the aura of fire attribute. He is strong and fierce in attack. He is used to playing hard and hard. He often falls ten meetings in one force, which can be said to be extremely irritable.

In addition, Junmo dance must have investigated Chen Fei, so Liuyun’s attack on Chen Fei is quite well understood.

In the first two rounds, Chen Fei was an opponent.

At this moment, Ding Dong, Chen Fei’s third round of challenge arena battle, officially began.

“I see.” Chen Fei nodded and said, “let’s start!”

Liuyun, pale and expressionless, looked at Chen Fei and said, “the dead don’t need to know so much!”

Then, he looked at the thin cloud and said, “are you going to kill me?”

Chen Fei smiles and shakes his head.

A small part of the audience who supported Chen Fei could not help shouting: “Chen Feng, surrender and admit defeat. At least I can save my life

With the rapid spread of these dialogues, the atmosphere of the whole scene also became tense.


“Very likely!”

“In this way, I’m afraid Chen Feng will be seriously injured or even die in the competition.”

“Very likely, otherwise, how can Junmo dance and Zhu Xu be present in person at the same time to see this is not an important trial for them.”

“You mean Liuyun was sent by Junmo dance. He is preparing to retaliate against Chen Feng in the challenge arena. ”

“Didn’t you watch the latest news? This Chen Feng is suspected of killing Jun Wutian and Jun Ze, Jun Mo Wu and Zhu Xu. He wants to tear him to pieces. However, Zhong Lao of the armed forces Commission has been protecting Chen Feng. The two sides have been wrestling recently. It is because of this that Liuyun will suddenly sign up for the trial

“What do you mean by that?”

“Lose? Ha ha, I’m afraid this is the best result! ”

“I didn’t expect Liuyun to do it. I’m afraid Chen Feng will lose this time.”

The rest of the people began to talk about the upcoming contest.

The people who mocked before immediately restrained their smile, one by one quickly shrunk their necks, hid their bodies behind, worried that Liuyun would find himself.

People who know or don’t know, after listening to the story about Liuyun, their expressions change greatly.

“He didn’t sign up for the trial himself. But the day before the start of the competition, suddenly joined the registration

“However, because the cloud itself is injured, the individual combat ability will be affected. Therefore, Liuyun was not selected in the selection of the Chinese delegation at the global young warrior exchange conference. ”

“So at last, principal Mu left Liuyun around and taught him the skills of” the wind rises and clouds surges “in person. In just a few years, Liuyun’s strength has improved by leaps and bounds to the level five warrior level. There is even a rumor that it is not impossible to give him a year or two to enter the level 6 warrior realm. ”

“So, headmaster Mu brought Liu Yun back to the school and trained him carefully. He even wanted to bring him into the women’s school and become a member of the school. However, because only female students are admitted to women’s schools, Liuyun can’t enter the women’s school. He also has ordinary talent for other skills. It’s a waste of talent to enter other martial arts schools. ”

“I heard that when Liuyun was rescued, he was very weak and almost dying. Later, president Mu healed him. By chance, he found that Liu Yun was very gifted in the skills of “wind rises and clouds” that president Mu used”Is he the Liuyun who was rescued from the depths of the forest by the headmaster Mu who was out with great talent?”

Hearing the name of “Liuyun” and the name of the headmaster of the women’s college, many people suddenly changed their faces and were surprised.

The speaker said in a cold voice: “his name is Liuyun. He is a disciple of the headmaster Mu Yunxi of the women’s school.”

“It can’t be the second generation of Wu. That doesn’t mean much. The really tough Wu Er Dai has been directly selected into the competition team for a long time, so there’s no need to participate in this competition! ”

“What identity?”

The speaker snorted and said, “do you know his identity when you talk about him?”

“we just talk about it. Does that guy still want to attack our audience?”

“What do you mean?”

A group of people wantonly smile, but at this time, a person’s eyes sank, cold voice reminded, “if you don’t want to die, shut up.”


“Chen Feng is lucky to be in the next round.”

“Looks like a gust of wind can blow down, but also to participate in the trials, not afraid to be killed?”

“Who is this guy? Man is not man, woman is not woman, human demon

With his debut, the audience at the scene could not help pointing and commenting on him.

The man has white hair, narrow eyes and thin figure. He doesn’t look like a man at all. On the contrary, his figure is similar to that of a woman.

And the opponent that he draws this time, it is a 30-year-old or so Yinrou man.

However, what’s amazing is that Chen Fei failed to hit Liuyun with all these moves. All of them were easily dodged by Liuyun with the body method in “the wind rises and clouds”.

Such a battle scene is totally unexpected to many audiences.


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